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Microsoft Store Streamlines App Installation with New Web Installer

Microsoft revamps web app store with "installers for web," letting users download apps in just 2 clicks directly from the web.


has unveiled a significant update to its web version of the Microsoft Store, introducing a more efficient method for downloading applications directly from the website. Rudy Huyn, principal architect for the , in a detailed post on X, revealed the deployment of new web installers that aim to expedite the app download process and reduce the number of steps required by the user. The introduction of these “installers for web” marks a departure from the previous method, which necessitated multiple clicks and interactions, slowing down the overall user experience.

The updated approach allows users to download apps with just two clicks: one to download the installer package and another to launch it. This method not only simplifies the process but also ensures that the installers are lightweight and always up-to-date, even on systems that are running older versions of the Store or do not have it installed at all. Moreover, the new web installers enable the simultaneous download of multiple apps, further enhancing user convenience.

Benefits and Developer Feedback

The shift to a more streamlined installation process has already shown promising results. According to Huyn, early feedback from consumer and developer testers indicates a significant uptick in app installations and launches. Specifically, there has been an average increase of 12% in installations and a 54% rise in the number of applications launched post-installation. These figures suggest that the new method is not only more efficient but also encourages greater engagement with the apps once they are installed.

Developers have the option to use the “Get it from Microsoft” badge for their apps, which now allows them to specify the action taken when users click the badge. They can choose to direct users to the new web installer or opt out and redirect them to the Microsoft Store instead. This flexibility ensures that developers can tailor the installation experience to best suit their app's needs and their preferences.

This update represents a step forward in Microsoft's ongoing efforts to improve the user experience and functionality of its app store on and 11. By simplifying the app installation process, Microsoft aims to not only make it quicker and more efficient but also to safeguard against malicious scripts without compromising on user experience. As the company continues to refine and enhance its digital storefront, users and developers alike can look forward to further innovations and improvements that streamline the digital experience and foster a more robust app ecosystem.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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