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Microsoft Announces Visual Studio Code for Web Browsers

Developers can now access Visual Studio Code on Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and other browsers via vscode.dev.

Facebook is Considering a Rebranding Ahead of Metaverse Development

Facebook is considering leaving the social network as its own brand and creating a new parent company for the rest of its businesses.

Windows 11: Microsoft Brings Windows Subsystem for Android to Preview

Insiders can now use Windows Subsystem for Android, allowing them to install Android apps on Windows 11.

Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub Debuts in Limited Preview

Microsoft is accelerating innovation for entrepreneurs with Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, which offers over $350,000 in benefits.

Microsoft 365 Privacy Management Reaches General Availability

Privacy Management is an AI-driven feature for Microsoft 365, allowing enterprise customers to automate privacy processes.

Microsoft Details Migration Method for UWP to Windows App SDK

While Microsoft is helping developers migrate from UWP to Windows App SDK, the company says Windows apps can still be built with UWP.

Windows 11 on Mac: Parallels Desktop 17 Now Have Virtual TPM Support

With virtual TPM, Windows 11 VMs running on Parallels Desktop 17 are now fully supported on Apple’s M1 Mac devices.

Users Can Now Play Windows 95’s Space Cadet on Linux and Windows 11

Developers have been able to decompile and recompile Space Cadet from Windows 95 to Linux, and Windows 11 through WSL.

Microsoft Previews Windows 11 Fix for File Explorer Bug

Users experiencing performance issues on Windows 11 because of a command bar File Explorer problem will soon get a fix.

Microsoft Patches One AMD Ryzen Bug on Windows 11

However, the latest Insider bug patch update does not deal with a second Ryzen issue in Windows 11, but it does fix a Windows 10 taskbar bug.

Microsoft’s ARM Collaboration with AMD Gathers Pace Despite Windows 11 Intel EVO Recommendation

Microsoft is working with AMD to build its own ARM processor for Windows on ARM, while still recommending Intel for Windows 11.

Mojang Announces Minecraft: The Wild Update for 2022 Release

Minecraft: The Wild Update will follow this year’s Caves and Cliffs release and will be available in 2022 as the next major feature upgrade.

Microsoft Confirms 3 New Windows 11 Printer Flaws

Microsoft says three printing problems are affecting Windows 11 and Windows 10, with fixes currently not available.

Microsoft Releases Windows HoloGraphic 21H2 for HoloLens 2

Windows HoloGraphic 2 is now rolling out for HoloLens 2 with Moving Platform Mode, PFX certification, and IT admin options.

Microsoft Brings Update Stack Packages for Updating Windows 11

Update Stack Packages are currently available for Windows 11 on the Insider Program, adding a new way to receive updates.

Microsoft Replaces LinkedIn with New InJobs App for China

Microsoft says it is pulling LinkedIn from the Chinese market because of restrictions, replacing it with InJobs instead.

Microsoft Teams Getting New View Switcher Menu

The View Switcher menu will launch on Microsoft Teams this month, making it easier to switch between view options on the app.

Microsoft Commits to Third-Party Review of its Surveillance Technology

The independent review will assess whether Microsoft’s Surveillance apps are in conflict with its values on customer privacy.

Microsoft Sustainability Calculator Becomes Emissions Impact Dashboard, Gets Wide Release

Microsoft is rolling out the Emissions Impact Dashboard, a rebranding general release of last year’s Sustainability Calculator.

Microsoft is Patching Unsupported Windows 11 Devices After All

Despite plenty of confusion in recent months, Windows 11 installs on unsupported PCs will still be eligible for security patches.


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