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Minecraft Coming to Apple TV Tim Cook Confirms

Microsoft’s all-conquering Minecraft will be available on Apple TV soon, said Tim Cook. It is likely that Minecraft Pocket Edition will come to the set top box.


While 's event yesterday was to launch the MacBook Pro, it was a -lite event. Indeed, the company announced integration in the Touch Bar, as we reported earlier. Also, Apple CEO revealed that Microsoft is working on bringing Minecraft to the Apple TV set top box.

There was no particular fanfare about this. Instead, Cook made a brief announcement and moved on. The CEO did say that users will be able to play directly on the Apple TV. He said gamers can create worlds on the box and said the app will be similar to Minecraft Pocket Edition.

If it is a Pocket Edition of the game, that is good for multiplayer options. Minecraft PE is available on multiple mobile platforms, including Apple's own iOS. Functionality on the Apple TV will mean users can multiplayer with gamers on other platforms.

Recent Minecraft News

Speaking of the Pocket Edition, it recently received a major update. The extensive Boss Update dropped for the game (also the Windows 10 Edition) a week ago.

The update adds new bosses, Elder Guardians, and a Wither creature. This release should be launching directly on Apple TV.

Microsoft has yet to confirm this, so no official date has been given. Check out the full Boss Update changelog below:

  • “Ocean Monuments
  • Guardians and Elder Guardians
  • Prismarine, dark prismarine & prismarine bricks
  • Prismarine shard & prismarine crystal
  • Sea lantern
  • The Wither!
  • Nether star
  • Beacon
  • Wet & dry sponges
  • Slash commands (with a handy auto complete feature). Enable cheats for a world in the options screen for access, but note that Xbox Live achievements will be disabled when you're using ‘em!
  • Custom key bindings! Hooray for lefties!
  • A new Creative inventory search feature
  • Add-On section for world settings
  • Basic F3 support! (Win 10 only)
  • Coordinates!
  • You can change game modes in Realms (note that doing this will restart the realm)
  • Ability to upload & download worlds in Realms
  • Ability to promote players as operators in Realms
  • UI improvements!
  • Performance improvements!
  • Tweaks to various mob action/behavior triggers, including fixing creeper explosions
  • Elder guardian de-buff visuals fixed (feedback from beta)
  • Fishing rods & arrows will fire in more than just one direction
  • Lots of tweaks to water textures to make underwater more fun
  • Tweaks to Realms settings
  • Visual tweaks to sun, moon & stars when rendering in VR immersive mode
  • Ridiculous numbers of bug fixes!”
SourceThe Verge
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