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Microsoft Flight Simulator Finally Gets Top Gun Maverick Expansion

Two years after it was originally set to launch, the Top Gun Maverick expansion is finally landing on Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Microsoft OneNote Update for Windows Brings New Features

New features for OneNote on Windows 11 include page sorting tools, a simplified ribbon, AI voice commands, and more.
Microsoft LOVES Linux

Build 2022: Microsoft Adds Linux XDP Support via Windows for XDP

Microsoft’s new XDP for Windows platform finally sees the company contribute to the Linux XDP high-performance networking project.

Build 2022: Microsoft Intelligence Data Platform Arrives to Unify Data and Governance Analytics

Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform is a new integration of Microsoft products from Azure Analytics, Databases, and Governance.

Microsoft Makes ARM Push at Build: Project Volterra and Visual Studio 2022

Microsoft has given more details about the Project Volterra mini PC, while also discussing a new Arm64 version of Visual Studio 2022.

Microsoft Dev Box Provides Virtual Workstations

Microsoft Dev Box expands Azure Virtual Desktop to provide cloud-based virtual workstations for developers.

Build 2022: Microsoft Introduces Project Volterra to Drive Windows on Arm Development

Microsoft’s new Project Volterra is a development platform for Windows on ARM that will focus on hybrid computing development.

Build 2022: Microsoft Confirms Windows 11 Third-Party Widget

Microsoft says that Windows 11 will get support for third-party widgets later this year, expanding from native options.

Microsoft Cloud Announces European Revamp

Microsoft Cloud is making concessions for service providers to stem a flow of anti-competition accusations in Europe.

AMD Debuts SmartAccess Storage, Which Is Based on Microsoft’s DirectStorage

During a bust Computex 2022 presentation, AMD announced its new SmartAccess Storage, based on Microsoft DirectStorage.

Windows Subsystem for Android Gets Android 12.1 on Windows 11

A new preview update is available for the Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11 through the Microsoft Store.

Twitter Debuts “Crisis Misinformation” Policy to Combat Fake News

Twitter has a new Crisis Misinformation policy that will aim to tackle the spread of fake news during times of crisis.

Microsoft Plans Outlook Feature to Help Declutter Inboxes

Microsoft Outlook on Mac is getting email reactions with emojis, a feature that is already available in iOS and Android.
space gray iPhone X photo via Unsplash

Apple Reportedly Working on Foldable with E-Ink Display

Apple is reportedly working on a foldable iPhone smartphone that will have an E-Ink EPD display on the outer screen.
Cybersecurity Lock Notebook Keyboard via Pixabay

Microsoft Warns of Uptick in XorDDoS Attacks on Linux Servers

Microsoft says the XorDDoS botnet is conducts password-guessing attacks on Linux Servers and is becoming more popular.

US Government Workers Are Using Potentially Unsecure Personal Smart Card Readers

Smart ID card readers bought by US government employees for home use could be causing a massive potential security risk.

Microsoft: Windows 11 Now Available to Everyone

Windows 11 is now fully available to any user with a compatible machine, although the upgrade remains optional.

Google Russia Files for Bankruptcy following Account Seizures

Google Russia says it is filing for bankruptcy after authorities in the country seized its bank accounts over reactions to the Ukraine invasion.
China Flag Wikipedia

Chinese Cryptocurrency Miners are Ignoring the Country’s Crypto Ban

Despite China making cryptocurrency mining and trading illegal, the country has become the second-biggest miner after the US.

Microsoft Azure to Help Wayve Scale Its Deep Learning Products

Microsoft is investing in partner Wayve, allowing Azure to power deep learning AI development for autonomous vehicles.


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