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microsoft MVP program microsoft official

Microsoft Revamps Most Valuable Professional Award Program, Shifts Focus to Development, IT

Microsoft is changing its Most Valuable Professional Award program to focus more on development and IT, moving its consumer product-based MVPs to other teams.
Xbox One Kinect wikipedia e

Microsoft Shutters 5 More Kinect Development Studios

Five more video game studios have vanished from the Microsoft lineup seemingly overnight with no indication as to why.
Fable Legends Official e

Microsoft Shutters Two Gaming Studios, Including Fable Developer Lionhead Studios

The game developer behind the popular RPG-action game franchise, Fable, has been closed by Microsoft, while Danish studio Press Play will also shut.
Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift Exclusive to Windows "Until Apple Makes Good Computer"

The co-founder of Oculus has said the Rift virtual headset will only work on Windows PC, and in the process burned Apple over not having a good computer.
Gears of war Windows Official

Microsoft Slammed by Epic Games CEO over Universal Windows Platform

The CEO of the studio behind the Gears of War franchise, which was created in partnership with Microsoft Studios, has attacked the company and accused Redmond of seeking to monopolize the market.
Microsoft HoloLens emulator official

Microsoft Releases HoloLens Dev Course with 16 Videos, Teases Emulator and Dev Toolset

Microsoft continues to push out a lot of HoloLens resources, preparing the developer community for the coming lauch of the HoloLens Developer Kit on March 30th. You can already watch 16 HoloLens development specific videos with tutorials and technical introductions.
Sony PS remote play own

Sony PS4 3.50 Update Will Bring PS4 Gaming to PCs via `Remote Play´

Sony gets ready to kick off the closed beta for the PS4’s next major system software tomorrow. Codenamed Musashi, PS4 update 3.50 is promising nothing less than to bring PS4 Gaming to PCs using the famous `Remote Play´ feature.
oculus ready bundle asus e

ASUS and Dell Now Accepting Pre-Orders for Oculus-Ready PCs

A year after Oculus has rolled out its Oculus-ready program to help computer companies come up with Rift-compatible PCs, ASUS and Dell have announced that their first Oculus-ready PCs are all set.
Groove Music

Zikera confirms Microsoft’s acquisition of its Groove Music service

Zikera, the Canadian startup behind the Groove music app has revealed that Microsoft has acquired their app and the technology behind it. This confirms the rumors floating around ever since the company renamed its music service.
microsoft office

Some Microsoft customers are unable to access Office 365 emails since nine days already

What started out as a buggy update released on January 18, is yet to be completely fixed by Microsoft after nine days of Office...
Skype group video calling official announcement

Skype update brings group video calling to iOS, Android and Windows 10 Mobile

The new Skype mobile group video calling feature will be rolled out to all Skype users in the coming weeks. Early adopters can register online to get it a bit sooner.
Windows  smarthome IoT demo CES  featured

Windows 10 Smart Home: Microsoft partners with Samsung on IoT hardware

Microsoft has announced a collaboration with Samsung to develop smart home devices running on Windows 10. A demo showed at CES 2016 showed how Windows 10 can be used to manage smart home devices.
hololens candy crush Youtube shot

Microsoft Employees show off Hololens in videos, playing with Universal Apps at home

Videos shared by internal testers from Microsoft show how they Hololens at home, running Windows Apps on walls of their private homes.

Government Data: Number of Windows 10 users rises to 12.4%, Windows 7 still at...

Microsoft has reported an increased number of Windows 10 users with an increase of 12.4% since Q1 2015. Despite its still low share among Windows installations, Windows 10 is showing steady growth.
Edge browser bing official microsoft

Windows 10: Edge HTML5 compatibility improved big-time with November 10 update

The Windows November 10 update brings important changes to Windows 10´s Edge browser. HTML compatibility gears up and new usability features like drag&drop and tab previews make the browser more useful.

Mistake or Leak? Minecraft Wii U Edition appears on PEGI

Minecraft Wii U Edition is coming out today November the 12th, and hours before Nintendo Direct is announced, this appearance on the PEGI website has raised speculations on whether Ninendo is intending on getting the game.
MSFT Stock chart

Analysts Happy: Microsoft Quarterly Revenue Declines "Only" 12%, Bing Makes Profit

Microsoft has posted a 12% decline in its 2016 quarterly revenue, while the revenue from Bing Search has gone up by 23% with earnings of more than $1 billion in the first quarter. The company recorded a decrease of 1% in its operating income at $5.8 billion, an increase of 2% in its net income at $4.6 billion, and an increase of 6% increase in its earning per share at $0.57.
Windows  and AMD official AMD

AMD: Windows 10 Not Driving PC-Sales, Microsoft Pushes With New Ad-Campaign

According to Lisa Su, the CEO and President of Advanced Micro Devices, Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is driving a lot of downloads, but it’s not proving fruitful for the PC-chip making company.
Microsoft Adafruit Windows  IoT pack featured

Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT Pack for Raspberry Pi 2 sold out immediately!

Microsoft’s Internet of Things starter Kit for Raspberry Pi 2 has run out of stock. The product is not available anymore, but the company has claimed to bring it back as soon as possible.
Hololens header

Something´s Cooking HOT: An Update on Microsoft Hololens and Windows Holographics

What´s going on with Hololens? Since last fall we see an increasing flow of leaks and updates about Windows 10 and Windows 10 for Phones. Not so with...