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Windows 10 Creators Update Matching Anniversary Update Adoption Says AdDuplex

In its latest report, AdDuplex shows how Windows 10 Creators Update adoption is on par with the Anniversary Update. The firm also reports that Windows 10 Mobile adoption is outpacing PC.


Now that the is out in the wild, how has it been performing against older Windows builds? has released its latest Windows Device Statistics Report, and as always it makes for interesting reading. It shows that the Creators Update is keeping pace with the in relation to adoption and time on market.

If you are unfamiliar with the AdDuplex reporting method, it is not a complete overview. However, it has become an accurate snapshot of the Windows market and device use. The company studies Windows Store app data from application that run the AdDuplex SDK. There are about 5,000 apps with the SDK.

While this is far below the total number of apps in the store, it presents a solid representation of the state of Windows. That, and the fact AdDuplex follows the market on a monthly basis give us a good idea of how many people are using certain Windows builds.

The latest report shows the Windows 10 Creators Update (build 1703) is rolling out at a similar pace to the Anniversary Update through the same phase of its cycle. Like the Anniversary Update (build 1607), is rolling out the latest build in stages.

This means not everyone will have the Creators Update right now. However, the Anniversary Update has grown consistently since being launched in August and managed to reach 90% of PCs. Except the Creators Update to perform similarly as it is already tearing into the Anniversary Update's lead.

Indeed, AdDuplex shows that the Windows 10 Creators Update already has 18% share. After a month on release, that is a solid number that matches how the Anniversary Update performed. As it stands, build 1607 holds a 75.4% share.

Windows 10 Mobile Rapid Adoption

As we reported in March, AdDuplex stopped counting Windows phone numbers in its report. Well, the firm is now counting Windows phone data once more. Interestingly, adoption of the Creators Update is outpacing PC.

Build 1703 is already on 55.9% of devices, while the Anniversary Update takes 34.4%. This is interesting when we consider the mobile version of the Creators Update dropped two weeks after the PC version.

AdDuplex says the profile of Windows 10 Mobile users is the reason for the increased adoption. The company says “the likely enthusiast nature of most people still using Windows 10 Mobile or much more limited variety of hardware.”

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