Microsoft Bot Framework Microsoft Skype

Microsoft has announced a number of new Skype Bots. The company says the new Bots will come to the directory cross platform. That means users on Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and Web apps will be able to access them. Announcing the new bots, the Skype team also discussed how successful the program has been since it debuted at Build 2016.

The new Skype Bots introduced today are the Skyscanner Bot, StubHub Bot, IFTTT Bot, and Hipmunk Bot. All bots are available now from the Bot Directory. As with other bots in Skype, users can interact via chat to get automated tasks completed.

The Skyscanner Bot makes planning trips easier. The leading global travel search company partnered with Microsoft to develop the bot. The bot will search flights and give live prices and routes in Skype, using a user-issued location.


StubHub also has a Skype Bot now. The ticket marketplace bot makes it easy to find tickets across entertainment and experiences. IFTTT is arguably among the most important Skype Bot. The service lets users keep track of automated messages from apps, websites, and devices.

Skype Bots Growth

In its blog post, the Skype team says over 30,000 developers are creating bots since the launch by Microsoft Satya Nadella. Microsoft says the focus of developers should be to create interesting experiences. The company adds that the more a bot is used the better is becomes at understanding user demands.

“We want bots to become the quickest way to handle simple tasks, like shopping or managing your calendar, and the most effortless way to complete complex tasks, like planning a vacation from scratch… Now, rather than switching between different apps or clicking through multiple Web pages, the bot does the work for you.”

Microsoft is really pushing its bot ecosystem. The company hosted the first Skype Hackthon earlier this year. Developers could visit Skype and work with Microsoft experts in creating bots, with the most innovative and engaging able to win a prize.