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Microsoft Enhances Edge Canary with New Copilot Features

Microsoft tests AI assistant Copilot in Edge Canary settings to simplify user experience. Banner offers suggestions and access to Copilot


has unveiled an update for Edge Canary, targeting Edge Insiders with an integration of Copilot advertisements throughout the browser's settings. The update, version 125.0.2520.0, showcases how Copilot can enhance user interaction with various components of Microsoft Edge. This development aims to demonstrate the potential of Copilot in streamlining browser settings and operations, from tab grouping to history clearing and switching to vertical tabs.

Enhanced User Experience with Copilot

Upon updating, users are greeted with a conspicuous blue Copilot banner atop each settings section, promoting “Copilot for more efficient Settings.” Microsoft's strategy with this integration is to highlight Copilot's versatility in managing browser settings through artificial intelligence. An “Ask Copilot” button is prominently featured, providing direct access to the AI tool, despite the already prevalent presence of Copilot buttons throughout Edge and Windows. This move is part of Microsoft's broader effort to weave Copilot more deeply into the user experience, suggesting a future where AI plays a central role in how users interact with software and perform tasks.

User Reception and the Path Forward

The reception of the new Copilot banner may vary among the Edge user base. Veterans of the browser might find the addition unnecessary and intrusive, preferring to navigate settings without the intermediary of an AI. Conversely, new users or those less familiar with Edge might appreciate the guidance Copilot offers, aiding in the discovery of browser functionalities. However, it's noteworthy that selecting an example command from the Copilot banner does not automate the action; users must still input the command into the Copilot interface.

Microsoft's experiment with Copilot ads in Edge Canary is currently limited to a select group of users. For those eager to try the feature, it can be enabled through the `–enable-feature` command. This initiative reflects Microsoft's ongoing exploration of AI's role in enhancing software usability, despite potential pushback against the increasing prevalence of ads and prompts across its products, including the Start menu ads in the latest Windows 11 Beta build. The introduction of Copilot ads in Edge Canary underscores Microsoft's commitment to leveraging AI to improve user interactions, albeit with the recognition that its reception may be mixed.

Ads in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has never been shy about using its Edge web browser as a platform to advertise its other services. The company uses full page ads in Edge to convince users to make it their default browser. Admittedly, the new Copilot ads are slightly different as they connect users with a feature that can enhance their browsing experience. Even so, if you have no interest in using Copilot, the ads may be annoying. 

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