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Copilot for Microsoft 365 to Offer AI-Generated Summaries for Word Documents on OneDrive

Microsoft 365 gets AI-powered summaries for shared Word docs. Summaries go in notifications for quicker understanding.


has introduced an upcoming feature within its suite that promises to enhance the user experience by offering AI-generated summaries for Word documents shared via OneDrive. The feature, which is to be made available in February 2024, has been designed to simplify collaboration and improve efficiency by providing quick insights into shared documents.

AI Summarization: A Game Changer for Collaboration

The AI summary tool, part of the broader Copilot for Microsoft 365 functionalities, will allow users to generate succinct summaries of their Word documents that can be included in the notification emails to recipients. When users share a document, they now possess the ability to include these AI-generated summaries within the share dialog, thereby offering a comprehensive view of the document's contents even before opening the file. This addition could prove to be invaluable for time-sensitive projects or when dealing with extensive documentation that requires rapid dissemination of the core content.

Microsoft asserts that this feature is optional. Users can opt-in or out of this summarization service upon sharing their Word documents. If a user decides to skip the summary, they can simply uncheck the summary option in the share dialog. The AI summarization feature will only be enabled for those holding a valid Microsoft 365 license with access to the capabilities.

Widening Accessibility across Platforms

The integration doesn't stop with Microsoft 365. Planning goes further, as the summaries generated by Copilot for Microsoft 365 will also be integrated into Windows Copilot. This will afford users seamless access to summaries, potentially bypassing the need to open emails to view them. The multitiered integration speaks to Microsoft's overarching strategy for an interconnected ecosystem, where each component enhances the functionality and user experience of the other.

The AI summarization and editing have persisted as core capabilities of Copilot. With the introduction of this new feature to Microsoft 365 users, Microsoft seems invested in taking those capabilities further, underscoring the company's commitment to innovating in artificial intelligence within its productivity suite.

As the global workforce increasingly leans on digital collaboration tools, features like the AI-generated document summary could become staple elements of the modern workplace, offering significant time-saving advantages and streamlined workflows. The strategy also underlines Microsoft's response to the growing demand for cloud-based productivity solutions with augmented, intelligent features that can adapt to diverse user requirements.

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