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Microsoft Rolls Out New Windows 11 Feature for Easier OS Reinstallation

Windows 11 Moment 5 lets users reinstall the OS directly through Windows Update for easier troubleshooting, keeping files and settings intact.


has unveiled a new feature in , aimed at simplifying the process of resolving system issues. The feature, introduced in the Windows 11 Moment 5 update, allows users to reinstall the operating system directly through Windows Update, without the need for external media like USB drives or discs. This development promises a more straightforward approach to troubleshooting and fixing problems, particularly those that arise after a .

Eligibility and Availability

The option to fix problems using Windows Update is designed to be accessible and easy to use. However, it is not available on PCs managed by workplaces or educational institutions, ensuring that system administrators maintain control over the software environment. Additionally, this feature requires the device to be running at least the Windows 11 version with the 2022 annual update, and it must have received the optional update from February 2024 or later. This ensures that only systems with the latest security and performance enhancements can access the new troubleshooting functionality.

User Experience and Additional Resources

For users concerned about losing their data, the new reinstallation method is designed to preserve files, applications, and settings, minimizing disruption and data loss. This approach reflects Microsoft's commitment to enhancing user experience and system reliability through continuous updates and feature enhancements. Moreover, for those nostalgic for the interface, Microsoft provides guides on how to revert to the old Task Manager and Notepad designs, catering to a wide range of user preferences and enhancing the customization options available within Windows 11.

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