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Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox Have Been Exploited at Pwn2Own

Researchers at the Pwn2Own hacking contest successfully exploited Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox more than once.
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Microsoft’s BitLocker Can Be Bypassed with $30 FPGA

Microsoft’s BitLocker encryption tool has a vulnerability where attackers could get around its security without great effort. Researchers discovered they could bypass BitLocker by...

Microsoft Research Successfully Stores and Retrieves Data on DNA Strands

Microsoft Research has conducted the first successful experiment of storing digital data on a DNA strands and converting it back.

LinkedIn Debuts Three New Ad-Targeting Tools

LinkedIn wants to make it easier for advertisers to create targeted ad campaigns, including templates, dashboards, and Interest Targeting.

Microsoft Intune Gains Deeper Integration with Zebra Android Devices

Microsoft Intune and Zebra ruggedized Android devices, including integration with Android Enterprise management and device administrator mode.

Windows Defender ATP Arrives on Mac as Microsoft Defender ATP

Microsoft has expanded its Windows Defender ATP security tool to Apple macOS and rebranded it as Microsoft Defender ATP.

Microsoft Brings Windows Virtual Desktop to Public Preview

Windows Virtual Desktop is moving from private to public preview, available to Insiders on both Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Microsoft’s Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Will Launch on May 7

The disc-less Xbox One S All-Digital Edition will be available in May, and here is the first look at the device on its box.

Opera for Android Now Features a Free VPN, but How Secure Is It?

Opera is promising free 256-bit encryption for all, but a shaky history when it comes to VPNs have left some users suspicious.

Microsoft’s Latest Windows 10 20H1 Preview Arrives with SwiftKey Intelligence Expansion

Microsoft has rolled out a new Windows 10 20H1 preview (build 18860) to Insiders on the Skip Ahead branch, while the company also explained when Win10 19H2 previews will begin.

Oculus Rift S Arrives This Spring for $399

Oculus has debuted its new VR headset, the Oculus Rift S, with improvements and downgrades ahead of its spring launch.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Finally Gets Shields, Crossbows, and Lanterns

Minecraft's Bedrock Edition has scored a major update that brings several features out of experimental mode while introducing new creatures and items.

Microsoft Teams with NVIDIA for Bing Text-to-Speech AI

Bing can now change text into speech and deliver search results in a natural voice. Microsoft has also worked with NVIDIA to boost visual search.

Microsoft Introduces Latest Windows Server VNest Preview

The latest preview of Windows Server VNext Semi-Annual Channel adds Symbols and Docker Hub access for matching container images.
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Xbox One to Get Support for Spatial Audio on Regular TV Speakers

Spatial Audio on Xbox One will expand from use with soundbars, speakers, and headphones to regular TV speakers. Microsoft is yet to reveal a finite release date for the feature.

Instagram Launches a Shopping Checkout for Retailers, Enabling in-App Purchases

Instagram users can now purchase products without ever leaving the app, with companies such as Nike, Adidas, Zara, and Prada soon available.

Microsoft Patent Explains Folding Hinge Assembly for Windows 10 Devices

A new Microsoft Patent showcases a new hinge mechanism for folding screen devices. Another filing details how the company wants to enhance audio on augmented reality devices.

HP’s Ultra-High Definition ‘Reverb’ VR Headset Will Launch at $599 in April

The HP Reverb will feature a 4K resolution, lightweight design, and machine washable faceplates for just $599. The device will launch with consumer and enterprise variants.
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Microsoft Responds to Google Stadia, Will “Go Big” With Project xCloud at E3

Xbox chief Phil Spencer released a memo discussing Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service and promised a response from Microsoft at E3 in June.

Google Hits with $1.69bn Fine in Europe for Stifling Ad Competition

The European Commission says Google prevented the growth of rival ad services by forcing websites into using its own AdSense in exchange for search access.