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Windows 11 and 10 Users Receive Dev Home 0.13 with Improved Widgets and Accessibility

Microsoft's Dev Home 0.13 update for Windows 10/11 brings improved widgets, more Windows customization options, accessibility fixes, and bug squashing.


has unveiled the latest version of its Dev Home app, version 0.13, aimed at users of and 10. The update introduces a series of enhancements, including widget improvements, additional Windows customization options, and a host of accessibility fixes. This release underscores Microsoft's ongoing commitment to refining the developer experience on its platforms. The Dev Home app aims to simplify the development process by providing access to various tools in a single interface. 

Key Features and Improvements

Among the notable changes in version 0.13, users will find the Add Widget dialog now adapts to changes in the Windows theme, ensuring a consistent user experience regardless of the system settings. Furthermore, the update addresses a significant usability issue by ensuring scroll bars do not overlap with page content, enhancing the app's overall navigability.

Accessibility has received particular attention in this update. Microsoft has implemented several fixes to make Dev Home more inclusive and user-friendly for developers with disabilities. These enhancements are part of a broader effort to make the Windows development environment accessible to a wider audience.

Main Changes in Dev Home 0.13 Preview

  • The memory widget now displays utilization percentage (Thanks @Gobinath-B!). (#2335)
  • Environments are now available in Dev Home, providing the ability to create, manage, and configure Hyper-V VMs and Microsoft Dev Boxes. (#2346) (#2438) (#2493) (#2639)
  • Files ending in *.winget can now activate the Configuration file flow in Machine Configuration. (#2379)
  • Windows customization is now available, with options to change File Explorer settings, access Dev Drive insights, and quiet background processes. (#2383) (#2486) (#2596)
  • The extensions page navigation item is now in the navigation footer. (#2431)
  • When cloning through the Machine Configuration tool, Dev Home can now detect configuration files in the repository. (#2459)
  • You can now generate a configuration file from the setup flow in Machine Configuration. (#2466)
  • Small widgets no longer display graphs. (#2472)
  • When using a configuration file in Dev Home, you can now see a summary view of the file before running it. (#2495)

Bug Fixes and Download Information

In addition to feature improvements and accessibility enhancements, version 0.13 of Dev Home addresses several bugs that previously impacted the user experience. Notably, the app should no longer crash when users attempt to add a repository while using certain screen resolutions, marking a significant stability improvement.

Developers interested in exploring the new features and fixes can download the Dev Home 0.13 Preview directly from . The app is compatible with systems running and 11, ensuring a wide range of developers can benefit from the latest enhancements.

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