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Microsoft Releases Slow Ring Windows 10 19H2 Build but Disables Its New Features

As well as lockscreen wake for third-party digital assistants, Windows 10 19H2 18362.10005 improves OEM stylus performance and adds enterprise features.

The Biggest Feature of Windows 10’s next Update Could Be Better Alexa Integration

The latest Windows 10 19H2 slow ring build contains changes that will let Amazon keep Alexa listening even if a PC is locked. It's another clear indication of Microsoft's change in direction with Cortana.

Microsoft’s Chairman Credits CEO Satya Nadella with Driving Cloud Success

Microsoft CEO John Thompson says Satya Nadella made some important decisions early in his tenure as CEO that set the company up for cloud success.

Study: 20% of Organizations Are Still Running Windows 7

Despite Microsoft preparing to end support of Windows 7 early next year, millions of people in organizations continue to use the aging platform.

Windows 10 Will Now Tell Users When End of Support is Nearer

Microsoft says Windows Update on Windows 10 now sends a notification to users when their version of the platform is reaching end of support.

Microsoft Word Passes One Billion Installs on Android

Microsoft Word has had more than one billion downloads on Android, showing Microsoft’s success as a mobile app developer.

Microsoft Blocks Windows 10 Version 1903 Update on Some Surface Book Hardware

The Windows 10 version 1903 update has been blocked on Surface Book 2 13-inch and 15-inc devices with Nvidia GPUs.

Microsoft Updates SMS Organizer on Android

Microsoft’s latest update for the India-only SMS Organizer application has introduced support for quick replies in a conversation.

Windows 10 Has Reportedly Spurred a PC Shipment Growth in Q2

The PC market has returned to growth after several quarters of disappointing performance. Analysts suggest that adoption of Windows 10 played a large role in the growth.
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YouTube Adds Monetizing Tools for Streamers

YouTube has created a new Super Sticker feature and that builds on the success of Super Chat, while new membership tiers are now available.

iOS Users Will Be Able to Play Minecraft Earth within Two Weeks

The Minecraft Earth beta will launch within two weeks for iOS users, and for Android shortly after. Among other things, the app will let users collect blocks and use them to build room-scale structures.
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Microsoft Details Inspire 2019 Partner Improvements

Ahead of Inspire 2019, Microsoft has announced changes in Teams and Dynamics 365, as well as debuting several new tools.

Trump Says He’ll Force Top Social Media Executives to Meet Him ‘In a Week...

Donald Trump says he'll call tech giants to the White House to discuss bias on social media, and they'll "have to be there". The news came out of the president's meeting with right-wing critics.

Microsoft’s Azure Kinect DK Camera is Now Available to Buy

After several months of pre-orders, the Azure Kinect DK developer motion camera is available from the Microsoft Store for $399.
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Microsoft Defends Changes to Its Partner Program as Firms Reportedly Threaten to Quit

Some of Microsoft's Partners are in open rebellion over plans to axe Internal Use Rights. They believe free access to software allows them to better cater to enterprise customers.

Microsoft’s Quantum Development Kit Is Now Entirely Open Source

Microsoft's Quantum Development Kit is now open source for all, with its code available on GitHub for contributions and several new features available to aid developers.

Microsoft Gives the Green Light for IT Pros to Trial Chromium Edge

Microsoft Edge's Dev channel is now featured and stable enough for IT professionals to test it. However, users are still waiting on a number of promised features, including group provision, PDF functionality, and security measures.
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Microsoft Teams with Watch Communications to Expand Airband Project

Microsoft Airband and Watch Communications have announced a new partnership to expand rural broadband availability through TV White Space technology.
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Microsoft Patent Describes New Xbox Controller with Tighter Analog Stick Controls

A new Xbox controller patent details a new control stick movement space that provides more nuanced analog controls.
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Microsoft Brings Passwordless Settings to Windows 10 20H1

The latest Windows 10 20H1 preview update has added the ability to choose passwordless options for Microsoft Account login.