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Microsoft To-Do Gains Support for Email Flagging

Microsoft has brought a new update to To-Do for users to see, edit, and manage email flagging within the application.

Microsoft Updates Windows 10 Snip & Search with Fixes Galore

The focus of v10.1901.10521.0 of Windows 10’s Snip & Search app is on making fixes to problems previously reported by users.

Microsoft’s Seeing AI Gets Tap to Describe for Images, Native iPad Support

Seeing AI now lets users tap on different parts of an image to have objects described, and has also launched a native iPad app.
Windows Defender own

Microsoft Is Warning Users about Using "Windows Cleaner Programs"

Microsoft is urging Windows users not to make fear-based decisions in purchasing Windows cleaner programs.
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Microsoft Introduces HoloJS for Developers to Create Windows Holographic Experiences with JavaScript

Developers building HoloLens and VR experiences with the Windows Holographic platform can now build apps with JavaScript through Microsoft’s ChakraCore engine.

Samsung Galaxy Users Can Now Test Microsoft’s ‘Your Phone’ Screen Mirroring

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9 users can now mirror their phone to their PC, increasing productivity on devices that support Bluetooth Low Energy.
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Microsoft Surface Pen Not Working Following Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Since the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, the Surface Pen has not been pairing with devices and some features are not working.
Windows Insider Program Dona Sarkar Official Microsoft

Windows 10 Anniversary: A Windows Insider Program View

Windows Insider Program chief, Dona Sarkar, has spoken of the positive impact Insiders have had on Windows 10 through its first year. On the day of its anniversary, Sarkar says Insiders have helped shape the platform.

You Can Finally Filter Store Items by Price and Rating on the Xbox One

The Xbox One now lets Store users filter by price, category, rating, and more. After a short testing period, the feature is available to all users.

Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Browser Already Has 82 Addons in Preview

Microsoft is preparing to launch a preview of Chromium Edge and already has 82 Chrome extensions prepared for the browser.
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Microsoft: Edge Browser had No Zero Day Exploits

Considering Build 2016 only wrapped a few days ago, Microsoft is doing a stellar job continuing the feature announcements, focusing on the Edge browser on Monday during the Edge Web Summit 2016.
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Microsoft Releases New System Center Management Pack for SQL Server and Dashboards

Updates for SQL Server and Dashboard Management packs bring a number of fixes and improvements, including support for host names longer than fifteen symbols.
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Microsoft Launches ‘FREEdom Rewards’ Xbox Campaign to Promote Free-to-Play Games

The FREEdom rewards program will run across several free-to-play games, including Warframe, Roblox, World of Tanks, and Neverwinter. Prizes range from a 49" 4K TV to in-game experience boosts and currency.
Limited Edition Gears of War  Bundle Microsoft

Microsoft Opens Pre-Orders on Two New Xbox One S Gears of War 4 Bundles

Microsoft's additional Gears of War 4 bundles include a 500 GB deep blue console, and a white 1 TB edition. Both come with the full Xbox 360 Gears of War collection.

Microsoft Brings Outlook.com Mail Experience Out of Beta

While Outlook.com Calendar and People will remain under the Beta toggle, along with Mail the services will receive important new features.
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Office 365 Now Has 85 Million Commercial Subscribers and 24 Million Consumer Users

Office 365 has grown considerably since this tie last year, with commercial revenue growth up by 51% and active users by 40.

Kaspersky: New Hidden Malware Has Compromised over 140 Organizations

Security firm Kaspersky says that a fileless malware first discovered two years ago, has gone mainstream and has infected more than 140 companies, banks, and government groups.

Microsoft Is Working on a High Contrast Mode and Caret Browsing for Chromium

Microsoft has been busy suggesting changes to the Chromium code base, with automatic high-contrast mode and native support for caret browsing in the works.

Qualcomm Details Windows 10 on ARM Always Connected PC with Snapdragon

Microsoft joined Qualcomm at its Snapdragon event to show how Windows 10 works through Always Connected PC. The chipmaker also announced plans for 5G growth.
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Microsoft Wireless Display Brings PC Games to Xbox One

Wireless Display is an Xbox One app that acts as a remote PC, allowing users to stream their PC screen to the console, including playing PC games.