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Microsoft Brings Passwordless Option to Outlook and OneDrive

A Passwordless option for singing into Microsoft Accounts has also been added to Microsoft Family Safety and other apps.
Featured - How to Create a Page Border in Microsoft Word

How to Add a Page Border in Microsoft Word

We show you how to add a border in Microsoft Word, as well as how to change their style, colour, width, or apply them to specific pages.
Internet Explorer Screenshot

Microsoft Patches Internet Explorer Trident Engine Flaw

A vulnerability in Internet Explorer MSHTML (Trident) has allowed phishing attacks over recent weeks, targeting business networks.

Microsoft Opens Growth and Resilience in Tech Curriculum to Help Drive Diversity

Microsoft’s new Growth and Resilience in Tech toolkit provides users with courses around personal growth and inclusion.

Microsoft Announces $60 Billion Share Buyback

Microsoft is opening a $60 billion share repurchase program, alongside a quarterly dividend up 11% from the previous quarter.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 May Finally Bring Thunderbolt Support to Surface

Microsoft will launch the Surface Pro 8 this month, with at least one model rumored to offer a Thunderbolt port for the first time.
Microsoft Headquarter free use

Microsoft Study Shows Remote Work Harms Cross-Team Collaboration

Microsoft says when inter-team connection is more like in remote work scenarios, while cross-group collaboration is decreasing.

Microsoft Says It Won’t Support Windows 11 on M1 Macs

While Parallels Desktop 17 allows users to run Windows 11 on Mac, Microsoft says it will not support the platform on Apple’s OS.

Windows 11 ISO Preview Build 22454 Brings Small Improvements

In the latest update for Windows 11 testers looking for a clean install, Microsoft has made three changes and improvements.

Mozilla Firefox Overcomes Microsoft Edge Default Barrier with In-Built Button

Mozilla has baked in a choice to make Firefox the default on Windows 11 and 10 directly into the browser through a clever system.

Microsoft Viva Connections Arrives in Wide Public Preview Release

Microsoft Viva Connections is expanding beyond SharePoint exclusivity towards a public preview with some desktop updates.

Little-Known but Useful Microsoft Office Features

Knowing special Microsoft Office features will greatly help you be more efficient and productive with your paperwork. Here are the useful features you should know.

Microsoft Forms Getting Mobile-Friendly Update

During October and November, Microsoft Forms users are getting an improved mobile experience, making the app easier to use on Android and iOS.

Microsoft Debuts TensorFlow-DirectML on Wide Release

TensorFlow-DirectML combines Google’s TensorFlow and Microsoft’s DirectML API for a GPU-accelerated machine learning trainer.

Microsoft Edge Testing Wikipedia-Backed Site Information Pop-Ups

Microsoft wants users to have more information about websites they visit on Microsoft Edge, and is leveraging Wikipedia to help.

Microsoft Explains Why Windows 11 Outperforms Windows 10

Windows 11 is significantly faster than Windows 10 and Microsoft says this is because of better CPU and memory management.

Microsoft is Expanding Xbox Series X and S HDMI-CEC Remote Control Support

With new HDMI-CEC features for Xbox Series X and S, users can do more with their remote control, including interact with applications.

Microsoft Start Replaces Microsoft News on Windows 11, Android, iOS, and the Web

Microsoft has launched Microsoft Start on mobile, replacing Microsoft News. It will come to Windows 11 next month.

Microsoft Snaps Up Video Editing Tool Clipchamp for Microsoft 365

Microsoft deal to buy Clipchamp allows Microsoft 365 users to access web-based video editing tools without using another app.

Linux Creator Linus Torvalds Slams GitHub Merges Features

Linus Torvalds took exception to GitHub merges following a pull request for the upcoming Linux 5.15 Kernel, calling the feature “Garbage”.


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How to Run a Program as Administrator in Windows 10

Featured - How to Create a Page Border in Microsoft Word

How to Add a Page Border in Microsoft Word

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How to Clear Caches in Windows 10

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How to Merge Word Documents

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How to Enable and Use SSH Commands on Windows 10

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How to Change Date and Time Format in Windows 10