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OpenAI Enhances AI Models API with New Enterprise-Grade Features

OpenAI boosts security and control for enterprise API users. New features include secure connections to Azure


has announced the expansion of its enterprise-grade features for API customers, marking a significant enhancement in security, administrative control, and cost management. The introduction of Private Link stands out as a pivotal upgrade, establishing a secure communication channel between Microsoft's Azure cloud service and OpenAI. This development aims to minimize the exposure of customer data and queries to the open internet. Alongside, OpenAI has fortified its security measures by integrating native Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and continuing to offer Business Associate Agreements for healthcare companies requiring HIPAA compliance.

Upgraded Assistants API and Cost Management

The Assistants API has received a substantial upgrade, now supporting up to 10,000 files per assistant—a 500-fold increase from the previous limit. This enhancement includes new features like parallel queries, improved reranking, and query rewriting, alongside the capability for streaming real-time conversational responses. OpenAI has also introduced a new pricing model aimed at providing economic scalability. The model offers discounted rates for consistent token usage and a 50% reduction in costs for asynchronous workloads through the Batch API, which promises results within 24 hours.

Projects Feature for Improved Project Management

A notable addition is the Projects feature, designed to offer improved administrative oversight by enabling organizations to manage roles and API keys at the project level. This feature allows for the segregation of resources and members into individualized projects, offering individual usage reporting and controls around access, security, latency, throughput, and cost. The introduction of Projects is a strategic move by OpenAI to accommodate the needs of organizations and solo developers seeking to deploy AI in a secure and organized manner.

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