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Microsoft Cortana Patent Gives Assistant Personalized Greetings

The ‘Providing Personalized Greetings on a Digital Assistant’ patent gives Microsoft Cortana intelligent tools to greet users and offer customized information to individuals.


is a very good , but the company might be making her more intelligent. A new patent published on PatentScope shows that Microsoft is boosting the artificial intelligence of Cortana.

This is a new development as the patent was published on November 3, 2016. If implemented, it would increase the capabilities of Microsoft Cortana in the future. At the moment, Cortana will keep track of calendars and appointments, offer notifications for messages and calls, and launch apps. She will also do basic system commands and search online.

Microsoft's patent is titled Providing Personalized Greeting on a Digital Assistant, which is somewhat self-explanatory. With this concept, the company uses Cortana to create greetings that are built from user-specific information. Using contextual data, the assistant would memorize that account name, work, hobbies, age, and weather.

“A goal of the personalized greeting system described herein is to mimic a human experience with the user,” Microsoft explains. Providing the same greeting to the user twice in one day is not typical of how the user would be greeted by a human. As such, embodiments provide for mechanisms to alternate or rotate through a list of personalized greetings so that the experience is heightened for the user.”

Microsoft Cortana Getting Personal

With the implementation of this patent, Microsoft Cortana will have more ways to greet users. A basic example of this would be knowing when to say Happy Birthday. Cortana would know the age of the user and issue the greeting when they first check their device that day.

It could even be expanded beyond this, with the ability to offer an intelligent greeting with information. For example, “Welcome Home! The temperature is expected to be above 85 today!”

Of course, this is a patent so it may never actually be implemented. Many times a company will patent tech to cover bases, but considering Microsoft Cortana is a core product for the company, we think this will arrive.

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