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Microsoft Surface Phone Patent Shows Device with 3 Displays

Microsoft has detailed a Surface Phone follow-up for the Surface Duo that adds another screen to the dual-screen form factor.

Google Begins the Slow Lift of Its Coronavirus Advertising Ban

Google is planning to lift its plan on coronavirus advertising; first for hospitals and NGOs, and then reportedly for retailers and others.

Microsoft Is Bringing Mixed Reality to Power Apps for No-Code Experience Creation

Microsoft's PowerApps Platform now lets organizations build augmented reality measurement and visualization tools into the apps with little to no code.

Azure Cognitive Services Get All New, Natural Text-to-Speech Voices

Microsoft's Azure Cognitive Services voices can now take on the cadence of a newscaster, have a more casual chat, or express empathy in their tone.

Microsoft’s Mixer Gives a $100 Coronavirus Bonus to Its Partnered Streamers

Many of Mixer's partner streamers have received a $100 donation as they feel the impact of economic uncertainty caused by coronavirus.

Apple Inadvertently Confirms AirTags in a Now-Deleted Video

An Apple support video mentions its upcoming AirTags in settings, confirming previous rumors and code breakdowns.

Amazon Working on Cloud Gaming Service to Compete with Microsoft’s Project xCloud

Amazon is developing Project Tempo, a game streaming platform to compete with Microsoft Project xCloud and Google Stadia

Microsoft Project Cortex Opens to More Invitees

Microsoft says it is sending out more invites to for its Project Cortex AI insights and expertise service for Microsoft 365
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Microsoft Moves Xbox PC App to React Native for Performance Boost

Now running on the React Native engine and not Electron, the Xbox PC app is now significantly faster and lighter for installs.

Facebook Messenger Launches Standalone Video Call App to Compete with Zoom

Facebook Messenger is providing an alternative to Zoom during the COVID-19 outbreak with a standalone video calling app.

LinkedIn Reveals Measures to Help Essential Organizations Find Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

LinkedIn has announced a series of measures that are designed to help frontline organizations find talent more easily.

Zoom CEO Apologizes for Issues, Says Company Was Unprepared for Influx of Users

Zoom CEO Eric S. Yuan says the company was not prepared to become popular during the COVID-19 outbreak and apologized for various problems.

Microsoft PowerToys 0.16 Adds Four New Features

The latest PowerToys update adds an Image Resizer, alongside Window Walker, File Explorer previews, and PowerRename.

Microsoft’s Brad Smith Praises Facial Recognition Technology Regulations in Washington

However, Smith says more facial recognition regulations must follow around the United States based on Washington’s breakthrough.

Slack Now Allows Microsoft Teams and Zoom Calls

Slack has announced its integration with Microsoft Teams, while also adding support for direct Zoom calls within the app.

LinkedIn Strives for Product Equality Following A/B Testing Study

LinkedIn has published a study that shows products may have inequalities despite A/B testing showing neutral results.

Amazon Slammed for Firing Employee Who Staged COVID-19 Protest

Amazon has been criticized for seemingly firing an employee who spoke out against the company’s safety measures for COVID-19.

Google DeepMind’s Agent57 AI Bests Humans at Beating Atari Games

DeepMind’s Agent57 AI because the first tool to beat humans at all Atari games in the Arcade Learning Environment (ALE) data set.

Skype Preview Updated to Build 8.59 on the Insider

Microsoft’s Skype Preview has received an update focused on new features, including the ability to share files from File Explorer.

Zoom Has a Vulnerability That Allows Attackers to Access Windows Login Details

A new Zoom vulnerability that opens Windows credentials comes days after the British Prime Minister sparked security concerns on the platform.