Microsoft Support Pages Suggest Surface Laptop 4 Will Launch Soon

Official support pages show the Surface Laptop 4 will come with AMD and Intel variants. The device could be announced next week.

Windows 10 to Get Floating Gadgets from Microsoft Edge

Joining the new dashboard is a new floating search gadget, bringing Microsoft Edge searches to Windows 10 thanks to Desktop Gadgets-inspired integration.
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Microsoft Build 2021 Coming Next Month with What’s Next for Gaming Event

Microsoft says all-virtual Build 2021 will be held May 25 to 27 and it looks like a What’s Next for Gaming event will be part of the conference.

Report: Apple and Google Continue Taking Telemetry Data Even When Users Opt Out

A new academic report shows Apple and Google are taking user device data even if the user chooses not to share telemetry.

Discord Announces Stage Channel Amid Microsoft Buyout Rumors

While rumors of Microsoft’s interest in Discord continue, the company has announced a new Stage channel for live streaming.

GitHub Mobile App Gets Notification-Focused Update

The latest update for Microsoft’s GitHub Mobile experience gives users much more control over notifications on iOS and Android.

Microsoft Security Signals Report Shows Firmware Attacks On Enterprises are Common

However, despite firmware attacks happening to most companies, the Security Signals report shows many are ignoring the risk.

Microsoft Signs $21 Billion HoloLens Deal with U.S. Military

Despite potential employee protests, Microsoft has extended a HoloLens partnership with the military.

Microsoft Expands Digital Skills Learning Initiative Through 2021

Microsoft says it’s Digital Skills Learning initiative is coming to more people during this year, after more than 30 million have already used the project.

LinkedIn Creator Mode Signals Microsoft’s Push into the Creators Space

Microsoft has announced a new LinkedIn Creators Mode that gives creators more specific tools on the business social media platform.

Microsoft PowerPoint Gets Auto Fix Tool for the Web

Auto Fix on Microsoft PowerPoint will automatically format slides in a presentation, although it is only available on the web.
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Microsoft Project Reunion 0.5 Launches to Change Windows 10 Development

Microsoft’s Project Reunion is reaching Version 0.5, the first production stable build of the new Windows 10 development platform.

Microsoft Teams Gets Bounty Program with Rewards up to $30,000

Microsoft Teams now has a bounty program that rewards security researchers if they can find an demonstrate vulnerabilities.
How and where to buy a Microsoft Office license

How and Where to Legally Buy a Microsoft Office License

Find out where to buy fully legal Microsoft Office Licenses at discount prices.

Windows Sandbox Receives New Runtime to Boost Performance

Microsoft is rolling out a Windows 10 preview that gives Windows Sandbox a new runtime to deliver better performance.

Microsoft Exchange Server Attackers Target KrebsOnSecurity

In an effort to delegitimize noted security researcher KrebsOnSecurity, Microsoft Exchange Server hackers are using domains mimicking the researcher.

Microsoft Moves Windows 10 Taskbar to Its Own Code Location

The Windows 10 taskbar is moving from Explorer.exe to its own Taskbar.dll location on current Windows Insider previews.

Leaked Audio Shows Microsoft is Struggling to Reach Potential Exchange Server Exploit Victims

Microsoft says many companies potentially affected by an Exchange Server attack have not patched and cannot be contacted.

Microsoft SMS Organizer Gets OnePlus-Focused Android Update

Microsoft SMS Organizer on Android now has a snack bar for battery optimization for OnePlus smartphones on the platfrom.

Yammer Receives Guest Access Powered by Microsoft Azure B2B

Microsoft has brought Azure B2B to all Yammer users in the form of Guest Access, that adds security when sharing externally.