Google Improves Gmail Grammar Checker with Microsoft Office-Like Tool

Google has improved grammar and spell checking on its Gmail client, including suggested grammar changes based on AI.

Microsoft Adds Developer PowerShell to Visual Studio 2019

With Developer PowerShell, Visual Studio 2019 users have an alternative to the Command Prompt tool through version 16.2.

Microsoft Launchers 5.8 Beta Lands on Android with Intune Integration

Microsoft has rolled out Microsoft Launcher 5.8 through its beta app with a new automatic icon placement tool.

Microsoft Cools Plans for Xbox Titles on Nintendo Switch

A Microsoft spokesperson says the company has no further plans to bring Xbox titles to the Nintendo Switch console.

Microsoft’s Collections Feature Debuts on Chromium Edge

Collections makes gathering web information easier and has now launched on Chromium Edge Canary development channel.

Microsoft Debuts New Feedback Hub for Windows Insiders

A new user interface is available for the Windows 10 Feedback Hub, which is available for Insiders on the Fast Ring and Skip Ahead.

Microsoft Launches Chromium Edge Beta Channel as Stable Leak Replaces Classic App

Microsoft has announced Chromium Edge beta is now available on Windows and Mac. A recently leaked stable Edge build shows the company will replace the UWP application.

Microsoft Details Chromium Edge Roadmap for September and October

Microsoft has also discussed user requests in Chromium Edge, including the ability to hide the Bing Bar and themes from Chrome.
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Microsoft Rolls out Enterprise Features to the Windows 10 19H2 Slow Ring

Microsoft is rolling out two Windows 10 19H2 builds, one enabling enterprise-focused features and improved explorer search, and the other disabling all new features by default.

Nvidia Delivers GPU Driver Update with Low Latency Mode

At Gamescom 2019, Nvidia also announced a Sharpen Freestyle feature and integer scaling for its PC graphics processors.
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US States Are Reportedly Launching an Antitrust Investigation into Tech Giants

US State Attorney's are reportedly moving forward with an investigation into Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Apple, which draws parallels to 1992 action against Microsoft.
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Windows 10 20H1 Will Let You Uninstall Paint and WordPad

Paint and WordPad are on track to become optional features as of Windows 10 20H1, meaning users can remove them from the OS.
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VLC Media Player Vulnerabilities Let Attackers Take over a PC with a Simple Video...

A total of 15 vulnerabilities in VLC Media Player let attackers craft malicious video files that have the ability to perform actions without a user's consent. The issues have since been patched.

Microsoft’s SMS Organizer App Hides Away Offer and Reminder Spam

SMS Organizer automatically filter promotional messages, while allowing easy status tracking, dictation, expense tracking, and more.
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Apple’s Former Siri Head Is Joining Microsoft as CVP of Technology

Bill Stasior will work in the Office of Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott to align the company's general technology strategy.

Microsoft Gives Chromium Edge Global Media Controls

Microsoft has released global media controls for Chromium Edge, allowing users to control playback across all tabs.
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Microsoft Acquires JClarity to Extend Azure’s Java Capabilities

Microsoft has purchased AdoptOpenJDK contributor JCalrity in an effort to expand Java support on the Azure platform.

GitHub Announces New Cloud Partners for Token Scanning

GitHub is this week expanding its token scanning feature to work with more cloud service providers, including Discord and Dropbox.

Microsoft Updates Older Windows 10 Versions with Bug Fixes

Microsoft has patched old Windows 10 versions with several optional updates that target known issues on the platform.

Microsoft Contractors Earn Measly Wage for Transcribing Cortana

Microsoft has admitted its contractors listen to Cortana user commands, and it seems the company does not pay much for the role.


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