Microsoft Garage DealWatcher App Makes Getting Deals Easy

DealWatcher has launched on iOS in private beta. The Microsoft Garage app removes the process of shopping for the best deals and discounts online.

DealWatcher Garage Microsoft Official

's bust Garage side-project division has wheeled out another new service recently. The DealWatcher app helps users get discounts, deals, and coupons for purchases online. Garage has made the tool available on iOS in private beta. Prepare to be angry, because there are no plans for an Android or version at the moment.

The idea behind DealWatcher is that it removes the need for consumers to shop around. points out that shopping for the best deal can be time consuming online. With this new app, users have an automated service that does the heavy lifting for them.

Microsoft describes how DealWatcher works and what it can do:

“Finding the best deals, coupons, and discounts for your purchase can take up a lot of time, especially if you are manually using multiple web sites and mobile apps. DealWatcher, a project, helps save you time and money with a specialized search engine for deals.

  • Search and browse for deals, coupons, and discounts easily using brands, product names, category names, or keywords. Further narrow down the search results using sorters and filters.
  • Create personalized deal feed by declaring interests.
  • Don't miss a deal again by watching specific brands, products, categories, or keywords. DealWatcher will be on the lookout for deals, coupons, and discounts that match your Watchlist and alert you via push notification.”

Garage Hot Streak

Since opening its doors, Microsoft Garage has been launching services and apps at a rapid rate. The division is a place where Microsoft employees can gather and collaborate. It welcomes people from different divisions to come together and create ideas that are not suited for full Microsoft services.

The skunkworks of Microsoft has been hugely productive through apps such as News Pro, Word Flow, and Video Breakdown.