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Former Microsoft Employee Charged with Stealing Digital Currency

Volodymyr Kvashuk is accused of stealing digital currency from Microsoft with a plan of taking a total of $10 million from the company.

Microsoft Showcases HoloLens Hologram Using Speech-to-Translation

At Inspire 2019, Microsoft showed a new HoloLens tool that allows live holograms to deliver speeches in different languages.

Microsoft Confirms Interest in Rust as An Alternative to C++

Microsoft says Rust is a memory-safe programming language that could prove an alternative to languages such as C and C++.

Surface Hub 2 Camera and Pen Discovered on Microsoft Store

The Surface Hub 2 Camera and Pen are now listed in the Microsoft Store, although the additional devices don’t come cheap.
OneNote for iOS redesigned

Microsoft Updates OneNote on Android and iOS

OneNote has received a mobile update, adding image tools to iOS and Sticky Notes improvements to the Android experience.

Microsoft Announces Extensive Collaboration with AT&T

Microsoft has engaged into a multi-year partnership with U.S. network AT&T to developer 5G and AI technology solutions.

Microsoft Details Chromium Edge Roadmap for Enterprise Users

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser is available to enterprises through the Developer channel with features such as IE11 integration.
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Adobe Announces Integration with Microsoft/Accenture Avanade Business

Adobe says it is now collaboration with Avanade, a company shared by Microsoft and Accenture. Adobe Experience Cloud will now integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft To-Do on Mac Receives Planner Integration from Office 365

Microsoft To-Do users on Apple’s Mac can now access the Planner tool from their Office 365 accounts following the most recent update.

Microsoft Nets Contract to Provide 98 of Australia’s Federal Agencies with Office 365

Microsoft will provide all but 2 of Australia's government agencies with Office 365, Windows 10, and other software. It will also provide vital Azure training to 1,400 employees.
Instagram login screen

Researcher Exploits Instagram’s Account Recovery 2FA to Access Any Account

A security researcher managed to brute force Instagram's 2FA login and password reset system via the use of 1000 PCs to bypass its rate-limiting. The issue has since been fixed.

Microsoft Partners with Lenovo for Preview of AI-Enhanced Digital Distribution Center

Lenovo's Digital Distribution Center makes use of Azure IoT Edge technology for machine learning-empowered package damage detection, flow analysis, and more.
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Slack CEO Downplays Microsoft Teams Threat, Says It’s the Google+ of Enterprise Chat

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield has answered to recent assertions that Microsoft Teams is more popular, reiterating his company's focus on great user experience over integrations.

Microsoft Releases Slow Ring Windows 10 19H2 Build but Disables Its New Features

As well as lockscreen wake for third-party digital assistants, Windows 10 19H2 18362.10005 improves OEM stylus performance and adds enterprise features.

The Biggest Feature of Windows 10’s next Update Could Be Better Alexa Integration

The latest Windows 10 19H2 slow ring build contains changes that will let Amazon keep Alexa listening even if a PC is locked. It's another clear indication of Microsoft's change in direction with Cortana.

Microsoft’s Chairman Credits CEO Satya Nadella with Driving Cloud Success

Microsoft CEO John Thompson says Satya Nadella made some important decisions early in his tenure as CEO that set the company up for cloud success.

Study: 20% of Organizations Are Still Running Windows 7

Despite Microsoft preparing to end support of Windows 7 early next year, millions of people in organizations continue to use the aging platform.

Windows 10 Will Now Tell Users When End of Support is Nearer

Microsoft says Windows Update on Windows 10 now sends a notification to users when their version of the platform is reaching end of support.

Microsoft Word Passes One Billion Installs on Android

Microsoft Word has had more than one billion downloads on Android, showing Microsoft’s success as a mobile app developer.

Microsoft Blocks Windows 10 Version 1903 Update on Some Surface Book Hardware

The Windows 10 version 1903 update has been blocked on Surface Book 2 13-inch and 15-inc devices with Nvidia GPUs.