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Microsoft Enhances Windows 11 Snipping Tool with HDR Color Correction and More

Microsoft upgrades Windows 11's Snipping Tool with QR code detection, emoji insertion, and HDR color correction.


has updated the Snipping Tool in Windows 11, introducing several new features aimed at enhancing user experience and functionality. The update, as highlighted by Windows enthusiast @phantomofearth , includes the ability to detect QR codes in screenshots, insert emojis, and a novel HDR color corrector. These features are expected to roll out in the forthcoming Insider builds, marking a significant enhancement to the tool's capabilities.

Enhanced Features for a Better User Experience

One of the notable additions is the QR code detection capability. Unlike generating QR codes, this feature allows users to detect existing QR codes within their screenshots. This enhancement is part of Microsoft's broader effort to integrate mobile and desktop experiences more seamlessly. Previously, Microsoft updated the Snipping Tool to enable users to edit screenshots from Android devices directly on , hinting at a continued focus on cross-device functionality.

The update also introduces a much-requested feature: the ability to add emojis to screenshots. Users can now personalize their captures by placing emojis anywhere, adjusting their size, and moving them around as needed. This addition not only adds a layer of customization but also enhances the tool's utility for more expressive communication.

Furthermore, the HDR color corrector is a significant technical enhancement, especially for users with HDR displays. This feature aims to correct the colors in captures taken on HDR displays, making them appear darker and more true to life. Users have the option to enable or disable this feature, providing flexibility depending on their specific needs or preferences.

Balancing New and Old Features

While the introduction of new features has been met with enthusiasm, some users have noted the removal of the ruler function from the Snipping Tool. The ruler, a feature used for more precise annotations, has been absent in recent versions. Users wishing to retain this functionality may find themselves having to revert to older versions of the tool, foregoing the new enhancements such as emojis, QR code detection, and HDR color correction.

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