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Microsoft Launches HoloLens 2 Emulator

The HoloLens 2 Emulator allows developers to test holographic applications without needed the head mounted display hardware.

Microsoft Announces Surface Hub 2S, a Movable Collaboration Tool

The 55-inch Surface Hub 2S comes with a battery and cart to allow easy movement throughout an enterprise environment.
Intel G Strategy Intel Official

Intel Backs Out of Mobile 5G Market as Apple and Qualcomm Repair Relationship

Apple’s recent settlement with Qualcomm has left Intel with few places to go in the 5G mobile market, so the company has decided to throw in the towel.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Microsoft Patent Tackles Display Calibration on Dual-Screen Hardware

A new Microsoft patent explains a new method to create a unified viewing experience through calibration on two-display devices.

Facebook Shutters Messenger Mobile Payments in France and UK amid Cryptocurrency Development

Facebook Messenger will soon stop supporting mobile payments in France and the UK, but could this mean the start of Facebook’s stablecoin solution?

Skype Preview Resurrects Notifications When Contacts Come Online

A new old feature is landing on Skype Preview. The return of contact notifications let you know when someone on your list comes online.

Microsoft Denied Police Access to Facial Recognition Tech, But the Company’s Stance is Becoming...

Microsoft says it turned down a request to use its facial recognition technology on police body cams and vehicles but continues to accept other contracts.

Facebook Confirms Experimental Integration Between Stories and News Feed

Facebook is working on transforming the central News Feed hub by integrating Stories that will change the look and feel of the platform.

Microsoft Has Officially Lost It… A Windows Live Tiles Subdomain That Is

Microsoft’s subdomain for converting Windows Live Tiles RSS to management XML formats is now controlled by a third-party security researcher.

Minecraft Movie Premier Coming, but Not Until 2022

Microsoft has reconfirmed its Minecraft Movie is full steam ahead, with a launch now scheduled for March 2022.

Microsoft Details Full Xbox E3 2019 Schedule

Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2019 will be its biggest-ever presence at the event, with Project xCloud likely to be feature heavily in the company’s briefing.

Microsoft Offering Free Game of Thrones and Shazam Xbox Avatar Items

A free giveaway of new Xbox Avatar items is underway, also including items from Mortal Kombat and Borderlands.
Intel Logo Flickr Reuse

Intel’s New Whiskey Lake CPUs Deliver Security and Performance Gains

Intel has announced the 8th generation Whiskey Lake vPro U-series processors for mobile workers seeking scalability and security.

Microsoft’s Surface Buds Could Receive Temperature Sensor

A Microsoft patent shows the company’s rumored Surface Buds could have a sensor that can read weather conditions and temperature.

Microsoft Office Finally Gets Better Telemetry Controls

Microsoft Office lets users choose between 'required' and 'optional' diagnostics, increasing privacy while letting users who wish to support the apps' improvements do so.
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“We Must Do More,” Says Brad Smith as Microsoft Announces Further Climate Change Measures

Microsoft will be taking a multi-pronged approach towards sustainability, speeding up its carbon reduction timeline while pairing research, AI, and customer aid to spur advances in other areas.
Satya Nadella Donald Trump Meeting

Microsoft to Launch Employee Advocacy Team in Response to Sexual Harassment Allegations

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has pledged to decrease investigation time, provide clearer responses and feedback, and increase transparency surrounding reports.

Kaspersky Lab: Microsoft Office Takes 70 Percent of All Attacks

During Q4 2018, over two thirds of all attacks and exploits were targeted at Microsoft Office, according to security firm Kaspersky Lab.

Facebook Live to Be More Restricted Ahead to Avoid Terrorism

To avoid a repeat of last months’ Facebook Live stream of the New Zealand mass shooting, the company aims to make changes to stop some users streaming.

Microsoft Planning Surface Buds to Compete with Apple AirPods

Microsoft is developing new Surface Buds in-ear phones under the codename Morrison, with a likely launch later this year.