Google’s Pixelbook Go Prototype Is Showcased in New Leak

The Pixelbook Go will feature up to 16GB RAM, an i7 processor, and 4K 13.3" screen. It also comes with an intriguing corrugated design.

Microsoft Is Prepping the Windows 10 November 2019 Update for Its Final Release

The Windows 10 November 2019 update is currently rolling out to Release Preview Insiders, bringing minor changes to the Start Menu, Calendar widget, and more.

Surface Pro 7 LTE Variant Not in Microsoft’s Current Plans

Microsoft says it has no current plans to launch a Surface Pro 7 variant, although the company says it will listen to feedback.

Microsoft Partners with NIST to Develop Hygiene Patching Program

Microsoft and NIST want to create a more robust patch environment for organizations through the creation of the Critical Cybersecurity Hygiene: Patching the Enterprise Project.

MSN News Reintroduces Comments Section Following 2017 Removal

Microsoft says its MSN News service will now allow comments to be added by users on a limited selection of articles.

Microsoft To-Do on Android Receives Automatic Mode Selection

A new update for Microsoft To-Do has introduced an automatic switcher between light and dark modes depending on system settings.

Microsoft Garage’s SketchPal for Surface Aims to Make Windows 10 Drawing Easier

SketchPal is a new Microsoft Garage application that integrates with new Surface devices, including the Surface Pen and Surface Dial.

Microsoft Customers Receive Surface pro 7 Two Weeks Early

One Redditor says he received the Surface Pro 7 already, despite Microsoft’s new device not shipping until October 22.

AMD Looks to Chiplet Approach to Spur Innovation in CPU Market

AMD says it is intrigued by chiplet manufacturing in the CPU market as a way to overcome slowing innovation trends.

Huawei Achieves 3.67Gbps 5G Performance Milestone

Huawei has posted a new 5G performance milestone in real-world conditions by leverage C-Band spectrum without using millimeter wave tech.

Analyst: Apple to Debut iPhone-Powered AR Headset in 2020

According to new information, Apple is preparing an augmented reality headset that will be tethered to iPhone or iPad.
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Microsoft Launches Reduced October 2019 Patch Tuesday

Microsoft has rolled out a small October 2019 Patch Tuesday with no zero-days, just 59 bug fixes and only nine deemed critical.
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UK and US Agencies Warn of VPN Vulnerabilities that Have Been Exploited

UK and US authorities say VPN services Palo Alto Networks, Fortinet, and Pulse Secure have vulnerabilities that allows APT group attacks.

Microsoft Brings Call Support to Your Phone, Expanding Surface Duo Functionality

Ahead of launching the Surface Duo next year, Microsoft is beefing up Your Phone and has added call support on the Inside.

Microsoft Expands Airband TV White Spaces Project

Microsoft is bringing its Airband internet connectivity technology to parts of Africa and South America in an effort to reach 40 million people.

Microsoft Mechanics Offers Breakdown of New Surface Devices

A video from Microsoft Mechanics takes a deeper dive on the Surface Pro X, Surface Pro 7, and Surface Laptop 3.

Microsoft Reveals AccountGuard Software Uncovered Iran-Backed Phosphorus Attack

Microsoft’s AccountGuard found an attack by Phosphorus that targeted the U.S. presidential campaign, with four accounts breached.

Microsoft’s Samsung Collaboration Points to Single Office Mobile App for All Platforms

Samsung devices have an Office Mobile app instead of separate Office services, hinting at a wider Microsoft mobile productivity plan.

October 2019 Xbox Update Arrives with New Mixer Viewing Experience

Elsewhere in the October 2019 Xbox Update, Microsoft has added notifications for Wish List items and Family Settings improvements.

Sony Shares More about the PS5, including Major Controller Improvements

The PS5 will launch in 2020 with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in its controllers, as well as hardware-based raytracing and UI improvements.


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