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Nokia CEO at MWC 2016: Smartphone Return When Time Is Right

The Finnish company and former mobile leader has not made a smartphone since selling the Lumia brand to Microsoft two years ago.

Microsoft Debuts New Windows Terminal Application

Microsoft’s new command line app Windows Terminal can now be downloaded in preview from the Microsoft Store.
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Microsoft Releases ML.NET 0.6 with Machine Learning APIs

ML.NET 0.6 has been rolled out this week, allowing .NET developers to access new APIs that improve machine learning models.

Microsoft’s Samsung Collaboration Points to Single Office Mobile App for All Platforms

Samsung devices have an Office Mobile app instead of separate Office services, hinting at a wider Microsoft mobile productivity plan.

OneDrive Becomes Default Save Location on Office 365

Microsoft says Office 365 users will now be presented with OneDrive as the default save location to help protect documents.
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Microsoft Ventures Opens AI for Good Prize Competition to Find AI Innovation

AI for Good Prize is a Microsoft Ventures global competition that incentivizes start-up companies to create innovative AI-based technology.

Intel: New Rocket Lake Flagship Beats AMD Ryzen 9 Rival in Benchmark Test

Intel says an internal comparison between its flagship Rocker Lake S chip and the nearest AMD Ryzen 9 shows a 11% performance win for Intel.

Microsoft Wants Customer Phone Calls to Assess Windows 10 ALT+TAB Feature

Microsoft is urging Insiders to call in and discuss the ALT+TAB feature in Windows 10 during a 5 to 10 minute conversation.

Microsoft Blames Recent Azure MFA Outage on “Severe Packet Loss”

Microsoft says a recent Azure Multifactor Authentication outage was cause by a network issue between the service and Apple Push Notification Service.
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Windows 10 Redstone Build 14251 rolling out for Fast Ring Insiders

The latest Windows 10 build for Insiders comes with bug fixes for scaling issues of games and crashes of some Windows and third-party apps.
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Microsoft Amends Controversial Power Platform Purchase Option

Microsoft says it is changing its proposed purchase change for Power Platform and will now give admins a choice over self-service options.

Azure Cognitive Services: Microsoft’s Custom Vision and Anomaly Detector Tools Reach General Availability

With the Cognitive Services tools, developers can quickly detect strange events and or use AI vision to accurately detect objects and other imagery.
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Microsoft’s Personal Shopping Assistant Extension for Edge Appears in Store

The extension is listed as "currently unavailable," but the addition signals that Microsoft is planning an Edge release soon.
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Microsoft Takes Azure Container Service Out of Preview

The company has taken Azure Container Service out of preview and has said the service is now available to everybody.

Zoom to Target Microsoft Teams with Email and Calendar Services

Zoom wants to delve more deeply into collaboration, where Microsoft Teams resides, with email tools coming in 2021.

Microsoft’s May 2 Event: The Beginning of the Windows 10 Cloud Era?

We take a closer look at what the Redmond giant might unveil at its education-centered event tomorrow in New York, such as the alleged Windows 10 Cloud, a competitor for the Chromebook, and more.
Microsoft releases Sway update for iOS devices

Microsoft Updates Sway for iOS with Shared Sways Editing and More

The latest update allows users to edit Sways that other users have shared with them, and brings improved navigation to the app for iOS devices.

Apple Patent Filings Describe Mobile Augmented Reality System with Intelligent Object Detection

Two recently published Apple patents describe AR systems that can intelligently detect objects in the user's environment and overlay relevant information. The devices would use a depth sensing camera similar to that of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Pirates Bypass Zoo Tycoon’s ‘Uncrackable’ UWP Protection

The crack of Zoo Tycoon marks the first every pirate UWP game, removing 5 different protections and potentially spelling disaster for Microsoft's Store. However, it's not yet clear if more games will follow.

Microsoft Doubles Xbox Game DVR Storage but Imposes Auto-Deletion Rule

Under Microsoft's new rules, users will have double the storage space but will find Xbox Game DVR clips deleted if they don't get views within 30 days.