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Google Reorganizes AI Teams Under DeepMind to Streamline Development

Google unifies AI teams under DeepMind to speed up development of advanced AI models like Gemini.


has initiated a reorganization of its artificial intelligence (AI) teams, placing them under the umbrella of the DeepMind division. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, has directed this strategic move to unify the company's efforts in , aiming to accelerate the development of more sophisticated systems. This decision is a continuation of Google's efforts to streamline its AI operations, which saw the merging of its DeepMind and Brain teams into a single entity known as . This team has been instrumental in developing models for Google's Gemini chatbot.

Enhancing Focus and Responsibility in AI

The reorganization allows Google Research to dedicate more of its resources to exploring fundamental and applied computer science. Additionally, Google's Responsible AI team is being integrated into the DeepMind group. This move is expected to amplify the team's influence in the early stages of model development, ensuring a stronger focus on ethical AI practices. Google has also restructured its responsibility frameworks, aligning other responsibility-focused groups under its central Trust and Safety team. The company is committed to developing more rigorous AI testing and evaluation protocols, aiming to mitigate the kind of issues that have affected early generative AI products, including inaccuracies and biases in content generation.

Investing in Safety and Hardware Development

Google plans to standardize launch requirements for AI-powered features and is increasing investments in “red team” testing. This approach is designed to identify vulnerabilities and ensure that AI responses are accurate and user-centric. The consolidation extends beyond software, impacting AI hardware development as well. Google is merging its Platform and Ecosystem and Devices and Services teams into a new division called Platforms and Devices, which will include employees working on computational photography and on-device intelligence. Pichai emphasized the importance of professionalism and focus on the company's objectives, indirectly referencing recent employee actions and stressing the need for a safe and disruption-free work environment.

This reorganization reflects Google's commitment to become a leader in the generative AI space, ensuring that its developments are not only technologically advanced but also ethically responsible and user-focused.

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Luke Jones
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