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Microsoft brings keypress sounds to SwiftKey for Android

Microsoft Brings Keypress Sounds to SwiftKey for Android

Users can now customize their SwiftKey keyboard with four new keyboard sound profiles. The update also includes several bug fixes.
SwiftKey Beta Google Play

SwiftKey Removes Last Pay-walled Feature from App

SwiftKey is now an entirely free application after the developers made the previously pay-walled premium themes free for everyone.
DealWatcher Garage Microsoft Official

Microsoft Garage DealWatcher App Makes Getting Deals Easy

DealWatcher has launched on iOS in private beta. The Microsoft Garage app removes the process of shopping for the best deals and discounts online.
SwiftKey Youtube Official Channel e

SwiftKey Expands Neural Networks Feature to New Languages

Launched last month the on the public Android SwiftKey app, neural networks uses machine learning to better understand the context of language. The Microsoft-owned company has expanded the service to French, Spanish, and German.
SwiftKey Neural Screenshot

SwiftKey Cofounder Explains Decision to Sell Company to Microsoft

Microsoft acquired virtual keyboard provider SwiftKey earlier in the year. Cofounder Ben Medlock says it was a natural progression for the company and that Microsoft’s offer presented more chance of growth.
Microsoft Garage

Microsoft Garage Rolls Out Five New Projects

The hot streak of Microsoft Garage is continuing with photo oriented Santorini, writing app Write Ideas, Hearing AI, and two new web add-ins.
swiftkey free

Microsoft acquires SwiftKey to strengthen AI and productivity

The company is reportedly paying $250 million to the makers of SwiftKey, the predictive keyboard app which is powered by artificial intelligence.
Featured - How to disable Windows search

How to Disable Windows Search on Windows 11

We show you how to disable Windows Search in Windows 11 to optimize power consumption and resource utilization.
Featured - How to get Emojis on Chromebook

How to Get Emojis on a Chromebook / on ChromeOS

We show you how to use Emojis on Chromebooks using a mouse, trackpack, keyboard, and the on-screen keyboard.
Featured - How to enable macros in Excel

How to Enable Macros in Excel for Single or All Workbooks

We show you how to allow macros in Excel for specific or all spreadsheets and how you can lock and password protect Excel spreadsheets.

Adobe Introduces AI Assistant to Enhance PDF Navigation and Content Management

Adobe's AI Assistant for Acrobat/Reader (beta) follow Firelfy and uses AI to revolutionize PDF interaction.
How to Listen to Microphone through a Playback Device in Windows

How to Hear Yourself on Mic on Windows 11 or Windows 10

We show you how to hear yourself on mic in Windows 11 and Windows 10 via its mic playback setting, allowing you to test mic issues. This will allow to play your microphone through speakers.
Featured - how to add speaker notes in PowerPoint

How to Add Speaker Notes in PowerPoint

We show you how to add speaker notes in PowerPoint, how to format them and how to use and print them.

February 2024 Patch Tuesday: Microsoft Releases 72 Patches, Two For Actively Exploited Vulnerabilities

Microsoft issues 72 patches for Windows, Office, Azure & more. 2 actively exploited flaws patched, including a "Critical" Exchange bug.

Microsoft Unveils Enhanced AI Tool – Copilot for Teams with Comprehensive Chat History

Microsoft upgraded its Teams AI support, replacing Microsoft 365 Chat with a new "Copilot" experience.

How to Disable the Windows Key in Windows 11 or Windows 10

We show you how to turn off Windows key completely or certain Window key hotkey combinations using Gpedit, Regedit and how to remap the Windows key for other funcitons.
Featured - How to share a Google Calendar

How to Share Your Google Calendar

We show you how to share a calendar in Google Calendar for easier scheduling, better collaboration, and coordination.
Featured - how to add bots to discord

How to Add Bots to Discord Servers

We show you how to add bots to Discord server using the official Discord Bot search tool. You can add any bot you find there to your own Discord server.
Featured - How to Find Archived Emails in Gmail

How to Find Archived Emails in Gmail and Archive or Unarchive Emails

We show you how to access archived Gmail emails and how to unarchive those archived emails if needed.

OneDrive Unveils Refreshed UI and New Features for Personal Users

Microsoft's revamped OneDrive for personal users boasts a cleaner interface, "People view" for easier file find based on sharers, document filters, faster file creation, and richer context menus

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