Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager Receives Update 1910

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager has been updated with Windows Autopilot and Desktop Analytics support.

Microsoft Research Soundscape App Helps Visually Impaired Navigate

Microsoft’s Soundscape app is available on iOS and uses Bing mapping technology to provide audio cues to visually impaired users.
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Microsoft Reveals Dynamics 365 Apps will be Replaced by LinkedIn Tools

Dynamics 365 Talent Attract and Talent Onboard will be replaced by LinkedIn Talent Hub, which combines Recruiter and Jobs.

WhatsApp Adds Much-Requested Call Waiting Feature

WhatsApp on Android now has a call waiting feature that alerts users on a call when another call is incoming on the platform.
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Huawei to Enter Windows 10 on ARM Market With its Own Hardware

Huawei is reportedly working on its first ever Windows 10 on ARM laptop but won’t use Qualcomm’s ARM processors.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Development Roadmap Receives Update

The updated Microsoft Flight Simulator DR shows a partnership with Cub Crafters, while the Tech Alpha 2 recruitment is closing.

Microsoft Confirms Surface Duo and Surface Neo will Support Existing Apps

However, for the Surface Duo, Android applications will only work on one of the screens as Microsoft works on a solution.

Microsoft Patent Shows off a Detachable Inking Display for Surface Books

The patent shows either a full tablet that could replace a Surface Book's keyboard or a small display next to the touchpad.

The Windows 10 November 2019 Update Is Officially Rolling out to All

The Windows 10 November 2019 update is now rolling out to all, with automatic feature updates coming to 1809 users over the coming months.

Microsoft Brings Math Solver to Android

Previously available on iOS, Math Solver is now on Android, providing AI-powered answers to math problems at school level.

Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon XR2 5G Platform for Use in Mixed Reality

The Snapdragon XR2 will offer 2x the GPU performance of the Oculus Quests 835 chip while enabling advanced tracking and low-latency augmented reality.

How Microsoft is Using Fluent Design to Redefine the Mobile User Experience

Microsoft has recently explained how Fluent Design is leading its UI push across Office apps as the company aims to reimagine mobile use.

Microsoft AirSim Updated to Improve Game of Drones AI Capabilities

Microsoft says it has improved various aspects of AirSim to improve Game of Drones integration with the artificial intelligence simulator.
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Surface Book Batteries Causing a Fire Risk Are Not Covered by Warranty

Users who experiencing battery issues with their original Surface Book devices will need to pay $599 for a replacement.

WhatsApp Gains Productivity Push with Task Management Integration

WhatsApp users who also subscribe to can now manage tasks directly in the messaging app thanks to an integrated bot.

Microsoft Is Working on a next-Gen IoT OS Based on Windows 10X

Microsoft is looking for candidates to help build the next-generation of IoT, with Windows 10X serving as a strong base.

Microsoft Details Redesign of Its Main Office Mobile Apps

Microsoft's redesigns will focus on microproductivity and dark modes, alongside new icons and color palettes.

Microsoft Confirms That Project xCloud Is Coming to Windows 10 on ARM

Microsoft says xCloud will launch for Windows 10 on ARM next year, and it may be able to tap into the Snapdragon 8cx's 5G capabilities.

Microsoft 365 Life Will Reportedly Launch next Year with Bundled Password Manager

Microsoft 365 Life will reportedly replace the Office 365 branding and include some consumer-focused features.

Microsoft and KPMG Announce $5bn Multi-Year Cloud Partnership

KPMG has adopted Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 across its organization, while naming Microsoft Azure its preferred cloud platform.


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