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Microsoft Word, OneNote, and PowerPoint Now Support Handwriting-to-Text

Microsoft has released a new feature for Microsoft 365 that allows users to convert their handwriting to text in real time.


has unveiled a new feature for Microsoft 365 suite apps, including Word, OneNote, and PowerPoint. The Ink to Text Pen tool has been made available to Insiders, promising to revolutionize the way digital documents are created and edited. Users can now effortlessly convert their handwriting into editable text in real time. You may remember this feature was previously introduced when it was limited to the Beta Channel earlier this month.

Seamless Handwriting Recognition

The introduction of the Ink to Text Pen tool represents an enhancement in user interaction with Microsoft 365 applications. Users who prefer handwriting notes or documents can now do so with a digital pen, while the software transcribes this input into typed text. Aside from handwriting conversion, the tool enables users to perform actions such as selecting, deleting, and even manipulating text with specific pen gestures.

Requirements for accessing this functionality include a digital pen or stylus, as touch or mouse input is not supported for this feature. The tool demands the installation of the latest version of , 23H2, with further language support dependent on a subsequent October update.

User-Friendly Experience

Simplicity and efficiency mark the new tool's operation. Microsoft 365 users willing to leverage these capabilities need only navigate to the Draw tab within their Word, OneNote, or PowerPoint applications and select the Ink to Text Pen. This activates the handwriting recognition mode, wherein users can undertake various tasks with their digital pen. These functions include adding new text, making selections, replacing or deleting existing information, and rearranging or joining words, thus providing a comprehensive set of editing tools.

Future Availability and Impact
At present, Microsoft 365 Insiders are the exclusive beneficiaries of the Ink to Text Pen tool, with plans for a general release to all Microsoft 365 users in the imminent future. The introduction of this tool stands to significantly improve productivity for those who frequently use digital pens in their workflow. Users can expect a seamless transition between the traditional pen-and-paper note-taking and the digital document management system, further blurring the lines between analog and digital workspaces. Microsoft's commitment to progressive updates like these assures users of continued enhancements in accessibility and convenience within its software offerings.

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