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Quora’s Poe AI Platform Introduces per-Message Payment for Bot Developers

Quora's AI chat platform Poe lets bot creators charge users per message. This aims to help creators earn money and build a strong AI bot market.


Quora's AI chatbot platform, Poe, has unveiled a new revenue model that enables bot creators to charge users on a per-message basis. Announced by Quora CEO Adam D'Angelo, this model permits developers to set their own pricing for each interaction users have with their bots. This strategy aims to provide a sustainable financial model for creators, especially those facing significant operational costs associated with model inference or API usage.

Expanding the Creator Economy

Poe, initially launched in February 2023, serves as a hub for users to explore a variety of AI from prominent developers such as , Anthropic, and . The platform's goal is to simplify access to cutting-edge AI technologies while fostering a creator economy. By allowing bot creators to monetize their offerings directly through per-message fees, Poe seeks to encourage the development of innovative bots across various domains, including education, assistance, analysis, storytelling, and image generation. Currently, this monetization option is available exclusively to U.S.-based creators, with plans to extend it globally.

Enhanced Tools and Future Prospects

In conjunction with the per-message revenue model, Poe has also introduced an advanced analytics dashboard. This tool provides creators with daily insights into their bots' performance, including earnings across different revenue streams such as paywalls, subscriptions, and per-message fees. Such analytics are crucial for creators to optimize their pricing strategies and understand user engagement better.

Adam D'Angelo, who is also a member of OpenAI's board of directors, expressed optimism about the new model's potential to cover operational costs for developers, thereby fostering a thriving ecosystem of AI model developers and bot creators. Additionally, Poe continues to offer a creator monetization program that rewards developers with up to $20 per user who subscribes to Poe through their bots.

This development marks a potentially important step in Quora's efforts to innovate within the AI space, providing both a platform for AI experimentation and a viable financial model for creators. As Poe plans to expand these features globally, the future looks promising for AI bot developers seeking to monetize their creations effectively through the platform

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