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Windows 10 Creators Update Matching Anniversary Update Adoption Says AdDuplex

In its latest report, AdDuplex shows how Windows 10 Creators Update adoption is on par with the Anniversary Update. The firm also reports that Windows 10 Mobile adoption is outpacing PC.
Windows  Anniversary Update Accessibility Video Screenshot Microsoft

AdDuplex: Windows 10 Anniversary Update Passes 90% Adoption, No Longer Counting Windows Phone

In its latest monthly market results, AdDuplex shows the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is widely adopted and Surface devices are doing well. However, the company has stopped sampling Windows phone data.
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Microsoft Confirms Get Office Bug Crippling Windows 10 Anniversary Update PCs

PCs running Windows 10 Anniversary Update 17.7909.7600 or newer are in danger from a flaw in the Get Office app that has become apparent since this week’s Patch Tuesday.

Acer will not Issue Windows 10 Anniversary Update for its Liquid Jade Primo

The company says the Windows 10 Anniversary Update causes OS stability issues on the flagship Liquid Jade Primo. Because the previous build works, Acer says it will not update the handset.
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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Stops Zero-Day Exploits Without Patch

The Windows Defender team found that the Anniversary Update stopped two known zero day exploits with its mitigations. It would have achieved this with the need of a patch.
Microsoft Lumia  Microsoft

AdDuplex Stats: Windows 10 Anniversary Update Base Sharply up, Windows 10 Mobile Share Still...

The latest monthly statistics from AdDuplex shows that the Windows 10 Anniversary Update has reached most of the PC users, that the Surface Pro 4 is Microsoft’s most used PC device. Windows 10 Mobile continues its struggle in kind of survival mode.
microsoft lumia XL Flickr MaurizioPesce

Lumia 640 XL: AT&T Finally Releases Anniversary Update for Windows 10 Mobile

The update comes with a wide range of new features for the Lumia 640 XL. It can only be performed via Wi-Fi as an over the air update.

Windows 10 Mobile Stalls as Anniversary Update Grows

New data from AdDuplex shows that Windows 10 Mobile has stopped growing over the last three month. However, the Anniversary Update has been widely adopted on the platform, as well as reaching nearly 77% of all Windows 10 PCs.
Windows  Microsoft e

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Anniversary Update Build 14393.321

The latest cumulative update for Windows 10 Anniversary Update was released on Patch Tuesday. Build 14393.321 fixes bugs and enhances performance on the platform.
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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Build 14936 Lands on Fast Ring

Microsoft has sent out the latest Windows 10 Anniversary Update preview to Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring. Build 14936 introduces new Edge extensions and changes the Windows subsystem for Linux, among other fixes and features.
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Windows 10 Anniversary Update on One-Third of All Windows 10 PCs

Latest market figures show that Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update is on 34.5 percent of all Windows 10 running PCs. Mobile adoption currently sits are 82.4 percent for Windows 10 Mobile.
PowerShell DSC Microsoft

Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update Build 14393.105 Fixes PowerShell DSC Problem

Yesterday’s Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Anniversary Update saw Microsoft fix a problem it created in PowerShell DSC about a week ago. The company replaced a missing .MOF file in the latest patch.
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Microsoft Solves Anniversary Update Freezing Issue

The latest Windows Update for the Anniversary Update introduces a permanent fix for an issue causing PCs to freeze and become unresponsive.
Windows  Anniversary Update Accessibility Video Screenshot Microsoft

Microsoft Video Shows New Windows 10 Anniversary Update Accessibility Features

Microsoft used the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to roll out new accessibility features for the visually impaired. The company says users with visual problems can upgrade to the Anniversary Update for free over a limited time.
Windows  BSOD fLIKR

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Causing Blue Screen of Death When PCs Connect to an...

Users are reporting that they are getting BSOD crashes when they connect their Windows 10 Anniversary Update running PC to Amazon’s Kindle e-readers.
Windows Phone Device Stats Aug  Adduplex

AdDuplex Report: Windows 10 Mobile Accounts for 14% of Windows Phones, 52% on Anniversary...

New statistics from AdDuplex reveal that the number of users switching to Windows 10 Mobile has increased once more, while desktop users are having second thoughts about upgrading to Windows 10 Anniversary.
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Microsoft Windows Self-Healing Tool Will Not Fix Anniversary Update Problems

A program leaked late last week called Windows Self-healing Tool purports to fix Anniversary Update problems. However, a ZDNet report finds that the software is actually dated from 2015 and is for internal use for techs fixing Surface products.
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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Breaks Webcams, Microsoft Promises Fix for September

Users are experiencing non-functional USB supported webcams since upgrading to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Microsoft knows about the problem and says it will issue a fix in September.
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Microsoft Discusses Efforts to Improve DPI Scaling in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

A blog post by the company details some of the changes made to Windows 10 DPI Scaling through the Anniversary Update. However, it is still a tough process for Microsoft to solve.
Windows  Hero Microsoft Official e

Microsoft: Still No Fix for Windows 10 Anniversary Update Freezing Problem

Microsoft says it is still working to solve a problem where the Windows 10 Anniversary Update freezes during some installations. The company has now locked the support thread, but will continue to find a permanent solution for the problem.

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