Chromium Edge beta sign up page

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Browser Is Now Open for Beta Sign-Ups

Users can now sign up for the Chromium version of Microsoft Edge, with the first builds expected to ship in early 2019. Other than Chrome extensions, it's unclear what users can expect.

Microsoft’s Windows Finally Passed by Android Among Internet Users

Information from StatCounter shows that for the first time, Android has taken over Windows as the platform most used for internet. While the lead is tiny, it reflects a shift away from PCs to mobile devices.
Xbox  Microsoft Official

Xbox Live Threat Issued by Hackers for Christmas

A hacking group called R.I.U. Star Patrol says it will target Xbox Live and the Sony’s PlayStation Network this Christmas. The group has already conducted an attack on Tumblr this week and says it is doing it just for fun.

YouTube Announces New Logo and App Ecosystem

In its first major design overhaul, YouTube has a new logo that focuses on the company’s famous play button. The overhaul also includes wider new features and plans for the future.
DirectX Microsoft Developers Official

Microsoft Simplifies Multi-GPU Support for DirectX 12 Developers

A new abstraction for DirectX 12 allows developers to mount multiple video cards without needing deep coding, with Microsoft to debut the feature soon.

Microsoft Gives Sticky Notes Always on Top Button

Microsoft’s support and love for Sticky Notes is continuing with a feature that allows users to pin notes to the top of documents.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Surface Phone with Windows C-Shell Could be Coming Soon

A new report points to two sources who say the Surface Phone is in deep development and will launch with Microsoft’s C-Shell for Windows.
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Microsoft Strikes Office 365 Partnership with SBI in India

The State Bank of India will now use Microsoft’s Office 365 for its productivity needs across 222,033 employees. The deal follows similar collaborations with Flipkart and Tata Motors.
Power Bi Home Microsoft Official

Microsoft Releases New Power BI JavaScript API

The JavaScript API allows applications and reports to communicate with each other, allowing for more advanced filtering and more control over page navigation.

Microsoft Discontinuing Windows 10 Steps Recorder and Replacing with Xbox Game Recorder

The Windows 10 Steps Recorder allows users to record steps to troubleshoot a problem and get a more accurate diagnosis. It seems that Microsoft is stopping support for the feature in favor of using the Xbox Game Recorder.

IBM Research’s Fingernail Sensor Can Detect Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

IBM's fingernail sensor can determine grip strength, as well as pinpoint the activities users are performing with a high degree of accuracy. The device could help to monitor symptoms for a variety of ailments.

Microsoft Has Just Killed Skype Classic in Response to Unfixable Security Bug [UPDATE]

A recently discovered flaw in the classic Skype updater has resulted in Microsoft seemingly killing off the classic Skype experience. Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users could be left without a downloadable Skype solution.

Microsoft Virtual Academy Shuttering in 2019, Replaced by Microsoft Learn

Microsoft says it will phase out the Microsoft Virtual Academy during 2019 as Microsoft Learn becomes replacement learning resource.
Spotify Gaming Category Own

The Leak Boat Publishes Passwords of up to 9,000 Hacked Spotify Accounts Online

A list reveals the username and password of over 6,400 Spotify accounts, all seemingly free users. Hacking group The Leak Boat promises this is part of a wider set of leaks that it calls the 'Lulzpocolypse', with details of several Wizard 101 accounts also published.

HoloLens Gets First Porn App, the 3D Holo Girlfriend

Feeling lonely and in need of some love? Microsoft HoloLens has an app for that thanks to the 3D Hologroup’s 3D Holo Girlfriend.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

Microsoft Executive Hints Surface Phone as Patent Development Continues

Microsoft’s Indian president has not ruled out a Surface Phone being released. In the meantime, it seems Microsoft continues to work on the rumored flagship and has solved one design problem.
Surface phone render Bartlomiej Tarnowski

New Rumors Emerge about Surface Phone Prototype, with Specs, Display Size and OS

The Surface Phone prototype is rumored to have a 5.5" QHD display, up to 6GB of RAM, the Snapdragon 835 and Quick Charge 4.0.
The new file system connector for Microsoft Flow.

Microsoft Flow Updated with Switch Case, Search by Service, and Local File System Support

Microsoft Flow has been updated with several new services, including Stripe, Informix, and UserVoice. Several new features are also available, including improved email handling, local or network file system support, and the ability to search by service.

Microsoft Brings AVIF Support to Windows 10 Through File Explorer and Paint

Windows 10 will support AVIF image files from the release of the 19H1 branch, with support coming to File Explorer and Paint.
surface phone

[UPDATE] Alledged Surface Phone Leak Appears Fake, Wears Outdated Carl Zeiss Branding

The photos come from a well-known source for smartphone leaks in China. A Microsoft tag on its back calling it Surface Phone give them a real look, but the outdated Carl Zeiss branding reveals that they are just mock ups.


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