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Microsoft Removes Word Flow From iOS, Points Users to SwiftKey

The company seems to be consolidating its virtual keyboards towards SwiftKey. The “experimental” Word Flow application is no longer available for iOS.
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Microsoft’s Word Flow iOS Keyboard Now Predicts Swear Words

Microsoft's Word Flow no longer avoids swearwords, instead predicting the most common ones and introducing a number of other features.
WordFlow iTunes Microsoft Official

Microsoft Word Flow Hunts Google on iOS with New Update

Version 2.0 of Microsoft Word Flow sees the virtual keyboard score a number of features offered by Google’s Gboard. Bing integration is a major addition and sits alongside the service’s unique quick typing feature.
Word Flow Combined App Store

Major Update Coming to Microsoft’s Word Flow iOS keyboard

A new beta update reveals upcoming support for web, emoji and GIF search from within the application. Users can now share the resources in Word Flow without having to switch to the browser.
Word Flow iOS Windows Central e

Microsoft Launches Word Flow on iOS

The Windows 10 Mobile virtual keyboard Word Flow makes its debut on Apple’s rival iOS mobile platform as a free keyboard alternative.
Word Flow iOS Windows Central e

Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard for iOS Leaked Ahead of Launch

The well-like virtual Word Flow keyboard is currently in Beta testing for release on iOS and here are some early screenshots of the software.
ios word flow keyboard classic mode the verge

Windows 10 Mobile: Microsoft is working on fix for Word Flow keyboard spacing problem

Microsoft has confirmed a bug on its Word Flow keyboard and promises to be working on a fix. When using Word Flow inside text fields on websites, the keyboard doesn't always automatically add spaces between words.
ios word flow keyboard one hand mode the verge

Beta preview: Microsoft´s Word Flow keyboard for iOS introduces optimized one-hand mode

Word Flow for iOS can be used with just one thumb using a rounded menu in the bottom corner as images from early testers on the beta program reveal.

How to Make a Flowchart in Word Using Shapes or SmartArt

We show you how to create a flowchart in Word using simple shapes and its SmartArt tool, which provides accessible flowchart templates.
Microsoft Flow collage own

Microsoft Flow Now Supports Chatter, Disqus, WordPress and More

The company has released eight new services for Microsoft Flow. In addition, the platform now supports Power BI data alerts.
WordFlow iTunes Microsoft Official

Microsoft Issues Substantial WordFlow Update on iOS

The latest update for WordFlow on iOS allows users to search GIFs, images, and emojis. Other changes include improved search dynamics, and predictions for GIFs and icons, and 3D Touch support for cursor movements.

Intel’s New “Thunderbolt Share” Simplifies Multi-PC Workflows

Thunderbolt Share aims to optimize the use of multiple computers without burdening WiFi or ethernet networks.

Microsoft Word for Windows Updates Paste Functionality to Enhance Document Editing

Microsoft updates Word's default paste option to "Merge Formatting" for easier document editing, prioritizing user feedback and streamlining content integration.
Featured - How Do You Make Upside-Down Text

How to Flip Text Upside down in Word, Rotate or Mirror It

We show you how to rotate text in Word to create an upside down text effect, as well as how to flip, mirror, and apply effects to text.

How to Remove and Clear Formatting in Word

We show you how to clear formatting in Word via the Styles and Font windows so you can get your document back to a blank slate.
How to Enable Dark Mode in Microsoft Office

How to Enable Office Dark Mode for Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook

We show you how to enable Microsoft Office dark mode for your desktop and online apps of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.

How to Insert Random Text / Lorem Ipsum in Word

We show you how to create random text and Lorem Ipsum in Word so you can quickly create a dummy paragraph or page.
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How to Cut, Move or Delete a Table in Word

We show you how to delete a table in Word without deleting any other text, as well as how to remove a table with the 'Cut' tool to preserve its data in your clipboard.
FEATURED How to Combine Word Documents

How to Merge Word Documents

We show you how to merge or combine two Word documents with the insert object tool in your ribbon.
How to delete a page in word

How to Delete a Page in Word (Blank Page or Regular Page)

We show you how to delete a page in Microsoft Word safely and efficiently, including blank and extra pages.

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