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Microsoft President: We Won JEDI Because We Worked to Exceed the Requirements

Microsoft President Brad Smith describes a culture of innovation and hard work at the company to poach the $10 billion JEDI contract.
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Microsoft President Outlines the Company’s “Welcoming” Strategy to Employee Dissent

Microsoft's Brad Smith said he believes the company strikes a good balance when it comes to employee complaints, not always changing its mind, but listening to concerns each time.

Microsoft Releases Optional Updates for Windows 10 1809 and Below

Optional updates for Windows 10 1809, 1803, 1709 and 1607 are rolling out to users, fixing bugs with the touch keyboard, window resizing, and settings sync.
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Microsoft Ordered to Turn over Tax Records to IRS after Years of Challenges

Microsoft has been ordered to hand over 174 documents to the IRS surrounding the formation of an alleged "tax shelter" in Puerto Rico.

Microsoft And Genesys Expand Azure Partnership

Microsoft Azure is now powered Genesys Engage, brining cloud-based AI-powered tools to customer experiences.

Your Phone Now Allows Users to See 2,000 Images

Microsoft has introduced an update for Your Phone that allows users to see 2,000 photos instead of the previous 25.

SwiftKey On iOS Receives Space Bar Cursor

SwiftKey Version 2.7.3 on iPhone and iPad now has a cursor built into the space bar to make it easier to edit text.

GitHub Discusses AI Algorithm Finding Issues in Open Repositories

GitHub has recently updated the AI algorithm for the good first issues feature that now surfaces issues across 70% of recommended repositories.

Microsoft Debuts SDKs for Surface Duo and Surface Neo

Microsoft is engaging developers with SDKs for the Surface Duo (Android) and Surface Neo (Windows 10X) on the Inside.

Microsoft Search for Bing Becomes Default Search on Chrome for Office 365 ProPlus

Microsoft Search is now the default search tool for Google Chrome on Office 365 ProPlus users, with Firefox coming soon.

Microsoft Open Sources BERT for ONNX Runtime

Microsoft says ONNX Runtime now helps to power BERT for open source development on the Bing search platform.

Microsoft PowerToys Receives PowerLauncher Tool

PowerLauncher for PowerToys allow users to quick launch applications and search on Windows. The tool is currently on GitHub.

Microsoft Database Security Leak Confirmed by Redmond

Microsoft says a database was leaked online, including information from 250 million entries. The company has since issued a fix.

German Government to Pay $887,000 for Windows 7 Extended Security Updates

The German Federal Ministry did not upgrade from Windows 7 before end of support and must now pay Microsoft for extended updates.
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Telnet Attacks Results in Major User Credentials Leak

A bad actor has confirmed an attack on IoT service Telnet that resulted in the credentials from 515,000 devices being published.

Project XCloud Gets 15 New Titles, Including Civ VI, Destiny 2, and the Master...

xCloud has received 15 new titles, including Wasteland 2, The Wolf Among Us, and Superhot. The strong start to the year will be complemented by expanded region support and a PC client in due course.
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Co-Founder of DDoS Mitigation Firm BackConnect Pleads Guilty to Performing a DDoS Attack

BackConnect Security LLC co-founder Tucker Preston has pleaded guilty to a count of damage against a protected computer after standing accused of performing DDoS attacks.

Apple Says FBI Shut Down Plans To Encrypt iCloud Backups

Apple says it had plans to allow users to encrypt iPhone backups on iCloud but the FBI objected and the project was closed.

Microsoft Starts Office Online Ads On Windows 10

Microsoft is once again experimenting with ads in Windows 10, using ad banners for Office Online applications and services.

Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 720G, 662, and 640 Chipsets for Updated 4G Options

The three new Qualcomm chips will provide even better value for money, with increased performance, networking, gaming, AI, and camera capabilities.