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Microsoft Drops Xbox One S 500 GB Price to $279, Free Game Included

Microsoft's Xbox One S can be paired with Battlefield One, Gears of War 4, or Minecraft for $20 less. The deal runs until 14th January, 2017.



There have been some amazing deals on the Xbox One this holiday season, but isn't done with the discounts. If you were late to the party, you can still pick up an Xbox One 500 GB for $279.

It's a far cry from some of the recent promotion, but the $20 off might be just enough to tip the scales. The offer is running until 7th January at the Microsoft Store, , GameStop and Walmart.com. Target and Best Buy will be running the offer from the 7th to the 14th.

Unfortunately, this isn't a “choose any game” deal. It only applies to the Battlefield 1, Minecraft, and Gear of War 4 bundles. Still, $279 for the console, controller, and a game isn't bad.

PS4 Competition

Despite the recent deals, Sony's PS4 still managed to win out on Amazon's sales chart. The Slim, Pro and Regular console all stole the top spot, and Playstation Store Gift cards also placed ahead in that category.

It's probably no concidence that Amazon is included in this promotion, then. Microsoft is determined to have a good year with Xbox, and this will likely be built on by upcoming release of .

The desire to dump stock before Scorpio is likely another reason we're seeing so many discounts. Though the console is expected to cost considerably more, a lot of gamers will want the best on the market.

It will also be essential if players want to take advantage of true VR or 4K. Though Microsoft isn't planning on launching its own headset, Scorpio should be compatible with existing devices.

Its 4K functionality will go further than the Xbox One S, extending to games. Microsoft has suggested true, native 4K, rather than the PS4 Pro's upscaling methods.

However, if your budget doesn't stretch very far now is a good time to pick up the S. You can grab a bundle now from the Microsoft Store, Amazon, GameStop or Walmart.

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