Thai Police Seizes $21 Million in Assets from Late ‘Alphabay Founder’ Alexandre Cazes

Alexandre Cazes was the alleged creator of the darknet marketplace Alphabay and faced charges of identity theft, narcotics distribution, money laundering, and more. He committed suicide in prison a week after his arrest.
Microsoft  October Event Paint D

Microsoft Won’t Kill Paint Completely: 32-Year Old App Will Continue Its Life in the...

Microsoft has allayed fears of Paint's death, announcing that it will return as a Windows Store app, while many features will be built into Paint 3D. It's not yet known when the new app will launch.

Mike Ybarra Confirms USB Webcam Support and UI Changes for the Xbox One X

The Xbox One X will keep the same UI as the other consoles, but all will change significantly, confirms Xbox CVP Mike Ybarra. There have also been hints of performance improvements, and steady support for both USB devices and plug and play hard drive functionality.

Foxconn Close to Announcing U.S. Manufacturing Plant and States Race for Investment

Large-scale electronics development is coming back to the United States. Foxconn is close to announcing a $7 billion facility and will create thousands of jobs in the Midwest.

Google Chrome Won Browser War Argues Former Mozilla CTO

Using aggressive marketing, Chrome has grown to an uncatchable market position while Firefox has declined dramatically, says Andreas Gal. While Mozilla faces a struggle, can Microsoft give Edge a chance against Chrome?

Xbox One X Passes Approvals, Pre-Orders Coming Soon

Phil Spencer says the Xbox One X has passed regulatory approval and pre-order information will be detailed soon. Microsoft could open pre-order sales around the Gamescon event in August.

32M Starts RFID Chip Implant Program for Employees

Three Square Market (32M) employees can now choose to be implanted with RFID chips to make productivity, identification, and payment processing easier.
Qualcomm Snapdragon Official

Qualcomm Documentation Shows Snapdragon 845, the Next Generation of Windows 10 on ARM

While customers are awaiting Windows 10 on ARM through the Snapdragon 835, Qualcomm is already working on the Snapdragon 845. The next-generation chip will be launched next year and continue Microsoft’s push towards business mobile devices.

German Company EWE Develops Flow Battery Project to Power Berlin for an Hour

Currently in late planning, the flow battery project called “brine4power” will allow EWE to use current underground gas storage chambers to house a cell that can provide cleaner and more efficient energy to Berlin.

Microsoft: Our Halo TV Series Is Still in Active Development

Steven Spielberg remains the lead creative partner for the upcoming Halo TV show which is supposed to broadcast in the United States on Showtime.