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Microsoft Planning New Xbox One, Controller, and Web Streaming for E3


The E3 expo in Las Vegas is going to be busy for as the company readies a new console, a new controller, and several new features.

With the 2016 Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) set to get underway in six weeks, the rumors about new Xbox hardware are being ramped up.

There is also plenty of news about games and hardware, and with Sony releasing an updated PlayStation 4 and Nintendo also rolling out a new console, it will be a busy E3 event.

We reported earlier in the month that Microsoft is not particularly interested in making a stop gap Xbox One and a half and will instead make a new Xbox One with more features and improved hardware.

Thurrott.com is now reporting that Microsoft will indeed launch a new Xbox at E3, although it will almost certainly be an updated Xbox One.

The outlet also adds that the company will be rolling out a new Xbox One controller, but it is unclear whether it is a new gamepad with added features or just an overhaul of the current controller. Game streaming and Microsoft's Universal Windows Platform will be big talking points at E3 this year as the company seeks to broaden the Xbox to a wider Windows experience.

This will mean the Windows Store landing on the console through the Anniversary Update, while Microsoft has already discussed the cross platform gaming model. Web browser streaming is something Microsoft has been working on for some time and a beta preview of this service is expected to be announced at E3.

The elephant in the room is a big surprise that Microsoft has said will be coming at the event in Las Vegas in June. This could be one of the announcements already discussed, but it could be something entirely new like HoloLens integration into the Xbox One for example.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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