Microsoft’s Q3 2019 Earnings Call: What to Expect

Microsoft will reveal its Q3 2019 earnings call later today, with the company likely to at least match analyst expectations.

Microsoft Launches Security Policy Advisor for Office 365 ProPlus

Security Policy Advisor for Office 365 ProPlus is available now in preview and offering comprehensive security help to organizations.
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Microsoft Chromium Edge Preview to Arrive on Mac Before Windows 7/8.1

The Chromium Edge preview seems to be heading to macOS 10.12 before it comes to Microsoft’s own Windows legacy builds.

Google Chrome 74 Arrives Promising Windows Dark Mode Support

But users of the new Chrome 74 release say dark mode functionality is not available. Elsewhere, other new features arrived on the browser alongside 29 security fixes.

Microsoft Blocks Windows 10 May 2019 Update for Users with External Storage

A subset of PC users will not be able to upgrade to the Windows 10 May 2019 Update if they use an SD card or USB hard drive.

Google’s Signed Exchanges for AMP Sites Causes Backlash from Apple and Mozilla

Signed Exchanges for AMP would allow Google to mimic the original URL of a website despite the company hosting the content.

Samsung Galaxy View 2 Render Shows Folding Hinge Technology

Samsung Galaxy View 2 renders point to a folding hinge mechanism that doubles as a stand and screen lid for the oversized Android tablet.

McAfee Joins the List of Anti-Viruses Broken by Windows 7’s April Security Updates

A Windows 7 and 8.1 security update has caused issues for McAfee users, slowing down or causing unresponsiveness on boot or restart.

Google Maps Adds Real-Time Electric Charging Station Info in the US and UK

Drivers can now look on Google Maps for real-time information regarding the availability of charging stations for their electric vehicles.

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Receive Files Restore Feature

Nearly a year after it arrived on OneDrive, Files Restore is available on Teams and SharePoint, allowing users to restore to a point within 30 days.

Microsoft To-Do Gets Planner Integration in Latest Beta Update

Microsoft To-Do users are now able to access assigned Planner tasks via a new list. After linking the apps, 'Assigned to Me' will automatically populate with the latest additions.

Microsoft Employees Urge GitHub to Keep China’s 996 Working Hours Protest Alive

Microsoft employees are calling for their company to ensure 996.ICU remains on GitHub while adding their support for a tech worker reform in the country.

You Can Now View Traffic Cameras via Bing Maps

Bing Maps now lets users view the latest traffic camera images along their route, enabling easy assessment of traffic and weather conditions.
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Microsoft Confirms That Paint Will Remain in Windows 10 ‘for Now’

After months of warnings, Microsoft has decided to delay the removal of Paint from Windows 10. The company initially planned to replace the app with Paint 3D.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold Won’t Launch This Friday after Broken Screens

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be delayed as Samsung attempts to resolve screen issues. Further information will arrive in the coming weeks.

Office Apps to Support Instant Account Manager Switching

Users of Office apps on Windows can switch between pro and personal accounts through a new Account Manager experience.
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Android Wi-Fi App Leaked Millions of Wi-Fi Network Passwords

A popular Wi-Fi hotspot finder for Android left a database of Wi-Fi network passwords completely unprotected and exposed.
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LinkedIn Announces Teammates Feature for Prioritizing Posts

LinkedIn will now organize posts by priority for users who access the upcoming Teammates feature on mobile and desktop.
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Qt Company Could Drop Universal Windows Platform for Qt 6 Release

Universal Windows Platform support could be removed from the next version of the Qt tool-kit software update.

Microsoft Introduces PWABuilder 2.0 General Availability

PWABuilder 2.0 is now generally available, bringing a new design and several API tools for better PWA pacakaging.


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