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Microsoft’s Limited Edition 2TB Xbox One S Almost Sold out Worldwide

Amid reports of the Xbox One S 2TB selling out around the world, Microsoft has confirmed that they have no plans to restock the product. Instead, they are focusing on the Gears of War 4 console launching in August.


According to Eurogamer, the 2TB model has sold out in almost every store. As a limited edition version, it's unlikely we will see a white Xbox One S with the same storage capacity.

has confirmed that they will not be replenishing the stock of the model until the limited edition Gears of War console releases. The blood red console will be more expensive at $449 and is set to launch in October.

A Microsoft spokesperson talked to Gamespot about the issue:

“The 2 TB Xbox One S was released as a special launch edition in limited quantities only. We're thrilled at the amount of interest we've received and we are always looking for opportunities to offer choice and fantastic value to our fans. Please check with your local retailer to determine whether the 2 TB Xbox One S is still available in your market.”

The company encourages gamers who missed out to pre-order the Gears of War console, and will be announcing other editions soon.

Xbox One S Launch Reception

Microsoft's new console launched to generally positive reception, though some questioned its relevance given the upcoming release of Scorpio. The question that cropped up most was if the console's extra performance was worth it.

Eurogamer's testing shows a 7.1% GPU clock speed increase. That's not a huge amount, and it's easy to see why some would not consider upgrading from the original console.

However, as we noted on release, The Xbox One S combines the GPU with some ESRAM bandwidth to produce 1.4 teraflops. The original console sat at 1.3, and the extra power means increases of up to 9fps.

Though not a revolutionary amount, the extra framerate should help to minimize slowdowns in some areas. It will also run the upcoming HDR support with ease. Even if gamers don't have a 4K TV, they have a console that is future proof and has a 40% smaller body.

If you still want the launch edition, Amazon is your best bet. The retailer still has the launch edition console available for $399.99 and you'll be hard-pressed to find a better deal at this point.

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