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Microsoft Reaffirms Commitment to HoloLens 2 and Mixed Reality

Microsoft says that HoloLens 2 remains a project it is committed too and is essential or the company’s “Industrial Metaverse”.

Microsoft Word on Windows Receives Transcribe Feature

Microsoft Word on Windows Insider builds now has a Transcribe feature that transcribes audio within the Office app.

Microsoft Teams to Get AI Integrations from OpenAI

Microsoft Teams is the next service to get the AI treatment, with OpenAI GPT-3.5 providing features to users.

Microsoft Teams Premium Becomes Generally Available

Microsoft Teams Premium is now moving into general availability and is adding advanced new webinar features.

Microsoft Teams Receives Elgato Steam Deck Plugin

Microsoft Teams now has a plugin integration for the Elgato Stream Deck, bringing instant access to Teams features.

Microsoft Bing to Get ChatGPT-4 to Speed Up AI Searches

Microsoft Bing is going to improve its AI searches by integrating the GPT-4 version of the popular ChatGPT chatbot.
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Intel Announces Significant Company Wide Pay Cuts

Intel is aiming to avoid making job cuts by slashing the pay of employees across the company, including at executive level.
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Microsoft Survey Shows Professionals Want AI Automation

A Microsoft survey shows professionals want more AI automation tools despite the long term risk it poses to their jobs.

Google “Apprentice Bard” Is the Company’s Take on ChatGPT

Google Apprentice Bard is an upcoming public chatbot that will provide natural language responses, even for recent events.

Excel PivotTable View Comes to Web, Power Automade Lands on Windows and Mac

Microsoft Excel on web now has a PivotTable View, while Mac and Windows users can access Office Scripts through Power Automate.
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Windows 11, 10, and Server Get out of Band Update to Solve .NET Bug

KB5022083 is a new out-of-band update for Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows Server to fix a .NET issue affecting XPS documents.

OpenAI Updates ChatGPT to Deliver More Accurate Responses

OpenAI’s ChatGPT chatbot is receiving an update that will allow the AI to provide more accurate responses across topics.

Microsoft 365 Will Be More Integrated with Google ChromeOS This Year

Google says that ChromeOS will have a new Microsoft 365 integration this year, providing a more seamless experience.
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Researchers Release Exploit or Critical Windows Bug

A proof of concept exploit has been published for a Windows CryptoAPI vulnerability Microsoft patched last August.

Twitter Applies to Become a PayPal-like Payment Platform

Twitter has applied for regulatory licensing that would allow it to become a payment platform like PayPal or Apple Pay.

Apple Could Launch Its Foldable iPad in 2024

Apple is planning to launch its first foldable device – a new iPad model – in 2024, at least a year before the first folding iPhone.

Windows 12 Could Integrate ChatGPT as Microsoft Mainstreams AI

Microsoft’s commitment to bring AI to all services will see Windows 12 integrate the ChatGPT chatbot deeply into the platform.

Skype Version 8.93 Brings Major Update to Mobile and Desktop

Microsoft is moving Skype version 8.93 to full release with its ability to translate group video calls in a personal voice (TruVoice).

Microsoft Forms Strategic Partnership with Solar Leader Qcells

Microsoft has signed a partnership agreement with solar energy giant Qcells to provide power to Microsoft developers.

Windows Snipping Tool Feature Comes to Beta Channel

The Snipping Tool on Windows 11 with its new pause recording session feature is now rolling to the Insider Beta Channel.


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