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Microsoft Garage

Microsoft Garage Launches Digital Marketing Center for Automated Digital Advertising

Digital Marketing Center is a new Garage project that aims to streamline digital marketing for small and midsized businesses.

Microsoft Launches Desktop Analytics in General Availability

Microsoft has announced its Desktop Analytics tool for assessing Windows applications ahead of upgrade is now widely available.

Microsoft Brings New Controls to Chromium Edge and Chrome

A Google and Microsoft co-development has resulted in a new control method for Chromium Edge on Canary and Dev.
Microsoft Adobe

Adobe Issues Patch for 68 Critical and Important Flaws

Adobe has rolled out its monthly patch for Acrobat and Reader, with 45 flaws deemed critical and 23 rated as important.
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Tor Network Mobile Traffic Non-Encrypted Data is Regularly Leaked

Researchers have found OEMs, apps, and mobile carriers are leaking user data onto the Tor network despite believing it is encrypted.

Microsoft Chromium Edge Dev Update Adds Smooth Touch Scrolling

Microsoft has brought smooth touch scrolling back to Chromium Edge after removing it from the Chrome-based browser.

LinkedIn Announces Events Planning Feature

Events on LinkedIn allow users to organize events in physical locations and invite other members to attend in New York and San Francisco.

Windows 10 Calculator Receives Functions and Trigonometry Buttons

Windows 10 Calculator has a tweaked UI update that introduces dedicated buttons for functions and trigonometry.
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Linux Root-Level Vulnerability Leaves Millions of Devices at Risk

A vulnerability in the Linux Sudo utility means bad actors could gains root-level permission and run dangerous commands.

Google Recorder App for Pixel 4 Transcribes Real-Time Audio Even Without Internet

Alongside the launch of the its Pixel 4 devices, Google announced the Google Recorder, an audio transcribing app that works offline.
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Microsoft Points Office 2010 Users to Office 365 Ahead of End-of-Support

With just a year left on free update support, Office 2010 is on its final lap. Microsoft says now is the time to migrate and points to Office 365 ProPlus as the viable solution.

Google Stadia to Launch Ahead of Microsoft’s Project xCloud on November 19

Google Stadia has been confirmed for a November 19 launch and will be available on Google’s Pixel smartphones at first.

Microsoft Expands Windows for IoT Silicon Choice

Windows for IoT has also received integration with SQL Server IoT 2019 data storage and analytics for device builders.

Xbox Live Gets a Content Filter Slider to Cut out Toxicity

Xbox Live's new filtering system will let you decide what content to cut out, with four adjustable levels to suit your preferences.

Microsoft’s Azure Sphere Certifies Its First LTE-Connected Qualcomm Chips

Microsoft and Qualcomm have worked on an Azure Sphere chip that features cellular connectivity, hardware-based security, and runs the IoT platform out of the box.

Microsoft’s Mixer Academy Will Train Users to Be a Successful Streamer or Moderator

Microsoft's Mixer Academy will train streamers, moderators, and general users, covering the features of the platform, social media, networking, and more.

Microsoft’s xCloud Game Streaming Service Enters Public Testing

Microsoft's xCloud game streaming service is now available to a limited number of testers, with its range gradually increasing. It's available in the UK, US, and Korea with an invite.

Windows 10’s “Critical Error” Start Menu Bug Will Be Fixed by the End of...

An issue caused by KB4524147 that creates a non-functioning Windows 10 Start Menu will be resolved by the end of the month, says Microsoft.

Microsoft Fixes the Surface Book 2’s Update-Blocking Nvidia GPU Bug

Surface Book 2 users can finally upgrade to Windows 10 1903, shortly before the following November update releases.

Microsoft Launcher Gets Live Updates for Its Calendar with Version 5.9

Microsoft Launcher 5.9 ensures its calendar card updates in real-time, meaning users will never have to worry about incorrect dates.