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Microsoft Edge Unveils 2024 Web Platform Dashboard for Enhanced Browser Interoperability

Microsoft Edge launched a dashboard to track progress on web developer needs and browser interoperability, focusing on areas like View Transitions and Navigation API.


Microsoft Edge's development team has introduced the Edge 2024 web platform dashboard, a comprehensive tool designed to monitor advancements in browser interoperability and address web developer needs. This initiative aims to bridge gaps in the web development ecosystem, ensuring a more cohesive experience across different browsers.

Collaboration for a Better Web

In a concerted effort to enhance the modern internet, , alongside industry giants such as , Apple, and Mozilla, has embarked on the Interop 2024 project. This project focuses on improving browser interoperability, which is crucial for delivering a consistent user experience across the web. Despite the progress outlined in the Interop 2024 dashboard, Microsoft recognized that web developers faced additional challenges not captured by the project. To address these issues, Microsoft has launched its own dashboard to highlight and track these critical areas.

Addressing Developer Pain Points

The Edge 2024 dashboard specifically targets areas of concern raised by the web developer community. Feedback has highlighted several key features including View Transitions, Navigation API, Custom Paint API, scroll-driven animations, container queries, and more. Microsoft's dashboard not only tracks the compatibility status of these features across different browsers but also incorporates test results from the Web Platform Tests (WPT) project. The goal is to use this data to prioritize future development efforts, ensuring that the web ecosystem evolves to meet the needs of developers and users alike.

Microsoft encourages developers to engage with the dashboard, providing feedback and participating in surveys. This input will be instrumental in shaping the Interop 2025 project, furthering the company's commitment to improving the web platform. For more detailed information on the Edge 2024 web platform dashboard, developers are directed to the official Microsoft Edge blog.

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