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Acer will not Issue Windows 10 Anniversary Update for its Liquid Jade Primo

The company says the Windows 10 Anniversary Update causes OS stability issues on the flagship Liquid Jade Primo. Because the previous build works, Acer says it will not update the handset.


rolled out the Anniversary Update later than expected last August. Still, it brought the latest and greatest build to mobile devices. However, OEM support has been waning on Windows Phone in general. The latest company to show a lack of faith in Windows 10 Mobile is Acer, with the brand unlikely to update its Liquid Jade Primo to the Anniversary Update.

We have written a lot about the struggle Microsoft now faces in convincing OEMs to embrace Windows 10 Mobile. The company's decision to pull out of selling mobile hardware suggested there was no long-term faith in the platform. Of course, Microsoft says otherwise, but since closing of Lumia, OEM support for Windows 10 Mobile has tanked.

The Liquid Jade Primo is Acer's flagship Windows 10 device. Users of the handset have been angered by what was thought to be the company taking a long time to update to the Anniversary Update. However, it seems Acer's silence on the matter has been telling.

In an email sent to German site Windows United, Acer says it has no intention of rolling out the update. The company says that the reason it will not update the Liquid Jade Primo is due to OS “instability”. Below is the email in its original form:

“Hallo Michael, sorry für die späte Antwort! Leider führt das Anniversary Update für das Acer Liquid Jade Primo zur Instabilität des Betriebssystems. Da die Zufriedenheit unserer Kunden für uns an erster Stelle steht und die aktuelle Version technisch einwandfrei und belastbar läuft, haben wir uns nach gründlicher Abwägung dafür entschieden, von einem Update abzusehen.”

Putting my German-speaking editor in chief into action, this is Acer's message:

“Hello Michael, sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately, the Anniversary Update is causing to OS instability on the Acer Liquid Jade Primo. As the satisfaction of our clients comes first for us, and as the actual version is running stable and without technical issues, we decided after careful consideration, not to go for an update.”

Unstable OS

This position seems to have been backed up by some Liquid Jade Primo owners. Some of them have received similar messages from Acer, again saying the company will not update Windows 10. The question here seems to be whether the company means Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update is unstable?

It is unclear. Perhaps Acer means it somehow makes its own software unstable. We imagine this is not the end of this story.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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