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Breakthrough: Research Team Cracks Long-Life and Super-Fast Charging Battery

Taking the best aspects of a traditional battery and a capacitor, a team out of the University of Florida has developed a battery that lasts for up to a week and can be charged in seconds.

Office for Web Gains Dictate Speech-to-Text Service

After being available on Office for PC, Dictate is now moving to web versions, allowing users to speak and translate to text.

Microsoft Showcases Surface Dual-Screen Device at Internal Hands-On Event

Microsoft allowed select employees to see a prototype of its Surface dual-screen Centaurus device during a special hardware event.
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Microsoft Azure Customers Faced Seven Hour Outage Yesterday

Through the evening and night on March 15, Azure public cloud services were down. Microsoft explained that the problem stemmed from one Azure region, but ended up affecting 26 data center regions, making customers lose storage capabilities and other services.
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Surface Studio is Currently Sold Out

Announced last week, Microsoft’s stellar Surface Studio is currently up for pre-order ahead of its December launch.
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Microsoft Updates Azure Traffic Manager with Support for Geographic Routing

Azure Traffic Managers new feature lets users direct traffic depending on the physical location of the request, allowing admins to more easily follow data collection laws and localize content. The feature is now available to all public cloud regions.

Microsoft Begins Wider Windows 10 Version 1809 Roll Out

Two months after its original launch, Windows 10 version 1809 (October 2018 Update) is making its way to a wider audience.

WannaCry Alive and Kicking with a Third of All Ransomware Attacks

Kaspersky Lab reports WannaCry never went away and still accounts for 28.72% of all ransomware attacks during Q3 2018.

Reports: Samsung Will Begin ‘Galaxy X’ Foldable Smartphone Production in November

Samsung's Galaxy X foldable will allegedly begin production in November, ready for release in late 2018. However, the full specifications of the device are still unclear.
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Facebook and Apple Confirm Their Servers Were Hit by Chinese Supermicro Malware

Supermicro firmware was allegedly compromised in 2015 by China-based hackers, allowing for control of a sever's communications. Though Facebook and Apple admit to the malware, they say the scope was very limited.

Microsoft Gives Paint 3D Users Total Editing Control with New Free View

Free View is an in-development tool for Paint 3D that gives users the ability to edit their 3D creations from any angle without needing to default to the regular view.

Microsoft Lists Windows 10 April 2018 Update Depreciated Features

Now that Windows 10 April 2018 Update is out in the wild, Microsoft is discussing which features the platform has left behind.
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Microsoft Warns Windows Store Developers to Comply with New Age Rating System

A new age rating system for Windows Store apps was implemented earlier in the year. Microsoft is warning developers their apps will be removed if they do not comply with the ratings before Sept. 30.
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Microsoft Announced a Number of New Skype Bots

The company’s Skype Bots plans are gathering pace. Today the Skype Team announced new bots today, including a Skyscanner Bot and StubHub Bot.
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Windows Holographic App Details Microsoft’s VR Experience PC Requirements

Microsoft’s plans to make Windows 10 an accessible VR environment are taking shape. A new Windows Holographic First Run app in Windows 10 Preview 14971 shows base spec requirements for PCs running the VR experience.

Microsoft Will Debut OpenSSH Client for Windows 10 Possibly Removing the Need for PuTTY

For the first time, Windows 10 will get a native OpenSSH client developer by Microsoft. Until now, users have needed a third-party service, such as PuTTY.

Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 2 Focuses on Performance and Scale

The latest update for SQL Server 2016 makes numerous improvements to performance, scale, support and diagnostics.
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Microsoft Updates Drivers for Surface Book and Surface Pro 4

Microsoft has now pushed out driver updates for various aspects of the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, focusing on battery stability and performance.
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New Photos of Nokia Moonraker: The Smartwatch Microsoft did not want to launch

Microsoft and Nokia’s rumored smartwatch (codename Moonraker) never made it to the market but new photos of the device have emerged via a Weibo account in China.

Microsoft 365 Receives Compliance and Security-Focused Update

This month’s Microsoft 365 update has plenty of changes surrounding compliance and privacy data improvements and features.


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