Worldwide PC Shipments to Rebound with 8% Growth in 2024, Says Canalys

The global PC market is projected to return to its 2019 shipment levels by next year, with growth driven by a stronger holiday season forecast

Google Urges UK Regulators to Take Antitrust Measures Against Microsoft in Cloud Dispute

Google has accused Microsoft of anti-competitive practices in the UK cloud market, claiming Microsoft's licensing practices force customers into using Microsoft's Azure cloud services

Researchers Uncover Zoom Rooms Vulnerability Allowing Unauthorized Access

Researchers have discovered a critical vulnerability in Zoom Rooms that could allow attackers to access sensitive data.

Amazon Redshift Enhances User Experience with Generative SQL Capabilities

AWS unveils AI-centric updates, including Generative SQL for Amazon Redshift, vector search for various databases, and responsible AI features for Titan Image Generator.
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ChatGPT Vulnerability Revealed: Repeating Words Triggers Training Data Leakage

Researchers found that prompting ChatGPT to repeat a word repeatedly can extract its training data. OpenAI has yet to respond.

Microsoft Announces Preview of Azure Confidential AI with Nvidia GPUs

Microsoft is partnering with Nvidia to bring confidential AI capabilities to Azure, using encryption technology to protect data and models during execution.

Dell’s Server Backlog Grows as AI Demand Skyrockets

Dell's AI server demand is high, leading to a 39-week wait time. The company is exploring alternative computing options to Nvidia's GPUs.

Meta Files Lawsuit Claiming FTC Oversteps Constitutional Authority

Meta has sued the FTC, arguing that the agency lacks the authority to impose new privacy restrictions on the company.
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BLUFFS Attacks Threaten Billions of Bluetooth-Enabled Devices Worldwide

New Bluetooth vulnerabilities, dubbed BLUFFS, allow attackers to break Bluetooth security and compromise devices.

Amazon Web Services Introduces Guardrails for Enhanced Safety of Language Models

AWS introduces Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock to help companies deploy safe and compliant language models.

Google Workspace Vulnerabilities: Attackers Exploit SSO Features in Windows Systems

Google's single sign-on (SSO) integration with Windows can be exploited to navigate laterally within corporate networks, bypassing traditional security measures.

Microsoft’s Phone Link App Could Gain Webcam Feature via Android Devices

Microsoft's Phone Link app may soon let you use your Android phone as a webcam for Windows PCs.

Microsoft Unveils Complimentary Azure Expert Assessment for Cloud Migration

Microsoft offers a new Azure Expert Assessment service to help organizations plan and cost their cloud migrations.
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BEUC Files Complaint Against Meta Over Alleged Unfair Practices in Europe

EU consumer group BEUC files complaint against Meta over ad-free subscription service, alleging unfair practices.

Google DeepMind Develops GNoME to Accelerate Materials Science

Google DeepMind AI's GNoME predicts 2.2 million new crystal structures, potentially revolutionizing materials science and technology.

Microsoft Gains Insight into OpenAI with New Non-Voting Board Position

OpenAI reinstates Sam Altman as CEO,Microsoft gains a non-voting observer seat on OpenAI's board.

Microsoft Sets Read-Only Date for TechNet Wiki Amid MSDN and TechNet Discontinuation

Microsoft TechNet Wiki will become read-only on December 5, 2023. Users can still access existing content but cannot make edits.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 to Receive Last Cumulative Updates in 2024

Microsoft will release two more cumulative updates for Exchange Server 2019 in 2024, even though the product is no longer in mainstream support.

Microsoft Unveils SharePoint Embedded Platform for Custom App Creation

Microsoft has released a new platform called SharePoint Embedded that allows businesses to develop custom applications

Samsung Internet Browser Debuts on Windows PCs via Microsoft Store

Samsung has released its Samsung Internet browser for Windows PC. The browser is available for free on the Microsoft Store