Microsoft announces Team flows preview, adds Gmail support to Flow

Microsoft Releases Teams Connector for Flow

The new feature allows users of Flow to alert their team of any new activity by posting messages to an existing Teams channel.

Microsoft Releases Office 365 Adoption Content Pack for Power BI

The content pack brings insight tools which administrators can use to see how users in their organizations use and adopt software.
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The Leak Boat Publishes Passwords of up to 9,000 Hacked Spotify Accounts Online

A list reveals the username and password of over 6,400 Spotify accounts, all seemingly free users. Hacking group The Leak Boat promises this is part of a wider set of leaks that it calls the 'Lulzpocolypse', with details of several Wizard 101 accounts also published.

Microsoft Plans to Create DNA Storage System Data Center within a Decade

According to a report in the MIT Technology Review, Microsoft makes progress with DNA storage and expects to built a DNA based storage device within a decade.

Microsoft Releases Code Builder for Minecraft: Education Edition

The company has announced the general availability of the highly-anticipated extension which gives children an easy platform to learn to code.

Microsoft Announces XAML Standard and .NET Standard 2.0

XAML Standard is the company’s effort to unify XAML dialects across XAML-based technologies such as UWP and Xamarin.Forms, while .NET Standard 2.0 is a set of APIs which work in all .NET implementations.
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Leaked Manuals Explain Facebook Rules on Content Filtering

The Guardian has revealed over 100 manuals which allegedly tell Facebook moderators how to handle content that includes violence, child abuse, self-harm, and more.

New Microsoft Prototype Gives Outlook to Sunglass-Sized HoloLens Successors

Microsoft Researchers are working to improve hard- and software for mixed reality. With a new prototype in sunglass-format they give an outlook of what a future HoloLens successor could possibly look like.
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WikiLeaks: Windows Threatened by New Spyware Called “Athena”

The hacking software, allegedly co-developed by CIA and Siege Technologies, allows attackers to gain complete control over computers, steal data and send it to CIA servers.

Microsoft: Linux Distributions on the Store Won’t Work with Windows 10 S

Microsoft senior manager Rich Turner has confirmed that Linux distros won't run on Windows 10 S for security reasons. Instead, users will have to upgrade to Pro for $49.

This Weekend: Free Xbox Live Gold and Access to Minecraft

The All Access Xbox Live event runs from 17-18th of May for Xbox 360 and Xbox Owners. The latter will get free access to Minecraft for that period.

Microsoft Announces Power BI Report Server Preview

The Power BI Report server lets users pull in data from SQL Server, Teradata, Oracle and more to publish reports and view them online. The service will come out of preview in the late second quarter of 2017.