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Microsoft Word on the Web Enhances User Experience with New Formatting Features

Word for the web gets new features: headers, footers, multiple columns, and line numbers for improved document formatting and readability.


The Microsoft Word online application has recently seen the introduction of several new formatting features, as detailed by the Microsoft 365 Insider blog. These updates, now accessible to all users of Word on the web, mark a significant enhancement aimed at improving the professionalism and readability of documents created within the platform.

Enhanced Document Professionalism with Headers and Footers

A pivotal addition to Word's web version is the ability to incorporate headers and footers into documents. This function is crucial for adding a professional touch to multi-page documents, facilitating the consistent appearance of titles or essential information across all pages. Users can easily apply this feature by navigating to the “Insert” menu, where they can select the “Header & Footer” option. Furthermore, flexibility is offered through the capability to customize headers and footers on every page differently should the user's needs require such variance.

Optimizing Readability and Space Usage

In pursuit of maximizing the efficient use of space and enhancing document readability, Word on the web now supports the insertion of text across multiple columns. This functionality is beneficial for various document formats, from newsletters to academic articles, permitting content to flow in one, two, or three columns as per the user's discretion. An option for “More Columns” is also available for those looking to extend beyond the three-column limit. This feature is accessible from the “Layout” menu, under the “Columns” section, providing users with a straightforward method to organize their text.

Introduction of Line Numbering for Precision

Adding to the list of capabilities, Word on the web has introduced the option to insert line numbers within documents. This tool is invaluable for documents requiring precise reference points or for review and editing purposes, granting an easy way to pinpoint and discuss specific parts of a text. Available from the “Layout” menu through the “Line Numbers” option, users can choose to display numbers continuously across their document, thereby enhancing the navigability and accuracy of text examination.

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