Google Temporarily Halts Image Generation in Gemini AI Due to Bias Concerns

Google fixes discriminatory skin tone bias in AI image generation, temporarily halts feature.

Microsoft Enhances Windows Photos App with AI-Powered Generative Erase Feature

Microsoft upgrades Photos app with AI-powered "Generative Erase" for flawless object removal.

Sam Altman Emerges as Major Reddit Shareholder as IPO Details Unveil

Reddit is going public! Filing reveals $804M revenue, $90M loss, and big AI plans. Sam Altman (OpenAI) is a major investor.

Microsoft Chooses Intel Foundry’s Advanced 18A Process for Chip Production

Intel Foundry launches, aiming to be the "AI era foundry" with Microsoft as its first client. Microsoft to use Intel's 18A process for custom chips

Google DeepMind Unveils New AI Safety and Alignment Organization

Google forms AI Safety and Alignment team to tackle risks of powerful AI like Gemini, including misinformation and bias.

Apple Unveils PQ3 Protocol to Enhance iMessage Security Against Quantum Decryption

Apple upgrades iMessage with PQ3 to combat future quantum computing threat, offering Level 3 security against potential decryption.
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Microsoft Takes Proactive Steps Towards Meeting EU’s Enhanced NIS2 Security Standards

New EU cybersecurity law NIS2 tightens regulations for critical sectors. Microsoft steps up, offering resources and emphasizing proactive security measures

Gemini AI Tool to Receive Updates following Feedback on Inaccurate Historical Representation

Google's image-generating AI, Gemini, faces criticism for inaccurate historical depictions. Users point out racial misrepresentations.

Microsoft Enhances Federal Cybersecurity Posture with Expanded Free Logging

US government gets free advanced Microsoft logging to prevent future cyberattacks like Storm-0558 breach.

Microsoft Leverages AI for Behind-Screen Image Restoration Technology

Microsoft patents AI tech to fix blurry images from "behind-screen" cameras in phones and computers.
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Reddit Secures a $60 Million AI Training Content Deal with Google

Google pays Reddit $60 million to train AI with its vast user data. Reddit seeks new revenue, Google boosts AI with diverse content.

Documents on GitHub Uncover I-Soon’s Rent-a-Hacker Services for Beijing

Chinese infosec firm I-Soon hacked for Beijing, documents leaked. Targeted international & domestic entities

Intel’s Benchmark Strategies Under Scrutiny Following SPEC Accusations

Intel accused of inflating CPU benchmark scores by optimizing compiler for specific tests. Over 2600 results disqualified.
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Graphcore Considers Strategic Sale Amid AI Sector Challenges

AI chipmaker Graphcore, facing financial struggles, mulls international sale for >$500m. Potential buyers include tech giants like Arm and SoftBank.

Neuralink’s N1 Chip Allows Thought-Controlled Computer Interaction

Elon Musk's Neuralink implants brain chip in person, allowing them to control computer with thoughts.

Adobe Introduces AI Assistant to Enhance PDF Navigation and Content Management

Adobe's AI Assistant for Acrobat/Reader (beta) follow Firelfy and uses AI to revolutionize PDF interaction.

Azure OpenAI Expands with On Your Data for Improved Security and Customization

Businesses can now use Microsoft's AI models (like GPT-4) on their own data with "On Your Data."

Microsoft Announces AI-Centric Windows 11 2024 Update

Microsoft's Windows 11 2024 Update (likely consumer name) focuses on AI, arriving later this year.
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Scale AI Steps Up to Forge U.S. Defense Department’s AI Evaluation Framework

Pentagon partners with AI firm to test language models used in military applications. Initiative builds robust evaluation framework to ensure AI reliability

Massive Vulnerability in Microsoft Exchange Threatens Tens of Thousands of Servers

Major Microsoft Exchange flaw impacts almost 100K servers, allowing attackers to bypass security and potentially steal data.

Nvidia Clarifies Eos’s Capabilities Amidst Variable GPU Configurations

Nvidia's Eos supercomputer downsized! 10,752 GPUs to 4,608, performance drops from 42.5 to 18.4 exaFLOPS.

Microsoft Axes AI-Enhanced Xbox Series S Refresh in Favor of Standard Hardware Upgrade

AI-powered Xbox S upgrade scrapped due to tech issues. New Xbox S "Ellewood" with 1TB storage coming soon for $299.

Surface Laptop 5 Receives Crucial February 2024 Firmware Update

Surface Laptop 5 gets key firmware update! Fixes boot issues, battery errors, and improves Thunderbolt 4 Dock stability.
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USPTO Declines OpenAI’s Request for GPT Trademark

USPTO denies trademark for "GPT", deeming it generic. Big win for common, descriptive AI terms.

AMD and Microsoft Collaborate for Enhanced NPU Support on Windows

Microsoft & AMD team up to boost NPU support in Windows, expanding beyond Intel's reach.

Skype Integrates Snap-Powered AR Lenses in Latest Update

Skype's update brings 25+ AR lenses to your calls and avatars! Add some fun & personality with "Glossy Smile" and more on Android & iOS (beta).

European Union Questions TikTok’s Efforts in Protecting Minors and Data Privacy

EU probes TikTok under new law, focusing on child safety, algorithm risks, and ad transparency. Investigation follows EU's review
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Apple Incurs 500 Million Euro Fine Over Spotify Antitrust Case

Apple faces €500M EU fine for allegedly limiting app subscription options, favoring its own services like Apple Music.
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Tech Accord Signed by Major Companies to Combat AI-Generated Election Deceit

20 tech giants unite to fight AI election lies! Signing an accord against "deepfakes", they pledge to detect misinformation & secure their platforms.

Microsoft Revamps Sticky Notes with Integration into OneNote for Enhanced User Experience

Sticky Notes gets revamped! Now part of OneNote, it offers new features like image capture and syncing

Azure IoT Central Remains a Key Component of Microsoft’s IoT Strategy

Microsoft clarifies: Azure IoT Central NOT shutting down despite misleading alert. Message sent in error
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Google Chrome Update Introduces New Protection Against Home Network Attacks

Google launches new Chrome feature to shield home networks from web attacks. It blocks website attempts to access internal devices

Intel Reportedly Abandons Hyper-Threading in Upcoming Processor Generations

Intel might ditch Hyper-Threading tech after 20+ years! Leaks suggest its next-gen CPUs lack this performance booster

Xbox Users to Access Their Owned Games via Cloud, Confirms Microsoft Gaming CEO

Xbox players to access owned games via cloud by year-end! Big boost for flexibility & library access, but details like pricing & subscription requirements still unclear.
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ALPHV/Blackcat Ransomware Gang Targeted by US State Department with Big Rewards

US offers $15 million bounty for ALPHV ransomware gang - $10 million for leaders, $5 million for affiliates' arrest or conviction.

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