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Microsoft to Unveil AI-Driven Features for Windows and PowerToys at Build 2024

Microsoft's Build 2024 to showcase AI advancements, including "Advanced Paste with Local AI" in PowerToys and a "brand-new Windows AI feature."


has announced its plans to introduce a series of AI-related features and updates at its upcoming developer conference, Build 2024, scheduled for May 21-23. Among the anticipated announcements, a significant highlight is the introduction of “Advanced Paste with Local AI” in PowerToys, Microsoft's suite of utilities for enhancing Windows productivity. The session schedule on the official Microsoft Build website provides a glimpse into how will incorporate AI to revolutionize the way users interact with their devices.

Innovating with AI: The Advanced Paste Feature

The “Advanced Paste with Local AI” feature is designed to leverage AI-backed APIs and on-device models, enhancing the functionality of PowerToys. While specific details on the feature's capabilities remain limited, Clint Rutkas, the lead of developer experience on the Windows team, has expressed enthusiasm about the upcoming addition, inviting community feedback. This initiative is part of Microsoft's broader effort to integrate AI technologies into its products, promising a more intuitive and efficient user experience.

Beyond PowerToys: AI's Role in the Next-Generation Windows

The Build 2024 conference is not only focused on PowerToys but also aims to shed light on the future of Windows, especially in relation to AI advancements. Sessions will cover topics such as “the next generation of ” and a “brand-new Windows AI feature,” hinting at Microsoft's commitment to integrating AI across its ecosystem. Reports suggest a strong emphasis on AI PCs powered by ARM chips, indicating a move towards creating more intelligent, responsive computing experiences. Discussions will also touch upon new experiences for Arm-powered Windows and applications that harness the “rich capabilities of the NPU,” potentially including an AI-enhanced File Explorer.

As Microsoft prepares to unveil these innovations at Build 2024, the developer community and consumers alike await further details on how AI will shape the future of Windows and its utilities. With a focus on enhancing productivity, efficiency, and user experience, Microsoft's integration of AI into its flagship products signals a significant step forward in the evolution of personal computing.

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