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Microsoft Gets Serious on AI Safety, Publishes Governance Blueprint for Future Development

Microsoft has published “Governing AI: A Blueprint for the Future” that rests on five principles for the development of intelligence models.

Azure Deployment Environments Are Now Generally Available

Azure Deployment Environments is a new service that allows developers to quickly and easily spin up app infrastructure environments with project-based templates.

Microsoft Is Working on vTPM Support in Hyper-V for Windows on ARM VMs

A new Windows 11 Insider preview build shows the company is now testing vTPM support in Hyper-V for Windows on ARM.

Google Confirms New Ads Experience That Leverages Generative AI

Google has announced that it will use generative AI to create a new ads experience, which the company says will transform advertising.

Microsoft Mesh Arrives in Public Preview to Make Teams More Immersive

Microsoft Mesh is a mixed reality collaboration service that integrates with Microsoft Teams to bring more immersive features for users.

Microsoft Working on New “Force Quit” Button for Windows 11

Windows 11 will soon have a Force Quit button in the taskbar that will let users close an app that is unresponsive or buggy.

Microsoft Officially Appeals UK CMA Decision to Block the Activision Blizzard Merger

Microsoft is fighting the decision the UK Competition and Markets Authority took to stop its Activision Blizzard acquisition.

Elon Musk Sets His Sights on Rivalling Microsoft and Google in the AI Race

Elon Musk says that while Microsoft and Google are leading the AI race, the market needs a third horse that he plans to supply.

Google Bard Can Now Surface Images within Chats

Google Bard can now surface images from prompts, with the AI finding search results and showing them in the chat window.

PowerToys 0.70 Arrives with New Mouse Without Borders Utility

Alongside Mouse Without Borders, PowerToys 0.70 also brings a Peek utility and a new Mouse Pointer Crosshairs feature.

Microsoft Edge Sidebar Is Coming to Windows 11

The Microsoft Edge sidebar is coming to Windows 11, providing the ability to manages various apps and services on the desktop.

Microsoft Teases New Windows 11 File Explorer at Build 2023

File Explorer on Windows 11 is getting an overhaul that changes the design of the app and removes the Ribbon menu system.

Windows 11 Is Getting Native RAR, 7-ZIP, TAR, GZ File Compression Support

Adding the open-source librarz libarchive will eliminate the need for third-party software such as 7-ZIP or WinRAR for these tasks.

Microsoft Brings GitHub Copilot to Windows Terminal

A new GitHub Copilot Chat experience will be available to Windows Terminal users.

Build 2023: Microsoft Dev Box Launch Coming in July

Microsoft Dev Box will leave its preview during July 2023, bringing the Azure Virtual Desktop expansion to all customers.

Build 2023: Microsoft Store Adds AI Hub and AI Summaries to Showcase AI Apps

At Build 2023, Microsoft introduced major AI upgrades for the Microsoft Store, including an AI Hub to help users download AI apps.

Build 2023: Microsoft Tackles Inappropriate Content with Azure AI Content Safety

Azure AI Content Safety is a part of Azure OpenAI Service and leverages AI models to detect and flag bad text and image content.

Microsot Introduces Azure AI Studio for Building, Training, and Deploying Intelligent Apps

Azure AI Studio is a new development platform that allows users to leverage and use AI in their apps through Azure OpenAI Service.

Microsoft to Release Windows 11 “Moment 3” Update on May 24, 2023

While it may not be the most significant update to date, it still brings several notable changes and new features.

Build 2023: Microsoft Launches Edge for Business, Adds AI and Workspaces to Its Browser

Microsoft announces Edge for Business, Container browsing and workspaces system to separate private and work related web browsing


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