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Microsoft’s October Surface Event Could Include Elusive Project S Announcement

According to a new report, Microsoft is developing something called Project S, which is being described as a hardware device.

Microsoft Announces Share Buyback Program Up to $40 Billion

Microsoft’s board of directors have also announced the company’s quarterly dividend increase and its latest shareholder meeting.

Mozilla Changes Firefox Updates to Every Four Weeks

Mozilla has reduced the time between Firefox updates, with the browser soon to receive updates every month.
Bill Gates

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates Says Regulators Should Not Break Up Tech Giants

Bill Gates says stronger regulations with final decisions are needed and offending tech companies should not be threatened with breakup.

Facebook Updates Portal Hardware, Including Kinect-Inspired Portal TV

Facebook has introduced the second generation of Portal devices, including the Portal TV, Portal, and Portal Mini.

LinkedIn Debuts Skills Assessment for Jobs and Recruiter

LinkedIn users can now access Skills Assessment and have experts assess their abilities and award them with a verification badge.
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Microsoft’S Calendar.help Becomes Scheduler and Inches towards General Availability

Microsoft is preparing to make Calendar.help generally available, now called Schedular the Cortana-powered chat bot will be shown at Ignite in November.

Oracle Announces Digital Assistant Integration in Microsoft Teams

Oracle and Microsoft are expanding their cloud partnership, giving Microsoft Teams users access to Oracle’s Digital Assistant.
Red Dead Redemption Xbox Store

Rockstar Games Announces Windows Game Launcher with GTA: San Andreas for Free

A new Windows 10 game launcher by Rockstar games could also see Read Dead Redemption 2 launch on PC, but exclusive to the developer.

Microsoft Refocuses In-Car Tech with Connected Vehicle Platform

Microsoft has announced its Connected Vehicle Platform, an Azure-based suite of tools that will underpin in-car infotainment centers.

Microsoft’s .NET Core 3.0 Receives Release Candidate

Microsoft has rolled out .NET Core 3.0 Release Candidate (RC1) ahead of the finalized version arriving in a week’s time.
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Microsoft Extends Exchange Server 2010 Support to Oct. 13, 2020

Microsoft has aligned the end-of-support for Exchange Server 2010 with the cutoff for SharePoint Server 2010 and Office 2010.

Patched LastPass Vulnerability Opened Users to Password Theft from Malicious Sites

A now-resolved LastPass vulnerability let attackers grab a username and password from the extensions cache when they visited a malicious site.

Microsoft Schedules Build 2020 for May 19th, Inspire for July 20th

Build 2020 will run from May 19 - 21, while fans can expect Inspire to begin on July 20. The events are likely to contain some major announcements from Microsoft.

Microsoft Azure Video Indexer Can Now Recognize Spongebob, Other Animated Characters

Microsoft's Azure Video Indexer Tool can now recognize animated characters, transcribe multi-lingual content, determine the shot type, and more.
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Microsoft Partners with Chevron and Schlumberger to Push ‘Petrotechnical Technologies’

Microsoft, Schlumberger, and Chevron will work on energy-focused solutions for Azure to enable the fast processing of data from multiple sources into actionable insights.

Microsoft Azure Poaches AI Firm Vapar from Google Cloud

Vapar is transitioning to Microsoft Azure due to its customer's familiarity with the platform and the tech giant's global partner reach.

Microsoft’s Mixer Gets Live Stream Ads, but Creators Are yet to Get a Cut

Mixer will show on ads on creator's live streams, but they won't currently get a cut. The platform says it's exploring ways to pass in revenue but wouldn't make a firm commitment.

Microsoft Confirms Patch Tuesday Windows Audio Problem and Provides Workarounds

Microsoft has acknowledged an audio problem in Windows 10 caused by this month’s Patch Tuesday. A new fix will be issued this month.

Microsoft Documentation Points to Windows Core OS Implementation

New Microsoft documentation shows details of the company’s Windows Core OS, the modular version of Windows 10.