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Featured - how to deactivate messenger

How to Uninstall or Deactivate Messenger (Facebook Messenger)

We explain the pros and cons of deactivating Facebook Messenger and what step you need to take for it.
Featured - How to make a discord server

How to Make a Discord Server

We explain what Discord servers are, how to create and join Discord servers, and some tips for managing and moderating them.
How to reset and repair Apps in Windows 10

Windows 10 Apps Not Working? Here’s How to Reset and Repair Apps

Your Windows 10 apps are not opening? We show you how to repair, uninstall, and reset an app, including broken Microsoft Store installs.
Surface Go: How to Switch out of Windows 10 S Mode and Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro

Surface Go: How to Switch out of Windows 10 S Mode for Free

Need to run a non-Store app on your Surface Go? We show you to switch out of Windows 10 S mode for a full-fat Windows 10 Pro experience.
featured - How to change spotify password

How to Change or Reset Your Spotify Password

We show you how to change or reset your Spotify password in your browser so that you can secure or regain access to your account.
How to Allow or Block Pop-ups in Chrome

How to Enable or Disable the Chrome Popup Blocker

We show you how to disable the pop up blocker on Chrome for individual or all sites, as well as how to turn it back on again when you're done.
Featured - how to turn off active status on instagram

How to Turn off Active Status on Instagram

Turning off active status on Instagram can be done both on the mobile app or your PC. We show you both ways.
how to add roles in discord

How to Add Roles in Discord Manually or with Bots

We explain how Discord roles work, some best practices for using Discord roles effectively and how to create and manage them manually or with Discord bots.
Featured - How to delete files on Chromebook

How to Delete Files on a Chromebook (on ChromeOS)

We show you how to delete files from a Chromebook using the files app via mouse or hotkey.
Featured - how to put multiple pictures on instagram story

How to Add Multiple Photos to an Instagram Story

We show you how to add multiple pictures to an Instagram story by using just one image, adding more than one photo to a multi-screen story or in the form of a collage.
How to add notes to a PDF

How to Add Notes to a PDF for Free (3 Ways)

We show you how to add notes to a PDF with Microsoft Edge, Adobe Acrobat Online, and the free PDF viewer UPDF.
Featured - how to join a discord server

How to Join or Leave a Discord Server

We show you how to join Discord dervers using Discord Server Search or via external websites or apps that list and rank Discord servers.
Featured - How to make a Facebook post shareable

How to Make a Facebook Post Shareable

We show you how to make a post shareable on Facebook both on the Facebook website and on the Facebook app for mobile devices.
Featured - how to change username on instagram

How to Change Your Instagram Username

Discover how to change your Instagram username effectively for personal branding or business rebranding with our comprehensive guide.
Featured - How to delete a discord server

How to Delete a Discord Server

We explain the pros, cons and alternatives of deleting a Discord server and show you how to delete a server on Discord completely if you plan to do so.
Featured - 3 different ways to find the Square Root of a Number in Excel

How to Square Root in Excel with Three Different Formulas

We show you how to square root in Excel using three different methods: SQRT, POWER, and the exponent operator.
Featured - How to compress a Word document (reduce size)

How to Compress a Word Document for Reduced File Size

Have you ever wondered why some Word documents are larger than others, even if they have the same number of pages and text? Here we will explain some of the factors that influence the...
Featured - how to delete discord account

How to Delete a Discord Account and the Best Discord Alternatives to Use Instead

What you should know before disabling or deleting a Discord account, how to do it and the best Discord alternatives to consider.
Featured - How to Insert Footnotes and Endnotes in Microsoft Word

How to Insert a Footnote or Endnote in Microsoft Word

We show you how to add a footnote or endnote in Word using the software's built-in tools, whilst also explaining the difference between the two.
Featured - how to transfer ownership on discord

How to Transfer Discord Server Ownership

We show you how to transfer ownership on a Discord server and explain the implications and what you should consider before.

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