Featured - How to Add, Delete, Enable, or Disable Startup Items in Windows 11

How to Change Windows 11 Startup Programs (Add, Delete, Enable, Disable)

We show you how to change startup programs in Windows 11, including how to stop a program from running at startup or add an app to your startup list.
How to check device driver versions on Windows 10

How to Check and Update Drivers on Windows 11/Windows 10

We show you how to check a device driver version in Windows 11/Windows 10 using Device Manager and PowerShell.
Featured - How to change outlook password

How to Change Your Outlook Password

We show you how to change your password in Outlook.com, Outlook 365 and the Outlook app.

How to Disable the Windows Key in Windows 11/Windows 10

We show you how to turn off Windows key completely or certain Window key hotkey combinations using Gpedit, Regedit and how to remap the Windows key for other funcitons.
Featured - How to restart Graphics Driver in Windows 11 and 10

How to Restart, Reset or Update the Graphics Driver in Windows 11/Windows 10

We show you how to restart the graphics driver in Windows without rebooting and how to reset or upgrade the graphics driver if it does not work properly.
Featured - How to create a table of contents in Microsoft Word

How to Create a Table of Contents in Word

We show you how to make a table of contents in Word and how to customize, update or delete it when necessary.
Featured - How to install fonts in Windows 11 and Windows 10

How to Install Fonts in Windows 11 or Windows 10

We show you how to install fonts in Windows 11 / Windows 10 to use them in applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and where you can download fonts for free.
Featured - How to disable automatic updates in Windows 11

How to Turn off Automatic Updates in Windows 11 / Windows 10

We show you how to disable automatic updates in Windows completely, pausing them for up to 35 days, setting your Wi-Fi as a metered connection, or disabling the Windows Update service.
Featured - How to recall an email in Gmail

How to Recall an Email in Gmail (Unsend Email)

We show you how you can unsend an email in Gmail, set a retention interval before emails get sent out, and how to recall emails after clicking send.
Featured - how to reopen closed tabs

How to Reopen Closed Tabs and Windows in Chrome, Edge and Firefox

We show you various ways to restore tabs that have been closed previously with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.
Featured - how to set out of office in outlook

How to Set an Out-of-Office Message in Outlook

We show you how to set up out-of-office in Outlook.com and the Outlook app in our step-by-step tutorial.
Featured - how to turn off safesearch

How to Turn off Safe Search in Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Want to see everything the web has to offer? Follow this guide to turn off safe search on Google, Bing and Yahoo!
Featured - How to change margins in google docs

How to Change Margins in Google Docs

We show you two different ways how to edit margins in Google Docs using the ruler at the top and left and the page options.
Featured - How to type degree symbol

How to Type a Degree Symbol on Windows, macOS, and Android

We show you multiple ways of inserting a degree symbol in your text on Windows, Mac, Linux/ChromeOS, and smartphones.
Featured - how to loop a youtube video

How to Loop a YouTube Video

We show you how to loop a YouTube video on your desktop and smartphone (iOS, Android) using the Youtube app and third-party tools.
Featured - How to share a Google Calendar

How to Share Your Google Calendar

We show you how to share a calendar in Google Calendar for easier scheduling, better collaboration, and coordination.
Featured - how to sign out of netflix

How to Sign out of Netflix (Single or All Devices at Once)

Need to sign out of Netflix on a single device or do a Netflix sign-out of all devices? Our tutorial shows you everything step-by-step.
Featured - how to delete messages on messenger

How to Delete Messages on Messenger (Facebook Messenger)

Don't let old chat history clutter your Facebook Messenger inbox. Find out how to delete / unsend individual messages or entire conversations quickly.
Featured - how to add bots to discord

How to Add Bots to Discord Servers

We show you how to add bots to Discord server using the official Discord Bot search tool. You can add any bot you find there to your own Discord server.
Featured - how to delete a facebook account

How to Delete or Deactivate Your Facebook Account

Step-by-step guide on how to delete or deactivate your Facebook account to protect your privacy and control your online presence.


Featured How to Structure Collected Data in Excel

How to Structure Collected Data in Excel

Featured - how to delete history on chromebook

How to Delete History on a Chromebook