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Microsoft: Windows 11 2022 Update Can Cause Performance Issues When Copying Large Files

Microsoft says the Windows 11 2022 Update can cause performance degradation when copying large files from remote PCs.

Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard Acquisition Comes Under European Commission Scrutiny

Microsoft has presented its Activision Blizzard buyout plans to the European Commission, which can approve the deal or start an investigation.
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Microsoft’s Support for Basic Auth in Exchange Online Ends

Microsoft’s promised day of disabling Basic Auth in Exchange Online is finally here, with the company pointing to OAuth 2.0.

Microsoft Warns of Two New Exchange Server 0-Day Vulnerabilities

Microsoft Exchange Server has two new 0-day vulnerabilities, including one that could allow a remote code execution attack.

Microsoft APT: North Korean Lazarus Threat Group Targeting Social Media Accounts

Microsoft APT says a threat group is using social media for a phishing campaign that uses bogus job posts to trick workers.
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Twitter Debuts First Editing Tweet, Meaning Post Reviews Are Close

The long-awaited ability to edit posts on Twitter seems to be nearer after the company posted the first-ever edited tweet.

Google Stadia Will Be Cancelled and All Hardware Refunded

Due to a lack of “traction” Google Stadia will be shut down in January, with Google refunding all hardware and software purchases.

Microsoft Teams to Get Payment Abilities

Microsoft is working on a new payment service for Microsoft Teams that will allow users to take payments within the app.

Microsoft Puts Compatibility Hold on Windows 11 2022 Update for Printer Issues

Systems with the Microsoft IPP Class Driver or Universal Print Class Driver cannot install Windows 11 2022 Update due to printer issues.
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Microsoft Planning Surface Studio 3 Launch, but with Underwhelming Specs

Microsoft’s Surface Studio 3 is likely to launch next month, but with hardware that is two years old and with a $3,000+ price tag.

Microsoft Decides to Remove SwiftKey from iOS Starting from October 5

Microsoft says it will no longer offer SwiftKey on the iOS App Store, although current users can continue to use the virtual keyboard.
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Microsoft M12 Invests in Space and Time’s Cryptography Technology

Microsoft M12 was the lead investor in a $20 funding round for Space and Time and the new “Proof-of-SQL” cryptography technology.

Google Postpones Manifest V3 Introduction, Giving Adblockers Another Year

Google says its controversial Manifest V3 – which will prevent adblockers – will now launch in 2024 instead of 2023 as planned.

Microsoft Edge Now Gives Desktop Apps a Native Feel

Microsoft Edge 105 now as an API called Windows Control Overlay that developers can use to make PWAs feel more native to the OS.

Microsoft Excel: Everything New in September

It was a busy month for Microsoft Excel, with a bunch of new features coming to the web, Windows, and macOS versions of the app.

Californian Regulator Files Cease-and-Desist Order on 11 Crypto Firms

According to the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) says the 11 crypto firms were orchestrating a Ponzi scheme.

Netflix Moves Deeper into Gaming with New Finland Studio

Netflix Games is opening its own gaming studio in Helsinki, Finland, following the previous purchase of three developers.

Microsoft Issues Windows 11 2022 Update Block on Some Intel PCs

Microsoft says some versions of the Intel SST Audio controller driver are causing BSODs on Windows 11 2022 Update.

Meta Reveals Call Links for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is adding the ability to share links for audio and video calls, while encrypted video calls are now open to 32 participants.

Microsoft 365 Customers Now Get the Clipchamp Premium Filters and Effects for Free

Microsoft says the Clipchamp premium filters and effects will now be free for all Microsoft 365 subscribers.


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