YouTube Announces New Logo and App Ecosystem

In its first major design overhaul, YouTube has a new logo that focuses on the company’s famous play button. The overhaul also includes wider new features and plans for the future.

Microsoft Extends OpenAI Partnership With $1 Billion Investment for AI Development in Azure

Microsoft has invested $1 billion in OpenAI, which will use Azure to work with Microsoft to develop beneficial AI solutions.
Microsoft Lumia  Microsoft

Microsoft is Working on Smartphones in 2017, Surface Phone Coming 2019

A new report points to a new Windows 10 Mobile device coming this year. However, this will not the Surface Phone, which could be delayed until 2019. Does this raise some serious questions about whether the Surface Phone exists?
Photos Windows  Microsoft

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Photos Media Engine Add-on to Improve Search Functionality

Windows 10 Photos has received an add-on to bring advanced search functionality, including people, objects, and locations. It's currently unclear what it adds over the normal Photos app.
Chromium Edge beta sign up page

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Browser Is Now Open for Beta Sign-Ups

Users can now sign up for the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge, with the first builds expected to ship in early 2019. Other than Chrome extensions, it's unclear what users can expect.

Microsoft Denies MicroVision Acquisition Rumors

According to a shared voice recording from Microsofts Mixed Reality Defense Specialist Alison Fehling, stories about a supposed acquisition of MicroVision are false rumors.

Microsoft Confirms Windows 10 is Shutting Down Due to USB Printer Flaw

However, this Windows 10 bug is obscure and not widespread, while it can also be mitigated. Microsoft is working on a fix.

Graphics Card Prices Continue to Rise with Ethereum Mining Boom

A boom in Ethereum mining has resulted in shortages of graphics card across the world and therefore huge price hikes. Cards like The GTX 1070 are currently selling for up to $700 on Amazon.

Microsoft Virtual Academy Shuttering in 2019, Replaced by Microsoft Learn

Microsoft says it will phase out the Microsoft Virtual Academy during 2019 as Microsoft Learn becomes replacement learning resource.

Xbox Game Bar Crashing with Error 0x803F8001? Here Is a Quick Fix!

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Bar is not working properly today due to a server-side error. Below we will show you how to fix the feature.
DirectX Microsoft Developers Official

Microsoft Simplifies Multi-GPU Support for DirectX 12 Developers

A new abstraction for DirectX 12 allows developers to mount multiple video cards without needing deep coding, with Microsoft to debut the feature soon.

Microsoft’s Windows Finally Passed by Android Among Internet Users

Information from StatCounter shows that for the first time, Android has taken over Windows as the platform most used for internet. While the lead is tiny, it reflects a shift away from PCs to mobile devices.
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Xbox Live Threat Issued by Hackers for Christmas

A hacking group called R.I.U. Star Patrol says it will target Xbox Live and the Sony’s PlayStation Network this Christmas. The group has already conducted an attack on Tumblr this week and says it is doing it just for fun.

Microsoft Discontinuing Windows 10 Steps Recorder and Replacing with Xbox Game Recorder

The Windows 10 Steps Recorder allows users to record steps to troubleshoot a problem and get a more accurate diagnosis. It seems that Microsoft is stopping support for the feature in favor of using the Xbox Game Recorder.
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Microsoft Solitaire Collection Gets a Long-Overdue Update on Windows 10

Microsoft Solitaire Collection now features a level up system. Users can utilize it to track their progress across multiple game modes.
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Microsoft Strikes Office 365 Partnership with SBI in India

The State Bank of India will now use Microsoft’s Office 365 for its productivity needs across 222,033 employees. The deal follows similar collaborations with Flipkart and Tata Motors.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Surface Phone with Windows C-Shell Could be Coming Soon

A new report points to two sources who say the Surface Phone is in deep development and will launch with Microsoft’s C-Shell for Windows.

Microsoft Working on Stripped Down Windows 10 Lean for Redstone 5

An installer for a Windows 10 Lean version of the OS has been found in Redstone 5 previews, but is this a new mode or a separate SKU?
Xamarin Visual Studio free

Build 2016: Microsoft Talks Xamarin, Coming Free to Visual Studio with an iOS Emulator

Xamarin is Microsoft’s way to easily create cross platform applications in single code, and it is coming free to Visual Studio users.
Power Bi Home Microsoft Official

Microsoft Releases New Power BI JavaScript API

The JavaScript API allows applications and reports to communicate with each other, allowing for more advanced filtering and more control over page navigation.