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Microsoft Opposes CLOUD Act Privacy Loopholes with New Set of Principles

Microsoft has announced a set of principles that seek to close loopholes in the controversial CLOUD Act. It asks for greater transparency, a clear legal process, and the upholding of countries sovereignty.

Microsoft Lists the 7 Features Axed in the Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Microsoft will remove several legacy features in the Windows 10 October 2018 update, removing the Phone Companion, Business Scanning, and more.
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Microsoft Explains This Months’ Azure South Central Datacenter Outage

Microsoft says an outage that affected Azure customers was caused by a cooling failsafe not performing as designed.

Microsoft Preparing Black Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro for October

At its hardware event next month, Microsoft will reportedly announce a Surface Book 2 and Surface Pro Black Edition.

Google Has Remote Access to Android Devices and is Actively Triggering Battery Saver

Last week, Google apologized for remotely triggering the Battery Saver on Android. However, the real question is why the company is accessing devices without permission?

New Security Flaw Has Potential to Affect Every PC in Sleep Mode

A new security vulnerability caused by Sleep Mode firmware could allow attackers to steal data from hard disks. The problem potentially affects every modern computer.

Microsoft Teams Gains New Call Features on Android

A new update for Microsoft Teams on Android has introduced call-related features like a meetings detail page and Q&A participation.
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European Commission Sets Decision Timeline for Microsoft’s GitHub Acquisition

Europe will give its regulatory decision on the GitHub acquisition by October 19, with a green light finalizing the deal.

Microsoft Talks About “Early Success” of Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that gives gamers access to hundreds of titles for a monthly price. Microsoft CFO Amy Hood has described the service as a success.
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Microsoft PowerShell Malware Obfuscation Fools All But Three Antivirus Solutions

A newly discovered malware obfuscation exploiting Microsoft PowerShell successfully remains undetected through most antivirus programs.
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Microsoft Will Reportedly Thin Out Windows Team After Redstone 5 Release

Once the Windows 10 October 2018 Update is in the wild, Microsoft will apparently thin out the Windows team, although layoffs are unlikely.

Microsoft Issues New Meltdown and Spectre Patches for Windows 10

The latest batch of Intel microcodes for Meltdown and Spectre mitigation are now available on Windows 10 versions.
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Nvidia Scanner to Bring One-Click Overclock to GeForce RTX 2080 Cards

Nvidia's GeForce RTX cards will soon be able to overclock automatically via a new Nvidia Scanner API, with support for older cards also planned.

Office Macros Attacks Remain Leading Malware Delivery Method in Windows

Cofense says macros were the leading delivery method for malicious content in August. This week, Microsoft issued new mitigation in Office to prevent malicious macro coding.

Microsoft Explains SharePoint Online Branding Sites

In a blog post accompanying a SharePoint Online update, Microsoft explained the differences between classic sites and modern UI sites.
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Microsoft Airband to Bring Rural Internet Access to 125,000 in Illinois, Iowa, and South...

Microsoft Airband will bring internet to underserves communities in the states, making use of unused TV white spaces to deliver high-speed, long-distance connections.

Microsoft Apps Rebranded as Your Phone Companion for Android

Your Phone Companion brings clarity to the Microsoft Apps service on Android, giving users a hub for Your Phone activity.
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Microsoft Explains Why It’s Interested in PWAs Depsite Windows 10 Mobile Failure

Microsoft's Aaron Gustafson has explained how his company's interest in PWAs is as much about the web as a whole than the Windows 10 platform.

Facebook Leverages Humans and AI to Begin Fact-Check of Photos and Videos

Facebook will begin to check videos and images for false information in a similar way to its news, combining third-party reviewers with a machine learning model that will grow from their feedback.

Microsoft Acquires Lobe in Continued Push to ‘Democratize’ AI Development

Microsoft's acquisition of Lobe puts it closer to its vision of bringing AI to the masses. Though the company will continue its standalone app, it's likely its technology will be leveraged to simplify AI development across the board.


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