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Brave Search Integrates AI to Enhance Query Responses Globally

Brave Search launches global AI answer feature ("Answer with AI"). It uses large language models to provide summaries and answers to user queries


Brave Search has announced the global introduction of its “Answer with AI” feature, designed to provide users with AI-synthesized answers to their queries. This enhancement aims to deliver neatly formatted responses to a wide array of questions, ranging from historical facts to practical instructions and summaries of reviews. Launched as an upgrade to its March 2023 AI-powered summarization capability, this feature marks a pivotal step in Brave's commitment to augmenting search experiences with advanced technology.

Technical Innovations Behind the Scene

At the core of Brave's new feature is the use of large language models (LLMs), specifically Mixtral 8x7B and Mistral 7B, supplemented by custom transformer models for semantic matching and answering. Josep Pujol, the head of search at Brave, explains that user queries are internally converted to LLM prompts, leveraging data from search results as context. This process, known as retrieval augmented generation (RAG), ensures that the AI's responses are not only relevant but also grounded in reliable data sources.

Addressing the Impact on Web Publishing

While the introduction of AI-powered search capabilities represents a leap forward in how users interact with online content, it also raises concerns about its potential impact on web publishers. Aware of the challenges that reduced site visits could pose to content creators, Brave has committed to closely monitoring and quantifying the effects of on web traffic. The company's proactive approach aims to mitigate any negative consequences, ensuring that the evolution of search technology benefits both users and publishers alike.

Brave's initiative is part of a growing trend towards incorporating AI to meet user demands for more efficient and informative search experiences. Competitors like and Bing, as well as emerging startups such as Perplexity, are also exploring similar advancements, signaling a significant shift in how information is accessed and consumed on the web.

Brave has previously launched its Leo AI service for Android users. Leo is designed to enhance user browsing experience by offering a wide array of functionalities. These include real-time webpage or video summaries, query resolution, long-form content generation, as well as page translation or rewriting. Moreover, the assistant is capable of creating video or audio transcriptions and coding.

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