Build 2020: Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare Launches as Unified Health Platform

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare is an industry-focused cloud solution developed for healthcare organizations.
SwiftKey Beta Google Play

Microsoft’s SwiftKey Keyboard Gets Android 11 Support

A new update for SwiftKey brings it in line with the latest Android release, while also focusing on some tweaks and improvements.
Xbox all access graphic

You Can Now Grab a US Xbox All Access Subscription Online

US customers can order their Xbox All Access subscription online and get it delivered to their door for a limited time period. The deal offers significant savings on the Xbox One S but few for the X.
Xbox One S leak via neogaf

Xbox One S Leaks Ahead of E3: 40% Smaller, Starts at $299

The rumours of Microsoft launching a “slim” Xbox One at E3 press conference are quite real. Multiple NeoGAF members have posted images of the new Xbox One S, pointing to a major design overhaul for...

Microsoft Finalizes Windows 10 20H1 Ahead of Spring Launch

Microsoft has reportedly finalized Windows 10 20H1 with the release of preview build 19041 on the Windows Insider Program.
Lumia  Microsoft Store

Windows Phone Problems Highlighted by Norwegian Authorities Dumping Platform

Over 100 local authorities in Norway will drop Windows Phone in favor of Android. A lack of hardware from OEMs is being mooted as the reason, showing Microsoft’s problem in pushing Windows to the business world.

Mortal Kombat 11 Now Supports Xbox One and PS4 Cross-Play

Mortal Kombat 11 lets PS4 and Xbox One players face off in a beta of its cross-play feature. PC, Switch, and Stadia functionality isn't available at this time.

Microsoft Azure Is Reportedly Running out of VMs in U.S. East Regions

Some users have been unable to provision US East VMs, and are being told that Microsoft is at capacity in those data centers.

Chinese Teen Splurges $100,000 on Inke App, No Refunds Coming

A Chinese woman is appealing to courts to get a refund from the Inke app after her daughter showered gifts on broadcasters to the tune of $99,300.
Cloudready Neverware official

This Software Turns Old And Slow PCs Into Fast Chromebooks

Neverware has created a software program for turning old Windows and Mac PCs into Chromebooks. Dubbed as Cloudready, the new cloud-based operating system based on Chromium OS takes few minutes to revive any Windows-based computer.
atari flashbackbox one atgames

Atari Brings 100 Classic Video Games to Xbox One

The comprehensive collection is split into two volumes with each volume having 50 games.
Windows  Microsoft Answers Official

Microsoft Details Monthly Rollup Plan for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

After confirming it was moving to a universal monthly rollup strategy, Microsoft has expanded on its plans. The company will send dedicated security fixes and previews each month to help avoid legacy Windows builds from becoming fragmented.
Microsoft Logo Microsoft Official

Microsoft Design Guru Peter Skillman Has Departed the Company

Peter Skillman oversaw a redesign of Skype and Outlook while at Microsoft but has now left to join an unnamed company.

Google Chrome Won Browser War Argues Former Mozilla CTO

Using aggressive marketing, Chrome has grown to an uncatchable market position while Firefox has declined dramatically, says Andreas Gal. While Mozilla faces a struggle, can Microsoft give Edge a chance against Chrome?

Microsoft Explains “Missing” Windows 10 Fresh Start Tool

Windows 10 Fresh Start has been missing from the platform since the Windows 10 May 2020 Update but Microsoft says it has just been moved.
Xbox Live

Xbox Live Tournaments Program: Microsoft Releases SDK for E-Sports Tournaments Run by Game Developers

Xbox Live-powered virtual gaming tournaments, supported by FaceIt and the Electronic Sports League, are coming to Xbox One and PC.
OneNote Windows Store Microsoft

Microsoft Updates OneNote for Windows 10

The Universal Windows Platform version of OneNote for Windows 10 now allows users to highlight text and conduct one-click formatting. Individual page sharing is now possible via viewing links and note creation can be conducted on all account types.
China Flag Wikipedia

Tencent Warns Google TensorFlow Users about Vulnerability in AI Platform

Chinese tech giant Tencent says Google’s TensorFlow has a critical vulnerability that could allow hackers access to AI code being written by programmers.

HoloLens 2 Preview Update Brings Chromium Microsoft Edge

HoloLens 2 is finally getting the new Microsoft Edge experience, although with some limitations because of version availability.

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s SDK Preview Is Now Planned for mid Janurary

The Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK preview has been pushed back to mid-January, with a full release following in March.