Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Receives Media Overlay Controls

Users of Chromium Edge can now use the Windows 10 media overlay controls within the browser to control YouTube videos.

Microsoft is Already Updating Windows 10 1803 to Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Windows 10 May 2019 Update is already rolling out to Windows 10 1803 users as the April 2018 Update prepares to reach end of service.

Microsoft Rolls Out WebView2 SDK for Edge

WebView2 is now more widely available and Microsoft says it will update the developer tool through Microsoft Edge to ensure uniformity.

Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Vulnerabilities Leave Windows Open to Attack

Researchers say flaws in Microsoft Management Console could allow bad actors to gain heightened privileges on an admin-run machine.

Microsoft Joins Hyperledger to Further Open Blockchain Standards

Microsoft has announced it is now part of the Hyperledger Linux Foundation community that works to create blockchain standards.
Lumia McLaren Prototype Windows Central

Microsoft Exec Confirms McLaren Lumia Phone Did Exist and Details Some Features

A Microsoft executive has confirmed that Project McLaren (potential Surface Phone) was real and has detailed some of its features.
Microsoft productivity vision magazine

BOE’s 12.3-Inch Rollable Display Could Be the Latest Phone Form Factor We Don’t Need

BOE's rollable display can move from a huge 12.3-inch smartphone to a bulky, unpocketable device. However, refinement in the future could see use cases for tablets and commercial displays.

Microsoft Introduces Numerous PowerPoint Designer Features

Microsoft’s PowerPoint Designer tool has been popular, with over one billion slides created through the feature.

Microsoft Details New Features Coming to OneNote, Class Notebooks

Microsoft has rolled out 30 OneNote updates across Class Notebooks, the core app, and Teams. They add better distribution methods for teachers while giving new options like disabling equation assistance.

Chip Giants Lobby to Relax Huawei Sales Ban

Chipmakers such as Intel and Qualcomm are quietly lobbying the U.S. Government to ease its Huawei sales ban.

Google Embraces Rich Communication Services as an SMS Replacement

Google has launched its Rich Communication Services (RCS) SMS replacement in the United Kingdom and France.
Hyper V Windows  desktop own

Microsoft Launches Hyper-V Server 2019 After 7 Month Delay

After disappearing from the Windows Server 2019 package for months, Hyper-V Server 2019 has re-emerged and is now available.

Facebook Enters the Cryptocurrency Game with Libra, an Asset-Backed Digital Payment System

Facebook's Calibra app will enable low-fee transactions, while the Libra currency will tie into its social media platforms and other apps for secure payments.

Microsoft Potentially Working on a Surface Pro 7 With New Hinge Mechanism

A new Microsoft patent suggests the Surface Pro 7 will have a new hinge mechanism that uses new technology to add strength.
backit keyboard wiki commons

Microsoft Feedback Form Hints at a Dedicated Office Key for Keyboards

A private survey hints at Microsoft's plans to push a physical Office key, but it's currently unclear what its functions would be.

Huawei Laptops Return to the Microsoft Store despite Executive Order

Microsoft is taking advantage of the ability to legally sell existing inventory to dump its remaining Huawei laptops. The company says this decision was announced after extensive evaluation.

Microsoft Continues GitHub Spending Spree with Pull Panda Acquisition

Microsoft's acquisition of Pull Panda will improve GitHub's analytics, reminders, and more for pull requests and code reviews. The app's features will debut on the site soon but will continue to be available separately in the meantime.

Windows 10 Adds 10 Indic Languages to Virtual Phonetic Keyboard

Speakers of 10 Indic languages can now use the phonetic keyboard on Windows 10 and receive suggestions in their language.
Excel Startup Windows Screenshot

Microsoft Excel Insiders Can Now Use Dynamic Arrays

Dynamic Arrays is a tool for Microsoft Excel that allows formulas to be outputted across multiple cells as a list.

Microsoft Surface Pen Patent Suggests Apple Touch Bar-Style Digital Strip

A new Microsoft patent for a Surface Pen update showcases a digital strip that will allow the pen to act as a standalone computing device.


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