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Reddit AMA: Microsoft Hints at Linux Chromium Edge, Promises Not to Remove Adblockers

In a Reddit AMA, the Microsoft Edge dev team talked about its plans for its Chromium-focused future, including Linux, privacy features, and more.

Microsoft Partners with NXP Semiconductors on Azure Sphere Processor Integration

Microsoft has announced a collaboration with NXP Semiconductors to deliver a new Azure Sphere i.MX 8 high performance processors.

Google Announces New PWA Button to Chrome 76

Chrome 76 will allow developers to tell users if they have a PWA version and easily switch to it through a new button.

LinkedIn Adds New Consumer-Style Social Media Integrations

LinkedIn has announced new tagging and reactions tools, as well as full support for video messaging and PDFs and slides.

CERN to Ditch Microsoft Products for Open Source Alternatives

CERN says its MAlt program is seeking alternatives to Microsoft in the open source because Redmond’s pricing has become unsustainable.

Windows 10 20H1 Preview Build 18917 Arrives on the Inside

Preview build 18917 is a Windows 10 20H1 release that adds Windows Subsystem for Linux 2.0 and adds Microsoft’s bandwidth controls for updates.

Microsoft Blocks BLE Security Keys in Windows Following Vulnerability Expansion

Microsoft has blocked BLE security keys from pairing with Windows, following similar actions taken by Google recently.
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Microsoft Issues Fix for Major Windows NTLM Flaw During Patch Tuesday

Security researchers have discovered a major flaw in Windows NTLM authentication protocol that affects all Windows versions.

Microsoft Fixes Four of SandboxEscaper Disclosed Exploits During Patch Tuesday

Unfortunately, a patch for the fifth zero-day published by SandboxEscaper will not arrive until later, Microsoft confirmed.

Google Project Zero Reveals Flaw in Windows SymCrypt

A vulnerability has been discovered in SymCrypt. Microsoft has told Google Project Zero the problem will be fixed in July.

Microsoft Releases First Windows 10 20H1 ISO Images

Microsoft has rolled out build 18912 ISO images for Windows 10 20H1, now available on the Fast ring for Insiders.

Ubisoft’s Game Pass Competing Uplay Plus Subscription Is Coming to Windows in September

Uplay+ will offer access to over a hundred games for $14.99, pricing itself higher than Microsoft's Game Pass but also launching on Google Stadia next year.

Microsoft Nears a Passwordless Future with Windows 10 Version 1903 Sign-in Options

With Windows 10 1903, users can now login to Windows 10 without a password via the Microsoft Authenticator app, while accessing web services via FIDO2 certification and Windows Hello.

Microsoft M12 Spearheads $25 Million Funding round for RapidAPI, a Developer Marketplace

Microsoft M12's investment puts its managing director Mony Hassid on RapidAPIs board of directors and comes as the startup doubles its users in a year.
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Microsoft Launches Intune Customer Adoption Pack for Easier Integration

Organizations can use the Intune Customer Adoption Pack to integrate Microsoft’s Intune solution more efficiently.
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Microsoft Warns of Office/Windows Attack Leveraging a Patched Bug

Microsoft says a new email attack on Office and Windows is exploiting a bug that the company patched in 2017 but some users did not download.

Microsoft Discontinues Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility on Xbox One

No more games come to Xbox One through Backward Compatibility as Microsoft turns its focus to Project Scarlett.

Xbox Scarlett Will Be Backward Compatible with Current Xbox One Controllers and Accessories

Xbox Scarlett will support the Elite 2 Controller, as well as regular Xbox One controllers and accessories. The move should help cut costs for local co-op scenarios.

Microsoft To-Do to Launch on Mac Next Week

Microsoft To-Do will be available to download through the Mac App Store from June 17, with pre-orders now open.

Mozilla Is Planning a Paid, Subscription Version of Its Firefox Browser

Mozilla will release a premium subscription for Firefox that will bundle a VPN, secure cloud storage, and other features. An entirely free, 'fully featured' version of the browser will remain.