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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Will Support Electron Apps on the Windows Store

The applications will be able to support push notifications, one-click installs and automatic updates. Programs such as Slack, Discord and Hive could all be coming to the Windows Store after August 2nd.
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Microsoft Releases Third Xbox Preview Build since Sunday: Adds Smart Screen Support

rs1_xbox_rel_1608.160725-1822 fixes several universal app issues, as well as adding SmartScreen support. The build will be available at 6:30PM PDT.
Xbox One GamePad Source Pixabay

Microsoft Issues another Xbox One Preview Update (Build rs1_xbox_rel_1608)

A second Xbox One Preview in as many days solves plenty of known issues and furthers Microsoft’s preparations for the launch of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
Desktop App Converter Logo Microsoft

Microsoft Desktop App Converter Receives Minor Update

The Desktop App Converter has received a pre-Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Not much has been added, but Microsoft is clearly preparing for the major upgrade on August 2.
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Universal Windows Platform Apps Arrive on Xbox One

Preview builds of Windows 10 on the Xbox One are allowing installation of Universal Windows Platform apps such as Netflix and MSN Weather. Full UWP functionality will arrive with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
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Microsoft Wont Force Xbox One Users to Use Cortana

Gamers will be able to choose between the standard Kinect commands and the new Cortana integration.
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Microsoft Sneakily Edits Xbox Play Anywhere Description to Inlude Less Titles

A few small words added to the Xbox Play Anywhere description could significantly limit the amount of titles that will be available in the future.
XboxOneS Microsoft official

Xbox One: Microsoft Releases Blu-Ray Player as Very First UWP App

Microsoft gives the Xbox One its very first universal Windows app, in the form of an updated Blu-ray player.
Avatar Wheelchairs Microsoft Twitter

Microsoft Bringing Wheelchairs to Xbox Avatars

Announced after some users were calling for a petition, the sneak peek images also offer a glimpse at new avatar models.
Xbox One S leak  via neogaf

Microsoft Issues Xbox One Preview Build 14381 with Fixes Aplenty

The latest Xbox One Preview update sees Microsoft clearing up bugs and issues as the Anniversary Update draws closer to release next month.
XboxOneS Microsoft official

Microsoft’s Xbox One August Update Will Include Cortana, Background Music, and More

Microsoft has shared its plans to release Cortana voice assistant support for the Xbox One, along with other media and networking related upgrades and...
Xbox One GamePad Source Pixabay

Microsoft Confirms Xbox Play Anywhere Coming September 13

The Xbox Play Anywhere feature is an extension of the Universal Windows Program (UWP) concept, and will allow cross platform gaming on Windows 10 devices.
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Microsoft Announces Windows 10 Anniversary Update Release for August 2

Redmond has confirmed that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is due on August 2, so here’s what you can expect from the upgrade.
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Xbox One Mouse and Keyboard Support Not Ready Yet Says Phil Spencer

Xbox One chief Phil Spencer said mouse and keyboard support is months away, but Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform plans are still in full swing.
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Windows Store Displaying Xbox One Games on PC as Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform Plans...

Xbox One games are now being displayed in the Windows Store on PC, another integration of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) which will see all Windows devices share the same platform.
UWP App Xbox One  imgur e

Microsoft UWP: Did a Redditor Confirm Universal Windows Apps for Xbox One?

A user on Reddit said that he got Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform apps on his Xbox One, and took some shots to prove it.
Xbox Windows Microsoft Blog

Rumor: Microsoft’s Project Helix Could Turn Your PC into an Xbox One

The internal Project Helix is reportedly Microsoft expanding on its Universal Windows Platform idea by adding the Xbox One UI on PCs and the ability to play Xbox games without streaming.
UWP Store Xbox One Microsoft

Microsoft Announces Cortana and UWP Windows Store in Preview on Xbox One

The company is rolling out its Universal Windows Platform plans with Cortana landing on the Xbox One alongside numerous other new features.
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Rumor: Microsoft to Announce Xbox One Game Streaming to Windows 10 Mobile at E3

The company has included an interesting feature in Windows 10 Mobile Insider builds that suggests Xbox One game streaming to mobile devices is on the way.
Rocket League Rocket League

Microsoft’s Cross Platform Policies Allow Rocket League on Xbox and PC

The company’s recently relaxed stance on cross-platform gameplay allows Rocket League to be the first title to allow online gaming from Xbox One and PC.


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