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Microsoft Video Shows New Windows 10 Anniversary Update Accessibility Features

Microsoft used the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to roll out new accessibility features for the visually impaired. The company says users with visual problems can upgrade to the Anniversary Update for free over a limited time.


has detailed some of the accessibility features in the Anniversary Update. The company put a promotional video on its official Windows YouTube channel to discuss the changes. The Anniversary Update was released on August 2 for Windows 10 on PC, mobile, Xbox, and HoloLens.

On its YouTube channel, Microsoft talks specifically about accessibility options on Windows 10 PC. With the Anniversary Update, the Narrator feature has been improved. This service aids users with visual impairments, helping them navigate around Windows 10.

Narrator after the update sets the screen to black. Microsoft says this is how people who need the service would work with Windows 10. Developers were able to get a better idea of how visually impaired users deal with using Windows 10.


Microsoft rolled out a number of new accessibility features at the beginning of the month. Among them is search suggestions to help people while browsing with Edge. Other details include high-contrast screens and a screen reader.

Along with the video, Microsoft is also offering visually impaired users a free upgrade. For a limited, unspecified, time visually impaired users can upgrade from Windows 7 and 8.1 to the Anniversary Update for free.

Time to Update?

Perhaps some of this users would want to wait before downloading the update. The Anniversary Update has suffered a number of problems since it was rolled out earlier this month. The upgrade process is causing some machines to freeze, while USB-connected webcams are rendered useless. There have also been increasing reports of connected Kindle e-readers causing blue screens of death.

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