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How to Make One Page Landscape in Word

We show you how to change the orientation of one page in Word with creative use of section breaks and the software's in-built formatting tools.

How to Strikethrough Text in Word (or Any Other App)

We show you how to strikethrough in Word using several methods, as well as how to create a strikethrough shortcut and use strikethrough in any application.

How to Move and Rearrange Pages in Word

We show you how to rearrange pages in Word using the navigation pane, as well as how to copy a whole page in Word and move it somewhere else in your document.

How to Paste without Formatting in Word, Google Docs, and More

We show you how to copy and paste without formatting in Word, Google Docs, your browser, and any other application.

How to Merge or Split Tables and Cells in Word

We show you how to Merge and Split Tables and Cells in Word so you can create documents that are more aesthetically pleasing.
Featured - How to Make Your Own Business Cards in Word

How to Make Business Cards in Word (Template or from Scratch)

We show you how to make your own business cards in Word by modifying a template or using Word's in-built table and formatting tools to create them from scratch.
Featured - How to Insert Footnotes and Endnotes in Microsoft Word

How to Insert a Footnote or Endnote in Microsoft Word

We show you how to add a footnote or endnote in Word using the software's built-in tools, whilst also explaining the difference between the two.
Featured - How to Check a Word Count in Microsoft Word

How to Check the Word Count in Microsoft Word and Word Online

We show you how to find the word count on Microsoft Word, as well as how to count characters, for both your entire document and specific sections of text.
How and where to buy a Microsoft Office license

Microsoft Word on the Web Enhances User Experience with New Formatting Features

Word for the web gets new features: headers, footers, multiple columns, and line numbers for improved document formatting and readability.
Featured - How to make a table in Word and format it as you want

How to Use Tables in Word: Creating, Editing, Formatting and Everything Else

In our complete guide we show you everything from how to make a table in Word, how to edit and format it, how to insert table of contents, and everything else you might need to know.
Featured - How to Add or Remove a Page Break in Microsoft Word

How to Insert and Remove Page Breaks in Word

We show you how to insert page breaks in Word manually and automatically, and how to get rid of page breaks if you don´t need them.
Featured - How to draw in word

How to Draw in Microsoft Word (Freehand and Shapes Tool)

We show you how to draw on a Word document or annotate text using two of the software's in-built tools: shapes and draw.
Featured - How To Add Check Boxes to Word Documents

How to Insert Checkboxes in Word (Interactive or Non-Interactive)

We show you how to insert a checkbox in Word via two methods so that you can easily create printed or digital checklists.

How to Print Labels from Excel with Mail Merge in Word

We show you how to print labels from Excel using the mail merge feature and Microsoft Word.

Copilot for Microsoft 365 to Offer AI-Generated Summaries for Word Documents on OneDrive

Microsoft 365 gets AI-powered summaries for shared Word docs. Summaries go in notifications for quicker understanding.

Microsoft Word Web App Introduces Enhanced Comment Filtering Function

Microsoft's Word update improves document collaboration by adding comment filters. Users can now filter comments by @mentions, active/resolved status, or both.

Microsoft Word, OneNote, and PowerPoint Now Support Handwriting-to-Text

Microsoft has released a new feature for Microsoft 365 that allows users to convert their handwriting to text in real time.

Microsoft 365 Insider Program Introduces Enhanced Search Features for Mac Users across Word, Excel,...

Microsoft 365 apps for Mac users get new features to improve the search experience across Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
How to Change Account Password in Windows 10

How to Change Your Password in Windows 10 (Local or Microsoft Account)

We show you how to change a password in Windows 10 for both local and Microsoft accounts and via the Command-line or various in-built apps.

Microsoft Word: How to Add or Remove Line Numbers

We show you how to add line numbers in Word and change their formatting if you wish. You'll also learn to remove them for an entire document or a single paragraph.

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