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Microsoft’s Cloud Clipboard Finally Coming to Windows 10 through Redstone 5

This year’s fall update of Windows 10 will introduce the Cloud Clipboard, nearly two years after the cross-platform, cross-device sharing feature was announced.
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Microsoft Bringing Common Data Service for Analytics to Power BI

With CDS for Analytics in Power BI, customers will get a common data schema, accelerated access to data, and customizable and extensible application support.

Microsoft Project Denali and Project Cerberus Introduce Industry Standards Data Center Security and Storage

Project Denali is an industry standard spec for SSD storage by standardizing firmware interfaces. Project Cerberus is a standard security system for data centers.
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Skype Gets TripAdvisor and StubHub Integration Directly in Conversations

TripAdvisor and StubHub are the latest add-ins available for the cross-platform Skype application (Skype v8), allowing direct use within the app.

LinkedIn Boosts Video Creation with Filters and Text Styles

LinkedIn says the new features give members more tools to create professional videos, which is becoming an increasingly important tool for business communication.

Microsoft Struggling to Integrate Wunderlist in To-Do Says Former Employee

Three years after Wunderlist was bought by Microsoft, the company has not integrated features into To-Do. Former Wunderlist CEO says the problem is porting an entire app.

Magic Leap Releases SDK, Giving Developers the Tools for App Creation

Magic Leap has released a technical preview of its SDK, giving non-early access developers the ability to start crafting experiences for the platform. A preview release of the headset is expected this year.
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Microsoft Services Agreement Update Coming May 1

Batten down the hatches, a new Microsoft Services Agreement is inbound, with a slew of changes to the accord the company has with its customers.
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Microsoft Transforms 3D Gaming Graphics with DirectX Raytracing API

The DirectX Raytracing API fills in the gaps of rasterization to deliver a more complete 3D modelling and is compatible with leading game engines.