Microsoft: Users Cannot Have No Uninstall Option for Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Microsoft says the new Chromium version of Microsoft Edge that is baked into Windows 10 does not have an uninstall option.

Google Developing Folding Screen Surface Duo/Galaxy Fold Rival Called Passport

Google wants to be a part of the folding smartphone movement, and a device called Passport could launch late next year.

Microsoft Explains Microsoft Edge Crash Bug Related to Google Search

Microsoft has revealed the cause of a Microsoft Edge bug that occurs when the browser is using Google as the default search.

Microsoft Research Debut Cutting Edge Biomedical NLP AI Model

Called PunMedBERT, the new Microsoft Research AI has made a breakthrough in biomedical natural language processing.
Microsoft and Open Source Community official

Microsoft Joins Tech Giants in Forming the Open Source Security Foundation

Microsoft has joined tech rivals like Google and IBM in creating the Open Source Security Foundation to secure open source software.

WhatsApp Debuts Search the Web Tool to Fact Check Fake News

WhatsApp wants Search the Web to act as a fact checker for users by helping them understand if information is correct or not.

Microsoft Teams Gets 20,000 Meeting Participants and Cloud Calling Service

In another major update for Microsoft Teams, users can host more viewers, add company branding to meetings, and tap into cloud calls.
SwiftKey Beta Google Play

Microsoft’s SwiftKey Keyboard Gets Android 11 Support

A new update for SwiftKey brings it in line with the latest Android release, while also focusing on some tweaks and improvements.

Microsoft Climate Plan to Become Carbon Negative Starts Taking Shape

Microsoft wants to boost its climate commitments, which include becoming carbon negative by 2030, and the company is starting the evolution.
Sars Cov-2

Microsoft Extends COVID-19 Work from Home Measures Until 2021

Microsoft says its work at home policies for COVID-19 will remain in place for the remainder of this year and into January.

Report: Microsoft’s Proposed TikTok Acquisition Comes with Some Clear Risk

Microsoft has confirmed it wants to buy TikTok in the United States. However, such a purchase would come with no guarantees of success.

Microsoft Edge: Fix Issued Quickly to Stop Browser Crashing When Google is the Default...

Microsoft quickly rolled out a fix to Microsoft Edge when the browser started crashing when Google was the default search.

Leak: Halo Infinite Will Have Free-to-Play Multiplayer and Run at 120 FPS on Xbox...

A retailer has leaked information about the upcoming Halo Infinite game, and it seems as though the information is accurate.

Google Chrome Nearby Sharing Feature Coming to Windows 10

Windows 10 users will soon be able to use Google Chrome Nearby Sharing to share content with Pixel phones and Chromebooks.

Microsoft Explains Why CCleaner Is Listed as a Potentially Unwanted App

Microsoft is classifying the CCleaner registry tool as a PUA in Windows Defender. The company has explained why this is the case.

Windows BootHole Vulnerability Could Give Attackers Near Total System Access

The BootHole vulnerability effects Windows and Linux systems at a Secure Boot level, making it a critical flaw that could give wide system access to attackers.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Gets Steam and VR Support as Pre-Launch Buzz Continues

Microsoft Flight Simulator will arrive on Steam in August and VR in the fall. However, could the game become a virtual travel platform?
Microsoft Logo Microsoft

Microsoft 365 Contributes $20 Billion to Microsoft’s Bumper 2020

Microsoft 365 reportedly claimed $20 billion – a 50% year-on-year increase – during Microsoft’s financial 2020, which ended with $143 billion overall revenue.

Microsoft Opens Windows Developer Issues Repo on GitHub

Dev’s can access the Windows Developer Issues report on GitHub to see and report problems in the Windows developer chain.

Microsoft Confirms Surface Neo Won’t Ship This Year

Microsoft has updated product information for the Surface Neo, removing the proposed “Holiday 2020” launch timeframe.