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Google Maps Now Warns Drivers with Speed Trap Icons

Google Maps now places speed camera icons on maps and provides audio cues to drivers who are approaching speed traps.
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Microsoft Acknowledges Edge Bug Blocking Local IP Router Access

Microsoft has confirmed its Edge browser is currently blocking access to local router sites. The company’s own January cumulative updates for Windows 10 are to blame.

Microsoft’s Dark Mode Toggle Coming to Mail and Calendar on Windows 10

Microsoft is testing a new Dark Mode toggle for its Mail and Calendar application on Windows 10, following a similar feature launched last year for File Explorer.

Microsoft To-Do Focus Continues with New Android Update

Microsoft To-Do continues to receive plenty of attention. The latest Android introduces more snooze options and a new My Day design.

Microsoft Stream for iOS Gains In-App Video Sharing

A new Microsoft Stream update is available for preview. Version 1.02 brings the ability to share videos within the app.

After Alexa, Microsoft Wants to Integrate Cortana and Google Assistant

Satya Nadella has been frank about Microsoft's plans for Cortana, announcing that it will no longer be trying to compete with Amazon, Google, and Apple. Instead, it wants the assistant to take a background role.
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Yahoo and AOL Adopt Bing as Exclusive Ad Platform for Search

With its expanded partnership, Microsoft estimates a click increase of up to 15% for its customers in the US, drawing on Verizon Media's properties across the web.
Project xCloud streams Sea of Thieves to a tablet with a prototype touch overlay.

Microsoft CEO Admits Internal Nickname for xCloud Is ‘Netflix for Games’

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella finally opened up about the company's xCloud game streaming service, giving little clarification, but revealing some interesting internal naming.

Microsoft Pledges $500 Million to Seattle Affordable Housing Development

Microsoft wants to lead efforts to solve the affordable housing gap in the Seattle region and has pledged $500 million towards helping.

Microsoft Pushes SharePoint Online Users to Modern UI With Tenant Changes

While Microsoft says the classic UI for SharePoint Online will remain, the company is making changes that will move organizations to the modern interface.

Windows 10 19H1 to Switch BitLocker to Software-Based Encryption by Default

With the launch of Windows 10 19H1 this spring, Microsoft will make BitLocker software-based encrypted by default, with an option for hardware-based encryption.

Microsoft Garage Launches XAML Studio for Efficient XAML Coding

Developers can use Microsoft Garage’s new XAML Studio to create UWP XAML code and manage it in real time before copying to Visual Studio.

Microsoft Re-Charges Automatic Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Automatic updates of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update have restarted from Windows Update, coming to select devices following months of problems.

Google Raises G Suite Prices in Line with Microsoft Office 365

G Suite has received a price increase for Basic and Business Editions. However, this is the first increase in 10 years and G Suite is still more affordable than Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Confirms Cortana and Search Windows 10 Split

Cortana and Search will no longer be integrated with each other on Windows 10. Microsoft will make the change through Windows 10 19H1.

YouTube Bans Prank and Challenge Videos Under New Policy

YouTube has decided to clamp down on pranks and challenges that are deemed harmful. As usual, where the company draws the line is vague.
Slack desktop app official

Slack for Windows 10 Receives Bug Fix-Focused Update

Version 3.3.4 of Slack for Windows 10 is focused on fixing various app bugs, with no new features included in the release.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Outperforms Rivals in Benchmark Tests

The upcoming Snapdragon 855 flagship mobile CPU has bested its predecessor and Huawei’s Kirin 980 across benchmark tools.

WhatsApp Became Facebook’s Most Popular App in 2018

App Annie says WhatsApp is now more popular than Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, although updated usage figures are not available.

Microsoft Patents Detail Proposed Surface Dial and Surface Pen Changes

Microsoft has filed a pair of patents describing proposed touch features for Surface Dial and Surface Pen peripheral devices.