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Microsoft Veteran Harry Shum is Leaving the Company

Microsoft’s Harry Shum is leaving the company and will be replaced by CTO Kevin Scott as the head of Microsoft’s AI.

Microsoft Confirms Array of Problems with Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

Users have complained about many issues with the Xbox Elite Serie 2 controller, which Microsoft says is affecting a “small percentage”.
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Microsoft Expands Azure Reservations to Six More Products

Microsoft has released six new Azure Reservations, bringing the total number of reserved capacity services to 16.

GitHub Launches on Mobile with iOS Application

GitHub is now available as a mobile experience on iPhone and iPad. An Android app will launch early in the new year.

Surface Pro X to Get 64-bit Intel Apps Support but Not Until 2021

Users hoping Microsoft could solve an app gap on the Surface Pro X will have to wait until 2021 to see support for 64-bit Intel apps.

Windows 10 November 2019 Update Ends Development of “My People”

Launched two years ago, My People has failed to gain traction, so Microsoft is depreciating the service through Windows 10 November 2019 Update.
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U.S. Government to Investigate Google’s Project Nightingale Health Data Program

Google and Ascension has teamed on Project Nightingale, a health data gathering initiative that has spurred an investigation in the U.S.

Microsoft to Shutter Intune Managed Browser, Points Users to Chromium Edge

Microsoft has decided to kill Intune Managed Browser because the Chromium Edge browser delivers the same features.
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Microsoft Tops Apple, Google, and Facebook in Ethical Study

Microsoft has been deemed more ethical than all its tech rivals across a range of criteria, with Facebook ranked down in 149th position.
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November Patch Tuesday Fixes Internet Explorer Zero-Day

Microsoft’s November Patch Tuesday has made 74 fixes, including one for an Internet Explorer zero-day that has already been exploited.
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Microsoft Releases Xbox 360 Support Update

Microsoft is continuing to support the aging Xbox 360 and has sent out a new update focused on bug fixes and improvements.

Microsoft Makes Azure Cloud Deal with Canadian Oil Sands Giant Suncor Energy

Despite its own environmental goals, Microsoft has teamed with Suncor Energy to help the oil company transform its cloud infrastructure.
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Twitter Debuts Topics Feature that Lets User Focus on Interests

Topics on Twitter is a new tool that curates content for users based on the things they follow on the social network.

Microsoft Camera Patent Uses Liquid Crystal Layers to Aid Infrared

Microsoft's latest camera patent suggests using liquid crystal layers to cut out light from other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, improving infrared results.

Skype Translation Tool Arrives Across Platforms

Microsoft has rolled out Skype 8.54 with an integrated translation tool that replaces the outgoing Skype Translator Bot.

Microsoft Updates .NET Framework Repair Tool to Cover More .NET Versions

Microsoft has updated .NET Framework Repair Tool to version 1.4, bringing support for more .NET Framework builds.
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Admins Haven’t Upped the BlueKeep Patch Speed despite Warnings from Microsoft, Others

Despite a crypto-miner attack and stark warnings, admins don't seem to be patching BlueKeep vulnerabilities any faster.

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop App Gets an ARM64 Preview

A Remote Desktop preview is now available to ARM64 users, alongside a 32-bit variant. The apps come with features from version 1.2.248.

Microsoft Is Giving Migrating Samsung Cloud Subscribers a Free Year of OneDrive

Samsung Cloud subscribers can expect free storage for a year, while the free storage of OneDrive is being upped from 5 GB to 15 GB for that period.
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Microsoft Will Extend California’s New Privacy Act to All of Its US Customers

Microsoft says it will bring CCPA protections to the entire US, building on its previous GDPR tools.