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Ben Heck Xbox One S laptop youtube screenshot

Ben Heck Presents Self Made “Xbox One S Laptop”

The new laptop includes 3D printed parts, an aluminum base cut with a CNC machine and more, as shown in the video that guides viewers through the process.
Xbox One S  deal Microsoft

Microsoft Drops Xbox One S 500 GB Price to $279, Free Game Included

Microsoft's Xbox One S can be paired with Battlefield One, Gears of War 4, or Minecraft for $20 less. The deal runs until 14th January, 2017.
Xbox v PS Youtube Labelled Reuse e

Sony´s PlayStation 4 Tops Xbox One Sales on Amazon in 2016

The retail giant has released its annual list of best sellers, and Sony’s console has outsold the Xbox by far, holding the first three spots in the top 5 console list.
Dropbox App Xbox One Official

Xbox One Scores Dropbox Universal Windows App

Dropbox has become the first third-party cloud storage app on the Xbox One. The app is fully functioning and lets users access cloud content from other apps without downloading. There are also no restrictions on playback length.
Xbox One Streaming Oculus Rift

Microsoft Announces Xbox One Streaming for Oculus Rift

Gamers using the Oculus Rift VR headset can now use Xbox One Streaming to play games from the console directly to the headset via a virtual screen.
Xbox One S Microsoft

Xbox One S Extends Blu-ray Disc Support to BD-R and BD-RE

A new Update for the Blu-ray app on the Xbox One S brings support for the write-only BD-R and rewritable BD-RE disc formats.
Phil Spencer Xbox One YouTube Microsoft e

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Targets Xbox One S Improvements in Japan

The company’s head of the Xbox division says Microsoft has had a losing strategy in Japan. Phil Spencer wants to change that by focusing on appealing to the specific gaming environment in the country, and believes the Xbox One S can help grow Microsoft’s brand.
Limited Edition Gears of War  Bundle Microsoft

Microsoft Opens Pre-Orders on Two New Xbox One S Gears of War 4 Bundles

Microsoft's additional Gears of War 4 bundles include a 500 GB deep blue console, and a white 1 TB edition. Both come with the full Xbox 360 Gears of War collection.
Xbox Bundle Extra Game Deal Microsoft Official

Microsoft Debuts Xbox One S Free Game Promotion

The latest Xbox One S deal lets users choose a free game when purchasing an existing bundle. This means customers get two games, while the promotion is also open to Xbox One customers.
Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle

Microsoft Announces New Xbox One S Minecraft Favorites Bundle

The latest Xbox One S bundle gives gamers a 500GB console, Minecraft game code, and various Minecraft-specific packs for $300.
Skype UWP Xbox One Windows Central

Skype Preview Surfaces on Xbox One Store, but No Download Yet

Skype Preview has begun to show in user's "ready to download" list, signaling that Microsoft is almost ready to open the app up to Xbox One.
PS Pro Sony Official

Sony’s New PlayStation 4 Pro: How does it Measure Against the Xbox One S?

Sony launched the PlayStation 4 Pro yesterday, but the console was not what many thought it would be. How does that mean it stands next to the recently launched Xbox One S? WinBuzzer has the answers.
Xbox One S Gears  Microsoft e

Microsoft Confirms the Xbox One S Doesn’t Support 4K Pass-Through

Microsoft has now issued a statement on the Xbox One S and 4K pass through. The console does not have the ability, but the company is considering implementation as the resolution gains popularity.
Xbox One S FIFA Bundle Microsoft Official

Microsoft Announces Xbox One S Bundle with FIFA 17

Starting September 22, Microsoft will begin selling Xbox One S bundles with the popular FIFA 17 game included. The company says the bundle will come to North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.
Xbook One S XBOOK One Collage Xbook Official Collage Own

Xbox Tweaker Marries Xbox One S with Laptop Screen

Looking like a love child between a laptop and Xbox One S, the Xbook One S delivers all the performance of Microsoft’s console but adds the portability of a folding screen.
xbox one s

Microsoft’s Limited Edition 2TB Xbox One S Almost Sold out Worldwide

Amid reports of the Xbox One S 2TB selling out around the world, Microsoft has confirmed that they have no plans to restock the product. Instead, they are focusing on the Gears of War 4 console launching in August.
Xbox One S Tear Down iFixit

Microsoft Xbox One S is Easy to Fix Says iFixit

The Xbox One S is now available in stores. It turns out the console is very repairable according to iFixit, who give the Xbox One S a score of 8 out of 10.
Xbox One S leak  via neogaf

Xbox One S: Performance Boost a Justification for Console’s Existence?

The Xbox One S is available today. However, is it a console that Microsoft needed to release? A solid feature set update and a decent performance boosts probably means yes.
Xbox One S Microsoft

Microsoft Begins Shipping of the Xbox One S 2TB Console

The Xbox One S will support UHD Blue-ray on Netflix and Amazon Video content partners. It’s also 40% smaller than the previous Xbox One model.
Xbox One Product Microsoft Official

Microsoft Follows Xbox One Summer Update with New Preview Release

Just days after the Xbox One Summer Update launched to end users, Microsoft is sending out a new update to Xbox Preview users. The new build adds some Windows 10 Anniversary details and fixes an issue with the Skyrock app.