Microsoft Continues Open Source Love-in by Embracing MariaDB for Azure

The company is now a platinum sponsor of the non-profit MariaDB Foundation and debuted Azure Database for MariaDB in preview.
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Kaspersky Lab Held NSA Classified Material but Denies Stealing It for the Russian Government

Antivirus giant Kaspersky Lab has issued a 13-page report detailing how it came to hold classified NSA data by explaining it came from an unprotected PC that was infected by a pirated Microsoft Office.

Xbox One X Flopped in Japan with 1,344 Units Sold in Launch Week

The Notoriously indifferent Japan market did not embrace the Xbox One X, but Microsoft’s allocated pre-order units did sell out.

Microsoft Debuts First “Redstone 4” Windows Server Preview (17035)

Windows Server users on the inside can now explore the first test build of what will become release version 1803, or Redstone 4.

High Demand for iPhone X: Apple Is Improving on Shipping Delays

By the beginning of December, Apple apparently wants to meet demand for the new iPhone X. At present, some orders are already getting shipped earlier than specified by the company.

Google Maps Gets Refreshed with a New Look

The new design will be found in all apps which are using the map service.

Google Assistant Gets App Directory, Push Messages and Custom Invoke Actions

With the Update of Google Assistant, developers can implement several new features for searches and to find and interact with apps.

Facebook Has 270 Million Fake Accounts

Facebook has commented on the sensitive issue of fake profiles in its latest quarterly report. The social network assumes that 12 to 13 percent of all profiles could be fake accounts.

Phoenix Leads UEFI Security Response Team (USRT) to Make UEFI-BIOS More Secure

The UEFI Security Response Team (USRT) under the leadership of Phoenix will serve as a contact point about security vulnerabilities of the BIOS successor.

Windows Movie Maker Described as Third Biggest Cyber Threat Amidst Popularity Scam

Windows Movie Maker is in hot demand despite being replaced. One hacker has created a dummy app that extorts money from unwitting users.

Snap Up Holiday Season Deals with New Bing Search Features

Microsoft has debuted several new Bing shopping features, including a new tool that collects all products in one place for easy comparison.

LinkedIn Career Advice Mentors Now Available in US, UK, and India

With Career Advice, LinkedIn users can connect with mentors on the network who will help guide them through their job decisions.

Lenovo Takes Wrappers Off New ThinkStation and ThinkPad PCs

Workstation users are getting three new options from Lenovo. The ThinkStation P520, ThinkStation P520c, and ThinkPad P52s will be available in January.
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Microsoft Forced to Hand Over Skype Data as Belgian Court Gets Tough

Microsoft is once again feeling the wrath of the tough European legal system and must now give Skype data to Belgian authorities in cases of criminal investigation.

Microsoft Pay Finally Replaces Microsoft Wallet as Windows 10 Mobile Users Jump Ship

Microsoft Pay has been launched and works in Edge through the Payment Request API and on Windows 10 Mobile.

Supercomputers: Intel Expected to Dump “Xeon Phi Knights Hill” for New Platform

Intel is planning to establish "a new platform and microarchitecture" for Exaflops supercomputers within 3 to 4 years instead of the previously planned 10-nanometer Xeon Phi Knights Hill (KNH)-platform which was expected for 2018.

YouTube Links with Ticketmaster to Bring Live Show Promotion to Music Videos

With a new description link in official YouTube artist videos, users can browse upcoming tour dates and purchase tickets through Ticketmaster.
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Leaked Windows 10 ARM Benchmarks Could Suggest Dissapointing Performance

A 'Qualcomm CLS' Windows 10 ARM device presented multi-core Geek Bench scores of 3631 and 4263, which is less than many expected. However, it's difficult to verify the final performance given prototypes and other factors.

Microsoft Brings Network Performance Monitor to Azure ExpressRoute

With Network Performance Monitor in Azure ExpressRoute, customers can check the performance of private internet connections.

Microsoft Delays New Xbox Avatars until Early 2018

The new Xbox Avatars will bring heavily revamped visuals, wheelchair options, and more customization. Mike Ybarra promises, 'patience will pay off'.