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Microsoft Security Intelligence Center Warns Linux-Targeting Malware Is Now More Powerful

Microsoft Security Intelligence Center says improved malware is targeting Linux systems through an Atlassian Confluence bug exploit.

Cybersecurity: Preventable Vulnerbilities Lead Attack Methods during Q1 2022

Tetra Defense found most security attacks are preventable and patchable, while internal IT exposures are the leading cause of breaches.
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Microsoft Won’t Block Cloud Service Automatic Monthly Subscriptions After All

Microsoft Cloud has reversed a plan to block automatic monthly service renewals for customers using legacy CSP partners.

Nvidia Debuts the GeForce GTX 1630, Its Most Affordable Current GPU

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1630 is the newest entry-level GPU and the first 30 series graphics card with the GTX branding.
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Microsoft Shareholder Resolution Seeks to Improve Company’s Financial and Tax Reporting

A shareholder resolution is demanding Microsoft provides more transparency on non-US financial and tax transactions.

Microsoft Teams on Web Gets New Features for Small Businesses

Microsoft Teams on Web is getting custom backgrounds, CART captioning support, and wider live captioning and transcript abilities.
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Microsoft Office “Follina” Flaw Is Being Used for Fancy Bear Phishing Campaign

Fancy Bear is using the fear of nuclear war to install malicious stealers by using the Microsoft Follina one-click vulnerability.

AMD Updates Windows 11 Ryzen Power Plans While Fixing Long-Standing Issue

AMD is rolling out a new chipset driver update, bringing it to build with a fix for a long-standing “not responding” error.

Report: Microsoft Defender Is over-Extending Intel CPU Resources

A new report suggests recent concerns over Microsoft Defender resource-hogging are true, but only Intel CPUs are affected.
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Microsoft Office 365 Users Are at Risk from Ransomware Warns Researcher

Proofpoint argues Office 365 “auto-save” and cloud backups have a weakness that allows threat actors to deploy ransomware attacks.

Google: Hermit Spyware Is Targeting Android and iOS Users through Fake Apps

Google Threat Analysis Group warns the Hermit spyware from RCS Labs is targeting users on iOS and Android.

Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime Is Now a Part of Windows 10

Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime is now connected with Windows 10 instead of the previous method of distributing the solutions across devices.
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Apple Prepping New iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Watches for Fall Launch

Apple is famous for “one more thing” but in 2022 it could be “many more things” with new iPhones, iPads, Macs, Watches, and more about to drop.
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Google for Jobs Accused of Unfair Job Search Practices

A Danish job search company says Google for Jobs getting favorable results in search gives it an unfair advantage over rivals.

Microsoft’s GODEL Language Model Becomes Open Source

Microsoft’s GODEL language model allows for both task-oriented answers and realistic conversations, and it is now open source.

Apple May Launch its First VR/AR Headset in January 2023

Apple is reportedly putting the final touches on its first virtual reality/mixed reality headset ahead of a Jan 2023 launch.
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Netflix Lays Off Another 300 Staff as it Turns to Ads

Netflix is attempting to combat its recent decline by removing more of its workforce while also hoping to build revenue with ads.

Azure Orbital Ground Station Offers Satellites Cost Reduction and Life Extension

Azure Orbital Ground Stations as-a-service (GSaaS) tests show how Microsoft cloud can reduce costs and life cycles for satellites.

Microsoft Has an Xbox Wireless Controller Shortage in Europe and the UK

Microsoft says it has a restocking issue for the Xbox Wireless Controller in the UK and Europe, leaving supplies shortage.

Samsung Debuts the ISOCELL HP3 200MP Camera for the next Generation of Thin Smartphones

The Samsung ISOCELL HP3 is a new 200MP camera module that promises to allow thinner than ever smartphones.


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