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Windows 10 Apps Not Working? Here’s How to Reset and Repair Apps

Your Windows 10 apps are not opening? We show you how to repair, uninstall, and reset an app, including broken Microsoft Store installs.


For the most part, Windows apps are stable, but they can still be still thrown out of whack by updates or configuration issues. Many boot their PC to find their Store isn't working or their apps aren't opening.

Microsoft has taken a page out of 's book when it comes to repairing Windows 10 apps. There's no need to fiddle around with config files – instead you'll find reset options right in the program files menu.

The app repair function should typically be attempted first. It looks at various common reasons for app problems, checking for errors in the app's files and replacing them with fresh ones if necessary. Reset is a little more destructive. When you reset an app its settings, saved data, and other adjustments will be removed.

However, before you even start the repair, you should ensure they're up to date. Often, when Windows 10 apps aren't opening, it's a problem with the app code itself rather than your PC. A fix on the developer's side can remedy this. We're going to show you how to update, reset, and repair Windows 10 apps so you can get back to normal functioning.

How to Update, Reset, and Repair Windows 10 Apps

Time needed: 3 minutes.

You can solve most Windows 10 app issues with an update, reset, or repair, but some will require a complete re-install. Let's look at updating first:

  1. Open the

    Press the Start button and type “Microsoft Store”, clicking the top entry. If your problem is with the store itself, you can skip the next two steps.

    Windows 10 - Search - Microsoft Store

  2. Open Downloads and updates

    Click on the three dots on the far right and select “Downloads and Updates”.

    Windows 10 - Microsoft Store - Open Downloads and Updates

  3. Download all updates

    Click on “Get Updates” to install all available app updates. If your app is not working properly, you can test it again after the update.

    Windows 10 - Microsoft Store - Get updates

  4. Open ‘Apps & features'

    Press the Start button again and type “Apps & Features”. Click the result under “Best match”.

    Windows 10 - Search - Apps & features

  5. Enter advanced options

    The ability to reset an app or the Microsoft Store is tucked away. Find your app in the list and press the “Advanced Options” button.

    Windows 10 - Apps & features - Advanced options for App

  6. Repair, then reset Windows 10 app

    In the app details you will find “Repair“, “Reset” and “Uninstall”. Try each of these options one after the other and check if the app works properly afterward. After uninstalling the app, you can reinstall it via the Microsoft Store.

    Windows 10 - Search - Apps & features - Advanced options - Terminate, Reset, Uninstall

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