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Windows 11 Update Adds Start Menu Advertisements for All Users

Windows 11 update adds app recommendations (including ads) to Start menu. Users can disable them in Settings.


has implemented an update to the for Windows 11 versions 22H2 and 23H2, as detailed in the KB5036980 non-security update. The enhancement introduces app “recommendations,” including files, recently installed applications, tips, and advertisements directly within the Start menu interface. This move aims to facilitate user discovery of high-quality applications from a select group of developers through the . As I reported earlier this month, Microsoft has been working on its app ads in the Start Menu for some time. 

Navigating the New Features

The update, specifically for builds 22621.3527 and 22631.3527, allows users the option to disable these Start menu app advertisements. Microsoft's intention behind these recommendations is to expose users to a curated selection of Microsoft Store apps, which could enhance their overall Windows experience. However, recognizing user preference for a more traditional Start menu experience, Microsoft has provided a straightforward method within the Settings application to turn off these app recommendations.

Further Changes and User Options

In addition to the Start menu updates, Microsoft is testing a new “Account Manager” feature in build 22635.3500, currently available in the Beta Channel. This feature alters the user account management interface, replacing traditional options such as “Sign out,” “Change user,” and “Lock” with a display that prioritizes advertisements. Users wishing to sign out must now navigate through a new submenu to find the option.

As Microsoft plans to roll out these changes to all users in the May 2024 Patch Tuesday updates, the community response has been mixed. Some users express concern over the increasing presence of ads within the operating system, while others appreciate the potential for discovering useful apps. For those preferring an ad-free experience, third-party Start menu alternatives and system tweakers offer a viable solution, though their compatibility may be affected by future updates.

Luke Jones
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