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Microsoft Defender Expands Privacy Protection to iOS and UK Market

Microsoft Defender for Individuals expands VPN privacy to UK and iOS, protecting users on public Wi-Fi and encrypting data.


has expanded the privacy protection capabilities of its Microsoft Defender for Individuals service to include users in the United Kingdom and has introduced these features to the iOS platform, alongside the existing service in the United States. Aimed at subscribers of Microsoft 365 Personal or Family plans, this update marks a significant step in Microsoft's commitment to user privacy across multiple devices and regions.

Privacy Protection Through VPN Services

The core of the newly introduced feature is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service, designed to safeguard users' online identities from potential trackers, including websites, applications, and advertisers keen on harvesting personal data. By masking the user's IP address and location, the service prevents unwanted tracking and data collection, offering a secure browsing experience.

This is particularly beneficial for individuals frequently using public Wi-Fi networks, such as those in coffee shops or restaurants, where the risk of data interception by malicious entities is higher. Microsoft emphasizes that the VPN encrypts internet traffic and data, rendering it unreadable and thus protecting it from potential interception by hackers, internet service providers (ISPs), or even government agencies.

Data Privacy and Future Expansion Plans

Despite the privacy-focused nature of the service, Microsoft acknowledges the collection of a “minimum set of service data” from devices utilizing the VPN. This data, which includes metrics such as the duration of VPN activation and the amount of bandwidth consumed, is anonymized and utilized by Microsoft to enhance the service continually. Looking ahead, Microsoft has announced plans to extend this privacy protection service to users on Windows and macOS platforms soon. Additionally, the company intends to broaden the availability of these features to more regions in the forthcoming months, although specific details regarding the timeline and targeted areas remain undisclosed.

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