Microsoft Proposal to the US Military Points to OpenAI DALL-E Training

Microsoft pitched using OpenAI's DALL-E to US military for training simulations, raising ethical concerns.

Windows Copilot AI Plugin Development to Feature at Microsoft Build 2024

Microsoft Build 2024 focuses on AI in Windows, C# 13 improvements, and next-gen Windows on Arm with NPUs.

Microsoft Enhances Windows 11 Snipping Tool with HDR Color Correction and More

Microsoft upgrades Windows 11's Snipping Tool with QR code detection, emoji insertion, and HDR color correction.

Microsoft Prepares Paint LiveCanvas: A New AI-Driven Artistic Tool for Windows 11

Microsoft unveils Paint LiveCanvas, an AI-powered feature for Windows 11 that assists users with creating art and offers an interactive experience.

Intel Unveils Lunar Lake Processor with Groundbreaking AI Performance

Intel's Lunar Lake laptop processor boasts over 100 TOPS AI performance, tripling its previous gen.

Proofpoint Unveils AI-Assisted Cyber Threat by TA547 against German Firms

AI-powered emails distribute Rhadamanthys malware in Germany. Hackers use AI tools (like ChatGPT) to create sophisticated PowerShell scripts

Google Unveils Chrome Enterprise Premium with Advanced AI Security Features

Google launched a paid version of Chrome browser, Chrome Enterprise Premium, for businesses.

Microsoft and Quantinuum Achieve Quantum Computing Milestone with Lower Error Rates

Microsoft and Quantinuum created a system that reduces errors in quantum computers by 800 times.
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U.S. House Bill Aims to Enforce Transparency in AI Training Datasets

The Generative AI Copyright Disclosure Act is a proposed bill that aims to bring more regulation to AI training.

Microsoft to Unveil AI-Driven Features for Windows and PowerToys at Build 2024

Microsoft's Build 2024 to showcase AI advancements, including "Advanced Paste with Local AI" in PowerToys and a "brand-new Windows AI feature."
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GPT-4 Turbo with Vision Now Available: Transforming Visual Data Processing

OpenAI launched GPT-4V, combining GPT-4's power with image processing. It offers features like JSON mode for easier development and can analyze images

Google Unveils Imagen 2: A Leap Forward in Video Clip Generation

Google launched Imagen 2, a suite of AI tools for creating and editing images and videos from text descriptions.

Quora’s Poe AI Platform Introduces per-Message Payment for Bot Developers

Quora's AI chat platform Poe lets bot creators charge users per message. This aims to help creators earn money and build a strong AI bot market.

Google Workspace Enhances Productivity with New Features and Gemini Capabilities

Google Workspace gets a productivity boost at Cloud Next 2024 with AI-powered features like voice email writing and meeting summarization in Chat.

Google Steps into Video Collaboration Arena with Its Vids Collaboration App

Google launches Vids, an AI-driven business video creation tool for easy video editing and collaboration.

Google Unveils Axion: A New Semiconductor for Expanding Data Center Capabilities

Google has unveiled a new semiconductor, named Axion, aimed at bolstering its data center operations. The Axion chip is designed to manage a wide...

Intel Launches Gaudi 3 AI Chip to Compete with NVIDIA’s Dominance

Intel launches Gaudi 3 AI chip, boasting faster performance and better efficiency than Nvidia's H100.
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Security Flaw in Microsoft’s Azure Server Leaves Bing Data Unprotected

Microsoft left an Azure server with Bing search data exposed due to missing password protection.

Google Unveils Gemini Pro 1.5 on Vertex AI at Cloud Next Conference

Google releases powerful AI model, Gemini Pro 1.5, for enterprise use. It can process massive amounts of text, code, and even audio, making it useful for tasks like writing, code generation, and media analysis.

Microsoft Enhances Windows 11 with Latest “Moment 5” Feature Drop

Windows 11's "Moment 5" update brings new features like smart Snap Layouts and Settings improvements.

April 2024 Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Fixes Zero-Day Vulnerabilities Exploited in the Wild

Microsoft fixed 150 vulnerabilities in April Patch Tuesday, including 2 actively exploited zero-days.

Google’s Find My Device Now Locates Powered-Off Phones and Bluetooth-Tagged Items

Google updates Find My Device for easier tracking of phones and adds support for Bluetooth tracker tags (like Tile) to find everyday items.

Naver Unveils HyperCLOVA X: A Leap Forward in Multilingual AI Capabilities

South Korea's Naver launches HyperCLOVA X, a powerful LLM excelling in Asian languages. It understands multiple languages and surpasses existing models, promoting "sovereign AI" for regional development.

Arm Unveils Ethos-U85 NPU for Enhanced AI Performance at the Edge

Arm's new Ethos-U85 NPU quadruples AI performance on edge devices for faster image recognition and future generative AI uses.

Microsoft Officially Acknowledges Windows 11 2024 LTSC Amidst Installation Bypass Revelations

Strict Windows 11 requirements frustrate users who find workarounds. Microsoft acknowledges them but prioritizes security with Windows 11 LTSC

Android Studio Gets a Boost with Gemini 1.0 Pro Integration

Android Studio gets a major coding helper upgrade with Google's Gemini 1.0 Pro. It offers code generation, complex completions, and answers developer questions, all for free (for now) with strong privacy features.

Microsoft Confident in Outperforming Apple’s M3 MacBook Air with ARM-Based PCs

Microsoft readies ARM-powered Surface PCs in May 2024, aiming to outperform Apple's M-based laptops with better emulation and AI features.

Google Initiates Legal Action Against Alleged Cryptocurrency Scam by Chinese Developers

Google sues app developers for creating 87 fake crypto investment apps that defrauded over 100,000 users.
Microsoft campus headquarters in Redmond

Microsoft Announces Establishment of AI Hub in London, Led by AI Veterans

Microsoft is opening an AI hub in London to develop cutting-edge language models and AI tools.

Microsoft to Power Cloud Software Group’s Future with $1.65 Billion Investment

Cloud Software Group and Microsoft renew partnership for $1.65 billion. Focus on cloud, productivity (Microsoft 365, GitHub Copilot) and AI.

Microsoft Announces Final Windows 10 Version and Future Windows 11 LTSC Release

No update for Windows 10 after version 22H2. Microsoft prioritizes Windows 11 with a new LTSC version (Windows 11 LTSC 2024)

Microsoft Develops Advanced Sound Recognition AI to Predict Natural Disasters

Microsoft and OpenAI create AI that recognizes everyday sounds and natural disasters. It analyzes audio, breaks it down, and uses a neural network to identify sounds.

Microsoft Unveils Privacy-Centric Ad Selection API for Edge Browser

Microsoft unveils privacy-focused ad system (Ad Selection API) for Edge browser. It aims to replace tracking cookies but raises concerns from privacy advocates

Xbox Series X|S Games and Beyond: Microsoft’s Pledge for Backward Compatibility

Microsoft forms new team to ensure games from past Xbox generations are playable on future consoles, showing commitment to backward compatibility and game preservation in the industry.

Windows 11 Update Halts Use of Popular Interface Customization Tools

Microsoft blocks popular customization apps (StartAllBack, ExplorerPatcher) in Windows 11 24H2 citing security or performance concerns.

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