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Report: Microsoft’s Disc-Less Xbox Will Be Bundled with Game Pass, Xbox Live Gold

Microsoft will reportedly let consumers bundle a disc-less Xbox with up to two years of Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass to ensure it's ready on arrival. The move points to a subscription heavy future for gaming.

Mozilla CEO: Microsoft’s Sunset of EdgeHTML ‘Terrible’ for Individuals, Good for Business

Microsoft's switch from EdgeHTML to Chromium puts Google close to 'complete control of the infrastructure of our online lives' warns Mozilla's Chris Beard.
Microsoft Edge Windows  Microsoft Official

Microsoft Confirms That Its Edge Browser Is Shifting to Chromium

Microsoft has officially confirmed Edge's switch from its own engine to the open-source Chromium project. However, while the company is spinning it as a win for all, others are concerned about the lack of competition.

Facebook Knowingly Scraped Android Data Expecting User Backlash

Despite knowing the potential for outrage, Facebook pressed ahead with Android data scraping through sketchy permission system.

Microsoft Loses AI Chief to Real-Estate Brokerage Compass

Joseph Sirosh has joined Compass after ending his time as Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer of AI, a role he received in June.

Windows, Office, and Surface Teams Collaborating to Make Fluent Design Universal

Microsoft wants Fluent Design to be a cross-division aesthetic and Office UX chief John Friedman says design is now a “cross-company effort”.

Microsoft’s Custom Translator Service Reaches General Availability

Custom Translator is part of Microsoft Translator and allows organizations to create customized neural machine translation systems.

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer Points to Cloud/Streaming Future for Gaming

Xbox boss Phil Spencer believes the company’s Project xCloud and Game Pass solutions are the future of console gaming.

Microsoft Issues Early Windows 10 October 2018 Update Cumulative Release

Ahead of December’s Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has rolled out fixes for Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809).
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Microsoft’s Brad Smith Affirms Commitment to US Military

Brad Smith says Microsoft will continue to supply solutions to the Pentagon, including AI technology, in the wake of several controversies.

Microsoft Decides to Make ONNX Runtime an Open Source Service

ONNX Runtime is now available from Microsoft’s GitHub as an open source project, allowing all developers access to the platform.

Microsoft Working on Project Triton Improved Gaming Audio

Microsoft Research as teamed with two leading Xbox game studios to develop Project Triton, which offers improved gaming audio.
Azure Machine Learning Microsoft Official

Microsoft Releases Azure Machine Learning and Updates IoT Edge Services

Microsoft has announced the general availability of Azure Machine Learning and rolled out Azure Stream Analytics.

Qualcomm Debuts In-Display Fingerprint Sensing Technology for 2019 Devices

Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor is a new technology that uses ultrasonic waves to make in-display fingerprint sensing faster and more accurate.
Microsoft and Open Source Community official

Microsoft Open Sources Windows UX Frameworks and .NET Foundation

Microsoft is continuing to embrace the open source community and has announced Windows UX frameworks available on GitHub.

Microsoft Debuts Visual Studio 2019 Preview 1

Microsoft has rolled out the first preview for Visual Studio 1, giving developers first access to the new features available on the platform.

Skype for Android Now Allows New Message Notifications to be Disabled

Microsoft has issued a minor update for Skype for Android, allowing users to turn off notification sounds for new messages.

Google to Bring Pixel 3’s eSIM Support to 8 New Carriers Around the World

The Google Pixel 3 and 3XL will soon get eSIM support via new carriers in the UK, Germany, India, and more. Sprint will also be joining the list of US carriers.

Quora Admits to Data Breach Affecting 100 Million Users

Quora is yet to give details about how its hack occurred but says passwords were hashed. Users have had their passwords reset despite this and have been warned via email.
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EU Nations Target Google and Apple with Digital Advertising Tax

France and Germany have proposed a 3% digital advertising tax as an attempt to prevent tech giants using tax loopholes.