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Microsoft 365’s Ink Help Feature Brings a Fresh Way to Access in-App Queries

Microsoft 365's New Ink Help Feature Eliminates the Need to Search for Answers


Many times, Microsoft 365 users exploring an application running on Windows are confronted with distractions and they need to break away from the application to search for answers on web-based resources. This routine is about to see a revamp with a unique “Ink Help” capability introduced into the Microsoft 365 suite.

Ink Help Brings Quick Query Access

Microsoft 365 Insiders now have the opportunity of trying out a new feature in numerous Office applications, solely designed to reduce the necessity of exiting apps to search for specific tasks. In a recent blog post, Microsoft expressed the tool’s objectives: “Having trouble remembering how to use one of our ink gestures? Or, are you interested in learning more about what drawing tools are available and how to use them? You can find Ink Help on the Draw tab in OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel on Windows.”

‘Ink Help,’ is a comprehensive guide, specific to the Microsoft 365 application open at any given moment. This in-app guide will be continually updated to ensure users have real-time information relevant to their needs.

The mechanism to access this feature is fairly straightforward. Users simply click on the Draw tab within their active Microsoft application and select the Ink Help option. Assistance can be sought by either exploring the Featured help section or typing pertinent queries in the Search box.

Launch Version Details and Additional Conversations

Microsoft 365 Insiders on the Beta channel can now access this feature in OneNote, Word, PowerPoint, or Excel for Windows, using Version 2311 (Build 17029.20000). The Microsoft 365 Insider program has consistently brought numerous features to users over the past few months. Some of these features comprise of a new Like button for comments in PowerPoint, the capacity to add Planner board links in Microsoft Loop, and an intuitive functionality to add checkboxes to cells in the Excel app.

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