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Google Announces Direct Microsoft 365 App Access on ChromeOS

Chromebooks can now edit Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) directly in the Files app!


has finally launched the integration of Microsoft 365 apps directly within ChromeOS, a feature that has been highly anticipated since its announcement in January 2023. This development allows users to edit Microsoft Office files—such as documents from Word, spreadsheets from Excel, and presentations from PowerPoint—directly through the Chromebook's Files app. This integration signifies a major leap towards enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows for ChromeOS users.

How It Works

Upon receiving the update, users can initiate the process by opening an Office file and selecting the option to open it in the corresponding Microsoft 365 app. They will then undergo a one-time setup process, which involves installing the necessary app and linking Microsoft OneDrive with the Chromebook's Files app. Google has ensured that after this initial setup, the system will remember the user's preferences, thereby facilitating quicker and more efficient access to files. To experiment with this feature, users are encouraged to search for and enable the “#upload-office-to-cloud” flag within their system settings.

Implications and Further Developments

This update is expected to significantly enhance the usability of Chromebooks for those who rely on apps for their daily tasks. By integrating these apps more directly into , Google aims to provide a more seamless experience, moving away from the necessity to use the Chrome web browser as an intermediary to access applications. The rollout of this feature has just commenced, and it may take a few weeks for it to become available on all devices.

In a related development, Dropbox has also announced new integration features with Microsoft 365. These features include support for real-time co-authoring within Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, while storing the files on Dropbox's cloud storage. This move by Dropbox, announced concurrently with Google's rollout, underscores the growing trend of cloud services and platforms enhancing their compatibility and integration with popular productivity tools to meet the evolving needs of users.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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