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Microsoft Patent Furthers Surface Phone Dual-Screen Technology

Perhaps the Surface Phone is not dead. A new Microsoft Patent shows a mobile device with a hinge system for dual-screen unlocking.

Microsoft Prepping Consumer Version of Microsoft 365

A new report suggests Microsoft 365 will be expanded beyond enterprise and towards the consumer fronted market.

Microsoft Teases Surprise Windows 95 Announcement

Microsoft will tomorrow go back in time 23 years and make an announcement regarding Windows 95. What will the announcement be?

Microsoft’s Surface Go Selected for LSAT Exams

The Law School Admission Council says it will use Surface Go after selecting Microsoft’s hardware over hundreds of other tablets.
European Commission privacy regulations Wiki Commons

Google Moves European Data Management to Comply with GDPR

Google wants to comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) by shifting data management to its Ireland headquarters.
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Intel Predicts Major Gains in Computing Architecture Over 10 Years

Intel says it is recovering from a slowdown in recent years and is ready to atop the changing market as it reaches a 50-year high.

Windows Server 2019 Comes with OpenSSH Support

Microsoft is expanding its support for OpenSSH by implementing it on Windows Server 2019, following Windows 10 support earlier this year.

Microsoft Separates Cortana and Search on Windows 10

In a recent Windows 10 19H1 update, Microsoft split Cortana and Search, potentially pointing towards Cortana’s continued shift to behind the scenes.

Microsoft Launches Clarity to Help Webmasters Make the Most of Their Data

Clarity is a new Microsoft service available in beta, giving webmasters a clearer view of how users interact with their websites.

OneNote Online Receives Microsoft’s Voice Dictation Feature

Voice Dictation is available on OneNote Online after being originally launched for OneNote on Office 365 in the summer.

Microsoft Rolls Out Dark Mode for Office on Mac

Office for Mac Dark Mode for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook has left preview and is now widely available.

Microsoft Cortana Now Picks Up Separate Voices on Xbox One

A new feature allowing Microsoft Cortana to distinguish between voices has been added to the Xbox One through Xbox Skill.

[Update] Windows 10 Continues to Gather Data Even When Told Not To

Microsoft’s privacy practices on Windows 10 are under the microscope again following the discovery of a “bug” that allows the OS to gather user data.

Skype for Windows 10 Receives System Tray Icon Support

A Skype classic feature has made its way to the new Windows 10 experience, with users now able to access Skype in the System Tray.
Project xCloud streams Sea of Thieves to a tablet with a prototype touch overlay.

Microsoft’s Project xCloud Will Use AI for Game Transitions

Microsoft is working to use artificial intelligence in Project xCloud for predicting which games users will want to play next.

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella Named 2018’s Best CEO

An employee-led annual award run by Comparably has led to Microsoft’s Satya Nadella being named the best CEO.

Microsoft Teams Enjoys Huge Growth Against Rival Slack

Microsoft Teams is now comfortably the second most used business chat app, behind Microsoft’s own Skype for Business.

Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 10 Preview Build 18298 with Sweeping Changes

Windows 10 Preview Build 18298 offers the biggest 19H1 branch update so far, with changed to File Explorer, Notepad, Narrator, Start Menu, and more.

Microsoft Launches Surface Diagnostic Toolkit for Business

Surface Diagnostic Toolkit (SDT) for Business is a new service that helps IT admins solve issues with their Surface devices.

Microsoft Power BI Gains Presentation Mode on Windows 10

The Windows 10 app of Power BI now has a Presentation Mode that enhances collaboration and conferencing situations.
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