Microsoft Significantly Increases Azure SQL Data Warehouse Computing Power

Microsoft’s Azure SQL Data Warehouse platform has been scaled up to 18,000 DWU, meeting demand of customers who need petabyte scale analysis.
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Toyota Uses Microsoft’s Azure for Connected Car Collaboration

A week after BMW announced Azure as the platform for its connected car solution, Toyota has announced the creation of a new company in collaboration with Microsoft.
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Microsoft Quietly Rolls Out Skype Voice Calls for Chromebooks

Chromebook users can now access Skype for Web and take advantage of audio calling capabilities, but there is still no sign of video calling functionality.
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Xbox Outspends Competition in Game-Related TV Advertising amidst Holiday Season

According to data from GamesBeat and, Microsofts´s Xbox ad-spending during October outmatched all other competitors by far.
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Microsoft Gets Fined Over Chinese Xbox Venture

China’s Ministry of Commerce has fined Microsoft and its partner BesTV for not reporting to antitrust regulators on time. Microsoft already had some tough times in China together with other tech giants, because of a 14 year...
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Breakthrough: Research Team Cracks Long-Life and Super-Fast Charging Battery

Taking the best aspects of a traditional battery and a capacitor, a team out of the University of Florida has developed a battery that lasts for up to a week and can be charged in seconds.
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Microsoft Enriches Its Map APIs with External Element Support for Pushpins and More

Microsoft continues to add more and more customization options for its Windows 10 Maps API which can be used by developers to enrich their Windows UWP apps with custom maps. As Microsoft writes in its...
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Microsoft Extends Surface Book Sale Across All Models

Customers in the United States can now get a 10% price reduction across all Surface Book models, including the Core i7 packing versions of the laptop.
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Microsoft Hits Back Against Google’s Azure Cloud Outage Claims

Google says its cloud services are down less than Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon Web Services. However, Microsoft says the numbers are misinterpreted due to region spread, and the creators of the data agree.
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Cybercrime Losses Amount to $1.1 Million Every 60 Seconds

A report from RiskIQ shows cybercrime is costing $66 million every hour to prevent, block, and remove, highlighting a losing battle against malicious content.
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Microsoft Doubles Azure SQL Database Read and Write Performance

In a blog post, Microsoft said by enhancing read and write performance in Azure SQL Database, customers get more cost effectiveness and can run more intense workloads.

Microsoft Introduces Windows Template Studio Version 2.2

The latest update for Windows Template Studio is not loaded with new features but does receive a 3D Launcher and enhancements to the core wizard.
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Microsoft Updates Photos for Windows 10 with Inking Capabilities

Version number 16.1111.1 of Photos for Windows 10 PC also brings new filters to improve editing options and adds light mode to the app.

The next Batch of Original Xbox Titles Is Coming to Xbox One in Spring...

Microsoft has already announced an estimate for more Original Xbox titles on the Xbox One. The yet unknown games will join greats like KoToR, Prince of Persia, and more.

Netflix Subscriptions Surpass 100 Million, Shares Hit All-Time High

Netflix subscriptions now stand at 104 million all over the world, with the company's share trading at $175.18 and its revenue standing at $2.79 billion for Q2 2017.
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Microsoft Drops US Government Lawsuit after DoJ Accepts Limits on Gag Orders

The Department of Justice has agreed to tighter restrictions on gag orders after Microsoft's year-long lawsuit. It has been hailed as a huge privacy win for Americans.

Hundreds of Thousands of Snapchat Spectacles Have Been Left Unsold

Snapchat Spectacles may have sold over 150,000 units, but a recent report suggests that hundreds of thousands more are sitting in warehouses in China. The information follows unrelated layoffs at the company.

Microsoft Flow Gets MySQL Support and Six More New Connectors

Five of the new connectors for Microsoft Flow are only available to Premium subscribers, while everyone can now get their hands on an HTML-to-text content converter.

Microsoft Announces Surface Pro: 7th Gen Intel Core, 13.5 Hour Battery Life, LTE, Starting...

The Surface Pro will launch at $799 with an Intel Core i7 processor, 13.5 hours of battery life, and a new, 165-degree hinge. The device will be available in 26 markets on June 15.