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Microsoft Proposal to the US Military Points to OpenAI DALL-E Training

Microsoft pitched using OpenAI's DALL-E to US military for training simulations, raising ethical concerns.


has reportedly unveiled a proposition to the US Department of Defense, showcasing the potential military applications of technologies, including the AI-based image generator DALL-E, developed by . In a document presented during a Department of Defense training seminar in October 2023, Microsoft highlighted how its partnership with OpenAI could revolutionize training within the military sector. The presentation, now accessible on DocumentCloud, was initially made public by Alethia Labs and subsequently covered by journalist Jack Poulson on his Substack page.

Potential Applications and OpenAI's Stance

The presentation outlined several ways in which generative AI could benefit government operations, with a specific focus on military training. One notable application proposed was the use of models to generate images for training battle management systems. Microsoft, in an email statement to The Intercept, described this suggestion as exploring “the art of the possible with generative AI,” based on discussions with customers about potential use cases.

However, OpenAI has distanced itself from these military applications. A spokesperson for the company clarified that OpenAI was not involved in Microsoft's proposal to the US military and emphasized that the company's policies strictly prohibit the use of its tools for developing weapons, causing harm, or destroying property.

Legislative Response and Future Developments

The revelation of Microsoft's proposal comes at a time when the use of generative AI in government sectors is under scrutiny. The US House of Representatives has imposed a ban on Microsoft's Copilot generative AI assistant, which incorporates OpenAI's ChatGPT model, among its staff members. In response to security concerns, Microsoft has announced plans to introduce a government-specific version of with enhanced security features, expected to be released in the summer of 2024.

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