Microsoft Addresses New Windows 11 Photos App Bug and Other Issues

Microsoft has flagged a recent issue with its Photos app, which fails to open when certain non-admin-based group policies or Configuration Service Provider (CSP)...

Unify AI Launches Tool for Streamlined LLM Management

Unify AI has rolled out a new tool that routes user prompts to the most suitable large language models (LLMs) based on factors such...

Nvidia Acquires Cloud Infrastructure Firm for $100 Million

Nvidia has finalized a $100 million deal to acquire, a software startup led by a former Amazon Web Services executive, as shared by...

Study: AI Chatbots are Spreading Russian Disinformation

Users seeking factual information through these chatbots often encounter falsehoods, satire, and fabricated stories disguised as real news.
European Flag Flickr Reuse

Meta’s Replacement for CrowdTangle Under Fire from EU Academics

Meta is currently under scrutiny from the academic community and researchers regarding its methods for monitoring misinformation on its platforms. The European Commission has...

Nvidia’s Software Strategy Challenges Big-Tech Partners

Nvidia is pivoting towards software and cloud services, entering a field where it will directly compete with some of its principal customers.

Alleged AMD Data Breach Under Investigation

AMD is scrutinizing reports of a possible data breach supposedly conducted by a hacker named "IntelBroker." This individual claims to have obtained sensitive information...
AI speech to text

OpenAI’s Whisper Speech-To-Text AI Hallucinates Violent Language

Hallucinated output in Whisper can include harmful language and false information.
Meta Fundamental AI Research (FAIR) official

Meta Releases Five New AI Models for Audio and Visual Research

The release features image-to-text and text-to-music generation models, a multi-token prediction model and a technique for detecting AI-generated speech.
Security Free Reuse

VMware vCenter Server Faces Critical Security Vulnerabilities

VMware, a subsidiary of Broadcom, has detected security flaws within its vCenter Server. These issues concern the core system responsible for managing virtual machines...
renewable energy wikimedia commons

IMF Proposes Carbon Tax to Address AI’s Environmental Impact

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has put forward a suggestion to implement a carbon tax on energy emissions from AI systems. This idea is...

Google AI Develops Human I/O for Real-Time User Adaptation

Google AI has developed Human I/O, a framework designed to help users who encounter situationally induced impairments and disabilities (SIIDs). These issues can emerge...

Google DeepMind Introduces AI for Video Soundtracks and Dialogue

DeepMind, Google's advanced AI research division, has launched V2A, a novel artificial intelligence model that can create music, sound effects, and dialogue for video...

Researchers Expose Security Flaws in ARM Memory Tagging Extension

A collaborative research team from Seoul National University, Samsung Research, and Georgia Institute of Technology has identified critical vulnerabilities in ARM's Memory Tagging Extension...

Apple and EPFL Launch 4M-21 Multimodal AI Model for Diverse Applications

4M-21 offers extensive functionalities, from steerable multimodal generation and multimodal retrieval to robust performance in vision-related tasks.
Hackers Cybercrime Cybersecurity bot network

Cybercriminals Exploit Chrome and Word Errors to Distribute Malware via PowerShell Scripts

The threat actors employ JavaScript within HTML attachments and hijacked websites to generate fake error notifications.

McDonald’s Ends AI Drive-Thru Tests with IBM

McDonald’s has pulled the plug on its AI drive-thru pilot with IBM, according to a report from Restaurant Business. This testing phase, initiated in...

US Surgeon General Calls for Action on Social Media’s Impact on Youth

In an effort to address the increasing mental health issues among young people, US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy has urged the implementation of...

Signal President Condemns EU’s Encryption Proposal

Signal CEO Whittaker has dismissed the idea of a technological fix, suggesting that any implemented technology would introduce vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious actors or hostile nations.
International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Amazon Labor Union Joins Forces with Teamsters for Greater Leverage

The new affiliation with the Teamsters, a union representing 1.3 million workers, is expected to significantly boost ALU's negotiating strength.
Margrethe Vestager CNC interview 06-2024

EU Competition Chief Vestager: Apple Has a Number of Very Serious Issues

If the tech giant is found guilty of breaching the DMA, it could incur fines up to 10% of its global annual revenue.

Meta Opens Threads API for Third-Party Integration

The Threads API lets third-party developers post content, access various data points, and manage user replies.
Lamini AI official

Lamini AI Boosts LLM Memory Accuracy to 95% with Novel Tuning Method

Lamini AI´s newly developed Memory Tuning addresses the ongoing issue of factual inaccuracies in LLMs.
Featured - How to disable automatic updates in Windows 11

Microsoft Restricts Windows 11 24H2 Update to AI-Enhanced Copilot+ PCs

This move breaks away from Microsoft's typical practice of offering a universal code base for all users.

DOJ Sues Adobe Over Misleading Subscription Practices

The legal action could set a precedent, encouraging other businesses to adopt clearer, more straightforward practices.
Windows Server official

Microsoft Unveils Windows Server 2025 with Upgraded Diskspd Tool

Administrators can now download the updated Diskspd version and the Windows Server 2025 Preview to start evaluating new features.
Runway ML Gen-3 Alpha official

Runway ML Unveils High Quality AI Video Model Gen-3 Alpha

Gen-3 Alpha can create remarkably detailed videos with precise emotional expressions and smooth camera movements.
Adobe acroat ai assistant official

Adobe Acrobat Integrates Firefly AI-Powered Image Tools

Acrobat adds a new Generate Image tool with Generative Fill, Remove Background, Erase, and Crop.

Google and Microsoft are Ramping Up AI Powered Search Ads

Both tech giants seek to better satisfy advertisers' needs while also improving user experience with AI-optimized search ad functionalities.

YouTube Pilots Community Notes to Enhance Video Context

YouTube is testing a new "Notes" feature providing users the ability to append clarifying details and additional information to videos. This feature, now available...
Windows 11 Recall official

Microsoft Enhances Recall After Copilot+ Delay

As we reported last week, Microsoft is holding off on releasing its AI-driven Recall feature. The company is also putting the brakes on Copilot+,...

Developer Alleges Perplexity AI Ignores Robots.txt Protocols

A developer has flagged concerns over how Perplexity AI interacts with web directives meant to control bot access. Despite setting blocks at various levels,...

Arm Holdings Demands Qualcomm Halt Copilot+ PC Shipments

Arm Holdings has issued a directive instructing Qualcomm to stop the release of its Snapdragon X chips and suspend the launch of Copilot+ PCs...

Meta Accused of Intimidation in Brazil Over Fraudulent Ad Reports

Meta is under scrutiny for allegedly attempting to undermine university researchers in Brazil who identified fraudulent advertisements on its platform. Documents obtained by Brazilian...

Apple’s 2025 iPhone 17 Could Introduce Slimmer Design

Apple appears to be gearing up for a significant redesign of the iPhone 17, slated for a fall 2025 debut. Mark Gurman from Bloomberg...

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