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Featured - How to Open HEIC Files or Convert Them to JPEG with One Click

How to Open HEIC Files / Convert HEIC to JPEG, PNG, PSD, GIF and...

We show you how to open and view HEIC images on Windows 11 and how to convert HEIC to JPEG, PNG, PSD, GIF and other formats using Windows, macOS or your web browser.

Microsoft Retires Classic Azure Virtual Desktop Service

The company so far offers two products under the name Azure Virtual Desktop, each with varying levels of integration with Azure.

Microsoft Releases .NET 8 Release Candidate 1 with New AOT Modes and JSON Handling...

.NET 8 RC1 brings with it a slew of new features and improvements including faster startup times and improved runtime performance

Microsoft Entra ID Gains New API-Driven Provisioning Feature to Improve Security and Compliance

Microsoft Entra ID API-Driven Provisioning is a new feature that makes it easier for businesses to integrate their authoritative systems of record.
Power BI Copilot

Microsoft PowerBI Gets Performance Boost in XMLA-Endpoint Communication

The improvements aim to optimize the performance of client tools that use the XMLA protocol to communicate with Power BI datasets.

Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio Update Brings Enhanced Features for .NET Developers

Microsoft Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio makes it easier for .NET developers to build and debug apps for Microsoft Teams.
Azure Kinect camera

Microsoft Ends Azure Kinect Developer Kit Production

The Azure Kinect Developer Kit SDK will remain available for download, and additional devices can be purchased until the end of October or while stocks last.

Microsoft Defender for IoT Gets Firmware Analysis against IoT Vulnerabilities

This new feature performs an automated analysis of a binary firmware image running on an IoT device.

Microsoft Entra ID: Rebranded Azure AD with New Entra AI and Entra Data Features

Microsoft Entra ID is the new name for Azure Active Directory, with two new features: Entra AI and Entra Data.
Featured - how to find discord servers

How to Find Discord Servers to Join

Discord is a popular platform for online communication, especially for gamers and communities. It allows users to create and join servers, which are like...

Microsoft Edge for Business Is Now Available in Preview

Microsoft Edge for Business is a new browser designed for businesses. It offers a number of security and productivity features that are not available in the consumer version.

Microsoft: Linux Systems and IoT Devices Attacked by Trojanized OpenSSH Campaign

The threat actors initiate the attack by attempting to brute force various credentials on misconfigured internet-facing Linux devices.

Microsoft Edge 114 Launches with New Workspaces Feature

Edge Workspaces allows users to organize browsing tasks in dedicated windows. with own set of tabs and favorites.

Build 2023: Microsoft Launches Edge for Business, Adds AI and Workspaces to Its Browser

Microsoft announces Edge for Business, Container browsing and workspaces system to separate private and work related web browsing

Third-Party App Handles Windows LAPS and Legacy LAPS Passwords to Avoid Ongoing Issue

While Microsoft works on a fix to resolve interoperability issues between Legacy and Windows LAPS, a new tool is offering an alternative.

Microsoft Says New Windows LAPS Is Currently Causing Legacy Issues

The new Windows LAPS inbox feature is causing issues with Legacy APPS, causing both services to enter a broken state when on a system together.

LinkedIn Launches Profile Verification (and It Is Completely Free)

LinkedIn is allowing users to verify their profiles for free through Microsoft Entra, a company email, or via a partnership with CLEAR.
Featured - How to lock your computer - lockscreen

How to Lock Your Computer (Screen Lock)

This guide shows various methods for how to lock the desktop/screen on a Windows PC. Locking the screen instead of logging out will keep...

Microsoft Partner with Meta to Introduce Workspaces in Metaverse

Microsoft is providing Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 integration in Meta’s Meta Quest Pro VR headset.

Microsoft Entra Permissions Management Becomes Generally Available

Microsoft Entra Permissions Management is based on Microsoft’s acquisition of CloudKnox and provides identity management to customers.

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