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Microsoft Planning New Xbox One, Controller, and Web Streaming for E3

The E3 expo in Las Vegas is going to be busy for Microsoft as the company readies a new Xbox One console, a new controller, and several new features.
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Microsoft’s Handoff-like Project Rome Feature Could Arrive in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

More details have emerged regarding Project Rome, a feature that would let users pass applications from device to device while active.
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Microsoft has sold under 20 Million Xbox One Consoles

Game giant EA let slip overall 8th generation console sales, showing that Microsoft’s Xbox One console has sold 19.1 million units.
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Microsoft Confirms E3 News Conference to Discuss Xbox and Universal Windows Platform

The company has confirmed its attendance at a stripped down E3, where Microsoft will talk all things Xbox and likely drop a few surprises.
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Build 2016: Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary SDK is Staggeringly Extensive

At its annual developers conference today, Microsoft dropped one of the biggest Windows updates every in the form of the Windows 10 Anniversary, and here you can see all changes to the SDK.
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Build 2016: Microsoft Says Redstone Windows 10 Anniversary Update to be Free

The company trumpeted the success of Windows 10 at its Build conference today and said the upcoming major Redstone update will also land on the Xbox One.
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Skype update brings group video calling to iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile

The new Skype mobile group video calling feature will be rolled out to all Skype users in the coming weeks. Early adopters can register online to get it a bit sooner.

Microsoft Windows Insider Program Survey Wants Feedback on Build Delivery Methods

A new survey on the Windows Insider Program preview branch seeks to see if customers are happy with the way Microsoft delivers Windows 10 previews.

How to Remove Ads from Windows 10 and Make It Completely Ad-Free

The Windows 10 built-in ads can be annoying, but they can be disabled. We show you how to easily remove ads from your Windows 10 device.

The Microsoft Elite Programs Lets Employees Test Insider Builds Before You Do

The Microsoft Elite program includes a global leaderboard of all internal volunteers, with rewards for feedback across Windows 10, Xbox, Office 365, and mobile apps. It currently has over 26,000 members.

Project Rome SDK: Android Users Can Now Control Windows Apps over WiFi

Microsoft's Project Rome SDK has taken a big step forward with the introduction of App Services compatibility. Developers will soon build the features into apps, allowing for music control and message sending across platforms.
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Microsoft Brings PIX Debugging Tool to Windows

Not to be confused with the Pix camera tool, PIX is a long-time Xbox tuning debugging service that is now in beta on Windows. The tool allows developers to analyse DirectX12 games with several mode captures available.
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Microsoft Offers Free Four Month Trial of Groove Music Pass to New Members

New Groove Music Pass users can gain access to Microsoft 40 million song catalog free of charge for four months via a promo code. The offer will run until December 31.
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Microsoft’s Project Scorpio Supports UWP Games in 4K

The seeds Microsoft has planted with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) means Project Scorpio will play Windows 10 PC games created for native 4K. Developers creating UWP games are also creating for the upcoming console because of Microsoft’s universal platform idea.
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Microsoft’s Strategic Play with Windows 10 Mobile Was the Company’s Long Game

A decision to pull back from mobile hardware coupled with tumbling market share led many to predict the end of Windows 10 Mobile. However, Microsoft has confirmed one of my long-term beliefs, that Windows 10 Mobile will be maintained as a strategic platform.
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Microsoft Addresses Game DVR Performance Issues in Windows 10

Director of Xbox programming Larry Hryb recommends users with performance issues disable two settings inside of Game DVR.
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Microsoft’s Skype for Life Will Unify Service across Platforms, Suggests Report

A new rumor reports that Microsoft has put the development of Skype for Life as a priority. The service will unify the VoIP software across platforms and could have been the reason why Microsoft closed its London-based Skype office.
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Microsoft’s Desktop App Converter Arrives in Windows Store

Anniversary Update-packing users can now get the Desktop App Converter app, while Microsoft also announced a slew of other new Windows Store apps.
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Microsoft Debuts Skype Preview on Windows 10 Mobile

The Universal Windows Platform Skype Preview app has arrived on Windows 10 Mobile. The app is now available to users with the Anniversary Update, which started rolling out to the mobile platform today.
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Buy a Microsoft Surface Device and Get a 3-Month Hulu Subscription

The deal currently applies to two of the company's Surface devices, as well as their respective bundles. Usually $23.97, the Hulu subscription can be redeemed any time before October 31st.