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Microsoft Teams Increases Meeting Participants to 98 Users

A new Microsoft Teams update has increased the number of participants in a meeting to 98, double the previous amount.

Microsoft Edge Version 94 to Get Security Improvements

Microsoft Edge will have a new tool called Control-Flow Enforcement Technology (CET), and new password warning system.

Microsoft Search Receives Actionable Items Feature

Microsoft Search – the cross-app search tool – will soon allow users to search for commands and take actions on them directly in searches.

Microsoft Announces Xbox Series X Mini Fridge

After winning a marketing award on Twitter, Microsoft has decided to reveal the Xbox Series X Mini Fridge at E3 2021.

Microsoft Employees Slept on Data Center Floors During the Pandemic

A Microsoft executive says some workers at data centers decided to sleep on premises during the COVID-19 crisis rather than travel.

Microsoft Exchange Server Attacks Were the Biggest Cyber Threat During Q2

Cisco Talos has published its second quarter threat report for 2021, showing Microsoft Exchange Server attacks with the biggest security breach.

Microsoft Drops Windows 11 Teaser Video Featuring Start Up Sounds of Older Windows Versions

A new Microsoft teaser points to a Windows 11 introduction through the start up sounds of Windows 95, Windows XP, and Windows 7.

4K Video Downloader: Saving Video and Audio from YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok, Facebook and Other...

Our take on 4K Video Downloader, an easy to use video download solution and audio converter for support for YouTube and all other major video sites.

Microsoft Accessory Center App Arrives on Windows 10

The Microsoft Accessory Center app for Windows 10 is available from the Microsoft Store to help users manage Microsoft accessories.

Microsoft Provides Details of HoloLens 2 Collaboration with the U.S. Army

Microsoft has provided insight into its controversial HoloLens 2 and IVAS agreement with the U.S. Army, showing how the technology is used.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Leak Suggests June 15 Launch on Xbox Series X

A leak from a video game retailer shows Microsoft Flight Simulator could be released on the Xbox Series X in a matter of days.

Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update Part 1 is Now Available Across Platforms

Mojang is splitting the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Update into two parts, with the first part now available and the second dropping later this year.

Microsoft Releases Project Acoustics Version 2.0 for Unreal and Unity Engines

Microsoft is sending out Project Acoustics version 2.0 with several changes for the Unreal Engine and Wwise support for the Unreal engine.

Microsoft Pauses Windows 10 Previews, Maybe for Windows 11?

Microsoft has halted Windows 10 Dev previews, maybe to add features for Windows 11 ahead of this month’s event.

Apple Launches Universal Control, An Answer to Microsoft’s Mouse Without Borders

Microsoft’s Mouse Without Borders has been around for years and Apple is now copying the feature with Universal Control.

Microsoft Office App Gets Voice Capture and Transcribe on Android

Android users can now use their Microsoft Office application to capture voice and then transcribe it to a Microsoft 365 apps.

Google Pays $268 Million and Will Change Ad Practices Following Antitrust Investigation

Google has agreed to a settlement with the French antitrust authority after it found the company was favoring its own ad platforms.

New Malware Siloscape Found Targeting Windows Containers

A new type of malware known as Siloscape is targeting Microsoft Windows containers to steal data and conduct RCE attacks.

Microsoft Shell Subsidiary Accused of Avoiding Taxes on $315 Billion Profit

Microsoft Round Island One is Irish Subsidiary of Microsoft that has no employees and holds residency in Bermuda to avoid tax payments.

Windows 11 Coming Soon? Microsoft Turns the Volume to 11 on Sun Valley Update

Microsoft could be launching Windows 11 later this month, moving forward for Windows 10 with a brand new version.


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