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Microsoft to Support Office 2016 and 2019 beyond Microsot 365 Back-End Services Cut-Off

Microsoft says it will continue to support Office 2016 and Office 2019 on Microsoft 365 back-end services beyond their cut-off.

Windows 11 Gets One-Click Installation on MacOS through Parallels Desktop 18

Parallels Desktop 18 arrives for Mac devices, bringing Windows 11 one-click set-up and more to M1/M2 and Intel macOS hardware.
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Twitter Confirms Bug Exploit Attack on Millions of Accounts

While Twitter does not confirm how many users were affected by an exploit of a vulnerability, the number is thought to be over 5 million.
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Micron Promises Fastest GDDR6X Memory yet for New Wave of AMD and Nvidia GPUs

Micron is said to be working on GDDR6X memory running at 24Gbps that will likely power the Nvidia RTX 4000 GPUs.

Microsoft Debuts Xbox Game Pass Family Subscription Plan

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is now available in Ireland and Colombia as a sharing plan for up to four different players.
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Microsoft Azure and Unity Partnership Promises 3D Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Azure has partnered with Unity to create real-time 3D solutions that will boost developers across sectors.

Microsoft OneNote on Windows and Web Gets Voice Dictation

Microsoft OneNote on Windows and the web now supports AI-driven voice dictation in over 50 languages.

Cloudflare Shows Crytpography Encryption Method for Quantum Computers

Cloudflare has debuted the Kyber encryption agreements for a post-quantum computing world where security is a concern.

Microsoft Designer for Windows 11 Shows Up Again Online

Following a leak earlier this year, we now have more information about Microsoft Designer for Windows 11.

Microsoft Words Gets “Review” Sharing Option

Review mode in Microsoft Word allows document owners to share content and only allows users to review the file with feedback.

Smart App Control on Windows 11 Now Offers Better Malware Filtering

Smart App Control in Windows 11 will now block ISO and Ink files by default ahead of release on Windows 11 22H2.

Leading Universities in the US, UK, and Australia are Open to Email Fraud

Top 10 universities in the US, UK, and Australia are leaving students and staff open to even common email threat attacks.

Microsoft Rewards Reach 38 New Countries

As Microsoft Rewards reaches 38 new nations, the total number of continues to support for the program totals 58.

Report: US Gamers Are Not Spending as Much as They Did in 2021

Research firm NPD says the US video game industry – including Xbox and PlayStation – declined across the board in Q2.

Windows Subsystem for Android August Update Arrives in the US

Windows Insiders are now getting the latest preview update for the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) on all channels.

Microsoft Debuts Outlook Lite App on Android

Microsoft’s recently announced Outlook Lite app for Android is now rolling out in emerging markets around the world.

Microsoft Defender Debuts a Pair of New Business Protection Tools

Microsoft Defender Threat Intelligence and Defender External Attack Surface Management are powered by RiskIQ.

Microsoft Outlook Crashing Due to Uber Ride Receipts

Microsoft says the “complex tables” Uber uses in emails are causing Outlook to crash on the Windows platform.

Microsoft Viva Goals Debuts as a Management Solution for OKR

Microsoft Viva Goals – which is now generally available – provides management tools for the Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework.

Microsoft Edge Gains Market Ground on Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge market share increases again on desktop as the browser continues to gain ground on Google Chrome.


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