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United States and Japan Warn about Chinese Hackers Infiltrating Cisco Routers

The sectors targeted by hacker group BlackTech include government, industrial, technology, media, electronics, telecommunications, and defense.

Microsoft Teams Retires Life Events for New Town Halls Feature

Starting October 5, the Microsoft Town Halls feature will be available for commercial users, catering to events like company-wide meetings, internal broadcasts, fireside chats, and more.
Artificial Intelligence AI

Microsoft Introduces AdaptLLM for Domain-Specific Learning

Microsoft Research introduces AdaptLLM, a new method for training large language models (LLMs) to perform specialized tasks more effectively.

Microsoft Unveils Enhanced OneDrive Sync Features

The new OneDrive Sync updates enhance protection against accidental deletions, improve File Explorer's interface, and make Sync Settings navigation clearer.

Microsoft Lists Broadens User Accessibility on iOS and Android

Microsofts latest move reflects their 2022 aim to diversify the app’s user demographic beyond just business and education sectors.

Google Announces Discontinuation of Jamboard, Its Microsoft Whiteboard Competitor

Google plans to integrate well-known whiteboard tools like FigJam, Lucidspark, and Miro into its Google Workspace.

Microsoft and Mercy Forge AI Healthcare Alliance

Healthcare provider Mercy will use Azure OpenAI to improve patient-provider communication and clarify lab results.

Cloudflare and Microsoft Join Forces to Enhance AI and Online Privacy

The Microsoft Cloudshare partnership seeks to allow businesses to operate AI models where they operate best, be it on devices, network edges, or the cloud.

Microsoft Removes Option to Activate Windows 11 with Windows 7 or Windows 8 Product...

Microsoft has ended the ability to activate Windows 11 with Windows 7/8 keys, requiring users to purchase a new license.
Microsoft Bing.com Bing Search

Microsoft Wanted to Sell Bing to Apple in 2020 to Replace Google

Apple's skepticism of Bing's quality and the revenue from Google deterred them from pursuing the acquisition of Bing.
Raspberry Pi 5 official

Raspberry Pi 5 Launches with More Power for Demanding Applications

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has officially unveiled the Raspberry Pi 5, marking a significant leap forward in the capabilities of the renowned single-board computer...

Russian Zero-Day Broker Offers $20 Million for Exploits to Target NATO Countries

The company, established in 2022 by Sergey Zelenyuk, a former security researcher at Kaspersky Lab, specializes in the sale of zero-day exploits.
X formely Twitter homepage

Elon Musk’s X Faces Scrutiny amidst Disinformation Concerns and Team Reductions

The platform has been under the microscope as regulatory bodies intensify their scrutiny on the operations and policies of X.
Palantir Gotham official website

Palantir Secures US Army AI Research Contract worth $250 Million

The Department of Defense announced a $250 million contract focused on AI and ML research and experimentation.

Epic Games Seeks Supreme Court Intervention in Apple App Store Antitrust Battle

Epic Games accuses Apple's App Store of being a monopoly, asserting it overly controls app distribution and places unjust constraints on developers.

Qualcomm Upcoming Oryon Processors Face Controversy

Qualcomm requires PC laptop makers to use, and consequently purchase, its exclusive PMICs in addition to the Oryon processors.
Computer Security Wikicommons e

Digital Risk Protection Firm DarkBeam Leaks Billions of Email and Password Combinations

A security firm specializing in digital risk protection, DarkBeam, inadvertently left an Elasticsearch and Kibana interface unprotected, exposing billions of email and password combinations.
Featured - Enable or Disable Windows Sandbox in Windows 11

Microsoft Releases Windows 11 Virtual Machines for Moment 4 23H2 Update

Microsoft's newly released virtual machines for VMWare, Hyper-V, VirtualBox, and Parallels come with developer tools, SDKs, and samples for quick application development on Windows.

Meta Debuts AI-Powered Stickers, Image Tools and Chatbots for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger

The various AI powered features are released across Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to enhance user experience on various levels.

Amazon Confirms Former Microsoft Executive Panos Panay to Lead Devices & Services Division

Amazon has hired Panos Panay, the former Microsoft executive behind the Surface brand, to lead its Devices & Services business.

LinkedIn Integrates Microsoft’s Immersive Reader to improve Accessibility

LinkedIn's integration with Microsoft's Immersive Reader will introduce a text-to-speech feature that recognizes homographs, enriching the auditory learning for visually impaired individuals.

Apple Pay Faces Antitrust Lawsuit

The lawsuit emerges from a coalition of plaintiffs, primarily consisting of payment card issuers.

Microsoft to Bring DALL-E AI-Powered Paint Cocreator to Windows 11

The upcoming version of Microsoft Paint on Windows 11 lets users create artwork based on their descriptions and choose an art style.
ChatGPT Voice Assistant

ChatGPT Integrates Bing Web Browsing Feature

Microsoft's new "Browse with Bing" feature uses their search engine to give users current, authoritative answers with direct source links.

Microsoft Copilot Faces EU Delay Due to Digital Markets Act but You Can Use...

Copilot users can execute a specific command in the Run window granting them access to the Copilot sidebar and basic features such as the toggling Dark Mode.

Meta Unveils Mixed Reality Quest 3 Headset and next-Gen Ray-Ban Smart Glasses

The $499 Meta Quest 3 headset lets users engage with digital objects within their real-world environment.

Meta Unveils AI Assistant for WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram

Meta's new AI assistant introduces AI stickers, offering users a unique method for self-expression.

Bing Search Integrates with Meta AI for Enhanced Chat Experiences

The Meta AI integration will enhance chat experiences on platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger by offering real-time, updated answers from search data.
Hackers Cybersecurity Cyberattack Phishing

Exiled Russian Meduza Journalist Claims Being Hacked by European State with Pegasus Spyware

The reported cyber-attack on Timchenko in Latvia has heightened concerns about journalist security and possible European state involvement in such incidents.

Alleged Sony Cyberattack by New Ransomware Group Sparks Controversy

The RansomedVC group claims to have hacked Sony's systems and plans to sell the data, stating Sony's refusal to pay a ransom.

CIA Develops AI Chatbot for Trade War with China

A sophisticated AI chatbot is in development for the 18 US intelligence agencies to improve their data analysis capabilities in the expanding data environment.
Featured - How to restart Graphics Driver in Windows 11 and 10

Microsoft Is Testing Rust for Windows Driver Development

The shift towards Rust is driven by the language's reputation for memory safety.

Google Podcasts Shuts down and Transitions to YouTube Music

Google will introduce a "simple migration tool" allowing users to transfer their existing subscriptions from Google Podcasts to YouTube Music.

Google Phases out Basic HTML Gmail Version

Google's latest decision affects digital accessibility, as the Basic HTML version, favored by visually impaired users for its screen reader compatibility and simplicity, is in discussion.

Getty Images Unveils Generative AI-Powered Image Platform Powered by Nvidia

Getty Images new platform combines vast content with AI for innovative content creation, backed by Getty's unlimited indemnification.

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