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We provide the latest news about Microsoft, the world´s biggest software maker. We also keep an open eye on the rest of the tech-sphere and Microsoft´s key competitors.

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We are not affiliated with Microsoft and don´t get paid by the company. We strive to be an unbiased source that upholds journalistic principles to provide you objective, informative and timely information.

We don´t publish paid “fake”-reviews by agencies. Any guest articles will always be clearly highlighted as such.

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Markus Kasanmascheff
Editor in Chief
Markus has been playing with Windows and technology for more than 25 years. He is holding a Master´s degree in International Economics and the founder and managing editor of Winbuzzer.com.
Luke Jones
Luke has been writing about all things tech for more than five years. He is following Microsoft closely to bring you the latest news about Windows, Office, Azure, Skype, HoloLens and all the rest of their products.
Haider Ali

Haider specializes in Technical Writing. He has a solid background in computer sciences that allows him to create engaging, original, and compelling technical articles. In his free time, he enjoys adding new skills to his repertoire and watching Netflix.

Ryan Maskell
Ryan has had a passion for gaming and technology since early childhood. Fusing the skills from his Creative Writing and Publishing degree with profound technical knowledge, he enjoys covering news about Microsoft. As an avid writer, he is also working on his debut novel.