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Microsoft Unveils Forms Pro Ahead of Spring Preview

A week after Microsoft Forms Pro was leaked, the company has confirmed the service will come to service starting this spring.

Microsoft Discusses Upcoming Dynamics 365 Applications for Mobile and HoloLens

Microsoft has several new Dynamics 365 apps prepared for iOS, Android, and HoloLens. Four new apps will come to users in the coming months.

Google Chrome Gets Windows Mixed Reality and Text Suggestions on Windows 10

Google’s recent Chrome push on Windows 10 has continued with support for Windows Mixed Reality and text suggestions when typing.

GitHub Raises Bug Bounty Rewards While Relaxing Legal Risks

Security researchers hunting for bugs on GitHub will now receive better rewards, while the company has created a Legal Safe Harbor for reporting.

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop for Windows Images Leak Online

Images of Microsoft’s Remote Desktop client for Windows 10 has been published online. The app will help bridge Windows 7 and Windows 10 users.

Microsoft Confirms Russia-Originating Cyberattack Against European Nations

A spear-phishing cyberattack on European countries has been disclosed by Microsoft, carried out by Russian hacking unit APT28.

WhatsApp on iPhone Bug Bypasses Face ID and Touch ID Authentication

A bug found in WhatsApp for iOS allows anybody to access the app because Face ID and Touch ID integrations are flawed.

Google Promises ‘All Will Be Revealed’ in Mysterious GDC Gaming Event

Google's surprise GDC event is likely to relate to Project Stream, its Chrome-based cloud gaming service.

Microsoft Patent Shows Folding Screen with “Floating” Connection

A newly discovered Microsoft Patent furthers the company’s development of folding screen technology, including a floating hinge connection.

Microsoft M12 Chips in for nsKnox’s $15 Million Funding Round

Microsoft M12 has invested in FinTech startup nsKnox, praising its innovative payment fraud solution.
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Google Chrome Extensions Abuse Millions with Adware

Kaspersky Lab has found Chrome extensions are widely using exploitative adware tactics to abuse millions of their users.

Microsoft Details Known Windows Issues Following Patch Tuesday

Last week’s Patch Tuesday event dealt with dozens of issues across Windows versions. However, it also caused the following problems.
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Microsoft to Adopt ‘Inner Source’ Mentality for Code Sharing between Its Teams

Microsoft is aiming to bring its external attitude to the company's internal structure, letting its engineers access code from other projects to improve them and use in their own efforts.

Microsoft Brings Windows Timeline to Chrome with Official Extension

The Web Activities extension finally includes Chrome in Windows Timeline, but some early bugs may hamper the experience for some.
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Microsoft to Livestream Suspected HoloLens 2 Launch Event This Sunday

Microsoft will be live streaming its Mobile World Congress 19 keynote, with teasers pointing to a new and improved HoloLens device.
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14-year Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Chooses AWS as Clippers’ Cloud Provider

Steve Ballmer worked with Microsoft for 34 years but choose rival Amazon as his basketball franchises exclusive cloud provider.
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UK Does Not Support US-Recommended Huawei 5G Ban

Security chiefs in the UK do not think Huawei needs to be completely banned from its 5G networks, believing any risks can be mitigated.

Microsoft Updates Skype Desktop with New Chat Window Location

Users of Skype on Windows and MacOS will now see the chat Window open on the right and be size customizable for easier access to conversations lists.

Google Chrome to Block Advertisers Tracking Users in Incognito Mode

On Chrome, advertisers have been using an API checking trick to know if users are private browsing or not. Google plans to change that in a near update.

Samsung Accidentally Leaks Its Galaxy Wearables Lineup

The Samsung wearables lineup will include a watch and fitness tracker, paired with the Galaxy buds, which will allegedly be waterproof and able to charge on the back of an S10.