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Microsoft has sold under 20 Million Xbox One Consoles


Game giant EA let slip overall 8th generation console sales, showing that 's console has sold 19.1 million units.

It is well known by now that the PlayStation 4 is running away with the eighth generation of home games consoles, it has sold 35.9 million units according to Sony.

Microsoft has not offered concrete sales figures for the Xbox One, saving face by hiding the disappointing performance of the console.

EA, the largest game publisher in the world, can always be relied on to give some clearer information on console sales, and the company has news regarding Xbox One sales.

During its third quarter earnings call, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen announced that combined lifetime sales of the PS4 and Xbox One stood at around 55 million units.

Considering Sony has previously confirmed the PlayStation 4 has 35.9 million, which leaves less than 20 million units sold for the Xbox One. Jorgensen did not say the exact figure for the Xbox One, but the simple math speaks for itself and Microsoft's gaming machine has sold under 20 million units since its launch.

However, while the PS4 is undoubtedly the market leader, Microsoft and the Xbox One are contributing to a successful console generation. Jorgensen pointed out that sales are besting analyst and industry expert predictions:

I think our business seems to be operating pretty consistent as it has been over the last couple of years,”
Jorgensen said on the call. “The console purchases are up through the end of calendar year 2015. Our estimate is 55m units out there, which has exceeded virtually everyone's forecast for the year and now almost 50% higher than previous console cycle so, all of that is very, very positive.

Taking away the Sony vs. Microsoft aspect of the console market, the Xbox One has actually done pretty well for Microsoft considering the poor launch period. The company has recently been discussing many changes to the console in the coming months.

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update will bring the Windows Store to the Xbox One console, while the Windows Universal Platform will allow gamers to play single titles across platform.

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