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Google Steps into Video Collaboration Arena with Its Vids Collaboration App

Google launches Vids, an AI-driven business video creation tool for easy video editing and collaboration.


has unveiled its latest application, Vids, marking an addition to the competitive landscape of business video creation tools. Vids is designed to simplify the video production process, enabling users to create videos with the same ease as assembling a slide deck in Google Slides. Leveraging the power of Gemini, Google's advanced AI model, Vids provides a user-friendly timeline interface for organizing video assets, whether sourced from Google Drive or other platforms, in a chronological sequence.

Key Features and Functionalities

At the core of Vids is its intuitive design, which allows for the recording of voiceovers or filming directly within the app. Users have access to a wide array of templates, backgrounds, and a comprehensive stock media library to enhance their videos with images, audio, or additional video footage. Google's AI assistant plays a role in streamlining the creation process by generating initial storyboards, scripts, or converting text to speech for voiceovers. This AI functionality can piece together a first draft of the video by suggesting scenes from stock videos, images, and background music, tailored to the selected style. Furthermore, Vids assists in perfecting the delivery of the intended message through customizable voiceovers.

The objective of Vids is to democratize video production, enabling any employee, regardless of their expertise, to efficiently produce training videos, presentations, updates, or marketing content. Early testing indicates that the average length of videos created with Vids is under three minutes, mirroring the trend observed with OpenAI's Sora video app.

Enhanced Collaboration and Integration

Beyond mere video creation, Vids fosters deep collaboration among users. The app allows for the sharing of videos, inviting others to comment, annotate, or directly edit the content. These collaborative interactions are seamlessly integrated within the video timeline, showcasing Google's commitment to enhancing productivity tools for collaborative work akin to documents and spreadsheets.

Vids stands out from competitors such as Loom and ClickUp, thanks to Google's extensive integration capabilities with its Workspace products, including Gmail, Calendar, and Docs. Plans for mobile app development are underway, promising to extend the convenience of video creation to users on the move.

In conclusion, Google's Vids app represents a significant step forward in making video production accessible and collaborative for businesses of all sizes. With its intuitive design, AI-powered assistance, and deep integration with , Vids is poised to become a key player in the video collaboration market.

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