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Microsoft’s Lili Cheng Discusses Bot Directory Strategy

In an interview, the gm of Microsoft Research FUSE Labs says the company is exploring an open bot directory. Bots are a major part of Microsoft’s cloud first plans.
Bot Preview Microsoft

Microsoft Opens Submissions for Bot Directory

Developers are now able to create bots and submit them to the Bot Directory ahead of its launch, brining AI automation to services like Skype and now Facebook Messenger.
Featured - how to censor on discord

How to Censor on Discord Using a Spoiler Tag (Manual or via Bots)

We show you how to use Discord spoiler tags on desktop and mobile manually and how you can use a Discord Spoiler bot to automate this based on certain rules.
how to add roles in discord

How to Add Roles in Discord Manually or with Bots

We explain how Discord roles work, some best practices for using Discord roles effectively and how to create and manage them manually or with Discord bots.
Featured - how to add bots to discord

How to Add Bots to Discord Servers

We show you how to add bots to Discord server using the official Discord Bot search tool. You can add any bot you find there to your own Discord server.
Cortana in Skype

Microsoft Removes Cortana Bot from Skype

Continuing a general step away from bots, Skype has removed the Cortana bot just as Microsoft starts promoting Alexia on Skype.
Microsoft Azure official Microsoft

Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Visual Studio Team Service are Down

Microsoft has confirmed outages for Azure Active Directory, Azure Bot Service, and Visual Studio Team Services, caused by a cooling issue in one datacenter.

Microsoft City Art Search Receives Expanded Directory

City Art Search now features more works of art across a wider range of locations. Microsoft has updated the app across Windows 10 for PC and mobile.

Microsoft Brings New Adaptive Cards to Bot Framework

A slew of new Adaptive Cards were announced at Build 2017 today. Skype, Cortana, Microsoft Teams and more are now available as cards in the Bot Framework.

Microsoft and BBC Launch Doctor Who Bot for Skype

The bot invites users to join an interactive game called “The Savior of Time” and save the universe by solving a series of puzzles, quizzes, and other challenges. Skype has released a package of Doctor Who emojis along with the bot.

Microsoft Bot Framework Gets Updated with Channel Inspector and Speed Improvements

With the update Microsoft makes it easier to connect bots to other services and also testing and debugging bots on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. It also brings some performance improvements.
Azure AD access panel microsoft

Microsoft Announces General Availability for Azure Active Directory Access Panel

After being in public preview, the service now offers a new design that brings a more modern and responsive layout with optimized controls.
Microsoft Bot Framework Microsoft

Microsoft Introduces Azure Bot Service in Preview

The Azure Bot Service is an extension of the Microsoft Bot Framework. It allows developers to create intelligent bots to be implemented within the Azure cloud platform.
Microsoft Bot Framework Microsoft

Microsoft Bot Framework Updated with Speech, Audio, and Image APIs

The new Bot Framework APIs give developers more tools to increase functionality of their bots. Bing Image and Audio APIs have been joined by the Computer Vision API from Microsoft’s Cognitive Services.
Azure AD Identity Protection Microsoft

Microsoft to Generally Release New Azure Active Directory Features next Week

Starting September 15th the new Azure Active Directory Premium 2 offering will become generally available, bringing with it Identity Protection and Privileged Identity Management.
Microsoft Bot Framework Microsoft Skype

Microsoft Announced a Number of New Skype Bots

The company’s Skype Bots plans are gathering pace. Today the Skype Team announced new bots today, including a Skyscanner Bot and StubHub Bot.
Bot Preview Microsoft

Microsoft Inviting Developers to Build Skype Bots at Palo Alto

Developers can visit Skype and work with Microsoft experts in creating bots, with the most innovative and engaging able to win a prize.
The Official Kik Logo

Microsoft Integrates Kik Messenger into Its Bot Framework

After a month-long collaboration between Microsoft and Kik bot platform engineering teams, the Kik channel is now live on the Bot Directory. “The Microsoft Bot...
Skype Bot Official Platforms

Microsoft Brings Skype Bots to Mac and Web Platforms

After announcing Skype Bots last month, Microsoft is expanding the feature to more platforms, confirming a roll out for both Mac and Web.
Microsoft Build  Keynote

Build 2016: Microsoft Debuts Skype Bots

While we expect to hear more about Skype tomorrow when Microsoft moves onto cloud services, the company discussed the communication during day one of the 2016 Build conference.

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